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31  Using Arduino / General Electronics / How to calculate AC Watts on: April 05, 2013, 02:58:29 pm
Hi There!

I need to buy an 220V AC to 110V AC converter for my Xbox adapter. Only DC power rating is mentioned on the Adapter as 12 V DC @ 9.6 Amps and 5V DC @ 1Amp.  If I calculate P=VI, total power is coming to 120 Watts at DC.  Will DC wattage is equal to wattage at AC?  What wattage of converter I need to buy to hook up this adapter?

Thanks in Advance
32  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Triac vs Relay on: March 16, 2013, 01:40:28 pm
Thank you dc42.  After doing some research on internet, I too realized that snubber circuits may not be useful in suppressing the arc totally.  So I am left out with the option building my own SSR.  Good news is there a snubberless version available in BTA16 Triac series for inductive loads.
33  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Reset Switch on: March 13, 2013, 08:38:22 am
Thank you!..  I got my question answered.
34  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Reset Switch on: March 13, 2013, 08:31:01 am
OK thanks.  I understand I need to keep the reset pin to high using a pull up resister.  So the question is, power recycling the board is not going to reset?  Power recycling is not just like reset? Just curious to know. 
35  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Reset Switch on: March 13, 2013, 07:21:13 am
On standalone projects, is reset switch necessary? Is there any difference between power recycle and reset?
36  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Triac vs Relay on: March 13, 2013, 02:40:46 am
Thanks all for your responses.  I have decided to go with 10 Amps relay.  For the snubber network, If have one capacitor of 10nf/680V and one resistor 39R in series across the relay switching terminals, is that sufficient?
37  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Triac vs Relay on: March 12, 2013, 03:06:28 pm
Hi There!

I want to control (on and off) 1.5 HP, 220VAC motor from Arduino.  I am thinking of controlling the motor by building a solid state relay using MOC 3021 and triac BTA16.  Is this the best approach? or using a relay is the simple and better option?  Need to know any advantages and disadvantages of both the approaches.  Any suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in advance.
38  Using Arduino / Sensors / Re: Pressure Sensor on: February 13, 2013, 01:08:13 am
Thank you!


Yes,  The pressure sensor is underneath the black rubber and there are three pins to connect.  Its similar to DN-S18 in the link you mentioned
39  Using Arduino / Sensors / Pressure Sensor on: February 12, 2013, 12:36:13 pm
Hi There!

I am looking for a pressure sensor to measure the continuous water level in a tank.  The area where I live it’s difficult to get the pressure sensors.  Fortunately I could spot a guy who sells the washing machine spares.  He has a sensor(picture attached) but he has no clue how it should be fixed, neither me.  My understanding is,  it will output 0 to 5V based on the pressure, I can connect the output to arduino analog pin and measure the water level in the tank.  But the question is,  usually how its fixed in the washing machines? Will water goes in the tube attached to this sensor, or some other mechanism like air bag used to measures the air pressure?  Any or all suggestions are welcome.  Thanks in Advance.
40  Using Arduino / Sensors / Re: Using a wireless doorbell on: December 13, 2012, 08:50:55 am
You can also use RF modules (TX & RX pair) instead of wireless door bell, they are not expensive, but you need to use encoder and decoder as well like HT12E and HT12D. Hope this helps.
41  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Zener diode protection question on: November 23, 2012, 01:33:02 pm
Check this link for the caluculator
42  Using Arduino / General Electronics / X type capacitor on: November 22, 2012, 05:23:36 am
How to identify x type capacitor?  Are these better than polyester capacitors? I used polyester type but never used X type ones.

Thanks in advance.
43  Using Arduino / General Electronics / Re: Activating a 220V AC device using Arduino? on: November 19, 2012, 12:57:11 am
If you want to build your own SSR, you can refer
44  International / India / Re: Electronics Hobbyist supply websites in India on: October 12, 2012, 01:00:28 pm
Thanks for sharing!!!!!
45  International / India / w5100 Ethernet shield on: October 11, 2012, 02:30:12 am
Hello,  I am looking for w5100 ethernet shield or clone. Any one knows if its available in Bangalore and cost?

Thanks in advance.
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