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1  Using Arduino / Storage / UNO Ethernet Reserved Pins on: June 19, 2012, 02:31:54 pm
I wasn't sure where to post this, so I hope this works.

I've got an UNO Ethernet, and I know that pins 10-13 are reserved and can't be used for I/O, but what about pin 4?

Pin 4 is reserved for the SD card... but what if I don't want to use the SD card?  Can I use pin 4 for I/O?

I can't seem to find anything telling me that I can't use pin 4. 

Anyone know?
2  Using Arduino / Displays / Re: KS0108 / GLCD blank screen. on: April 11, 2012, 01:44:13 pm
Thanks for the feedback.  It does seem like wiring is the most likely cause, but still no luck.

I took everything apart, and put everything back together again using different locations and different wires, but I get the same result. 

This display also has two sets of pins (on the top and the bottom of the display), and I've tried wiring using both. 

I'm going to try soldering the pins on the display to see if it makes any difference.

More pictures:

Pin 1 starts at right.

1 - Green - Goes to ground rail
2 - Red - Goes to 5V rail
3 - White - Goes to middle pin of pot
4 - White - 36
5 - Blue - 35
6 - Green - 37
7 - Orange - 22
8 - Green - 23
9 - White - 24
10 - Black - 25
11 - Red - 26
12 - Blue - 27
13 - Orange - 28
14 - Green - 29
15 - Black - 33
16 - Red - 34
17 - White - Reset
18 - Black - goes to one leg of pot
19 - 220 ohm resistor going to 5v
20 - Black goes to other leg of pot, orange goes to ground

3  Using Arduino / Displays / KS0108 / GLCD blank screen. on: April 11, 2012, 08:31:31 am
First time setting up a display, and I can't seem to get anything to come up on the screen.

I'm using a Mega 2560 and the screen is a Digitron SG12864J4
According to .. uses the "B" pinout, which is how I have it wired. 

This is the datasheet for the screen:

I'm using a 10K pot, and a 220 ohm resistor.

The screen lights up, and I can control the contrast with the pot.

I can get the example code from the above link to compile and upload using Arduino 0023. 

I can get GLCDv3 code to compile using the latest IDE.

Even though I don't get any errors, nothing comes up on the screen.

Here is the output from GLCDdiags

Reported Arduino Revision: 1.0
GLCD Lib Configuration: glcd ver: 3 glcd_Device ver: 1 gText ver: 1
GLCD Lib build date: Mon Dec  5 01:50:07 CST 2011
GLCD Lib build number: 442
Panel Configuration:ks0108
Pin Configuration:ks0108-Mega
GLCD:ks0108 DisplayWidth:128 DisplayHeight:64
Chips:2 ChipWidth:64 ChipHeight:64
 CSEL1:33(PIN_C4) CSEL2:34(PIN_C3)
 RW:35(PIN_C2) DI:36(PIN_C1) EN:37(PIN_C0)
 D0:22(PIN_A0) D1:23(PIN_A1) D2:24(PIN_A2) D3:25(PIN_A3)
 D4:26(PIN_A4) D5:27(PIN_A5) D6:28(PIN_A6) D7:29(PIN_A7)
Delays: tDDR:320 tAS:140 tDSW:200 tWH:450 tWL:450
ChipSelects: CHIP0:(33,0x1, 34,0x0) CHIP1:(33,0x0, 34,0x1)
Data mode: byte
Diag Loop: 3
Initializing GLCD
GLCD initialization Failed: RESET wait Timeout (status code: 2)

A couple of photos:

In these photos I don't have the reset pin wired.

I've tried wiring the reset port on the board to Pin17 and leaving it there.  I've tried keeping the reset disconnected during upload, and then trying to connect it after, and also tried just not connecting the reset at all.

Any idea what my problem might be?

Here are a couple of people that have my same kit, but unfortunately my problem is not theirs:

Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
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