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226  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Fake Arduino. on: July 18, 2013, 09:11:56 pm
Screw every last dollar? I guess they do that by cutting the price.

Or maybe they are taking advantage of something they may or may not be aware of much in the same way that so many consumers are.

Well, the fake arduinos that robotics guy sold cost him somewhere around $10, even if you undercut the official arduino's by 33%, you still make $10 per fake board sold. Larger distributors may get the boards even cheaper. The fake Mega I picked up on Amazon was only $5 cheaper than the official board, and it was from the same seller that sold me an official one previously. Thats a lot of profit.
227  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Critical thinking and programming. on: July 18, 2013, 09:06:22 pm
Lots of examples why I posted the thread.

You mean the

Can someone please give me the code to make the arduino control my house?



It seems that a lot of people are unable to break up problems into smaller parts.
228  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: Tide gauge and river water level sensor ideas on: July 17, 2013, 01:20:33 am

Float with rod

Is not practical if the rod is 4m long, it will move with wind, birds will use it and the structure of the sensor  will be more than 6m with high water, a pulley and a string don't increase the height.
I've found only expensive underwater pressure sensors , I can experiment using a cheaper one inside a jar, but I have to compensate temperature and air pressure.

IR emitter/sensor with ping pong ball.

The IR range sensors that I know work for less than 24cm, do you know any that could work with 4/5 meters?

Laser timing:

Measuring flight time seems to be hard, expensive and for some reason the cheap measurement devices are closed blackboxes that you can't hack and they are also heavy I don't know why.

Laser triangulation:

This is easier, laser diode and webcam but for 400cm I would need more than 40cm diameter in the pipe if the laser dot is around 1cm, I think the dot is less than 1cm but I have to experiment. Laser triangulation + ultrasonic could work together in the same pipe.

is it possible to protect the sensors from humidity ? I tried different materials but none of them are transparent to the sound.

what about using some kind of encoder without a rod or pulley? ideas?

thank you very much everybody!

I located these on ebay when I was looking for ultrasonic sensors for our ROV:

Note that they are "china waterproof".
229  Using Arduino / Project Guidance / Re: how to remotely power on xbox 360 on: July 16, 2013, 05:10:36 pm
Hello. Could anyone help me out. My goal is to use an arduino to turn on my xbox 360 from either my android smartphone or an iPod touch(or possibly a push button). No idea how to get started but any help/links would be appreciated. Thanks

The Xbox 360 accepts keyboard input, you might want to experiment around with that, and see if there is a way to wake it via keyboard (and then have the arduino simulate a keyboard). Alternatively, you could  have the arduino simulate pushing and holding the power button to wake it up. You could even add a photodiode over one of the LEDs, to make sure it isn't already on. You may also want to look into Wake On LAN. I'm not sure if the xbox supports it though.
230  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Your latest purchase on: July 16, 2013, 05:00:50 pm

The platters are nice too. They'd make nice Tesla Turbine disks.

Just make sure you don't get one of the ones that use coated glass/ceramic platters!
231  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Keep weapons off Arduino forum and website on: July 15, 2013, 06:33:48 pm
There only has to be enough doubt to get "not guilty".

The trial can be a complete joke from both sides. Remember OJ and the custom fit gloves not fitting over hands with rubber gloves on as if the rubber gloves have zero thickness only matched by police shenanigans? Or the whole Terry Schiavo circus with Dr. Frist giving a exam by video? And let's not go into the Rodney King trial.....

Yet "we have the best system in the world", uh huh.

I look at Zimmerman, I see a liar. That doesn't mean he's guilty though. Martin should have ran his butt off around as many corners as he could get.

 That did come up in the defense's closing argument. Martin had 4 mins from when the defendant lost site of him as Martin ran away, based on cell phone time records, to get less then 300 feet to his house (a football throw's length said one witness) where he was staying. The defense's lawyer made his point by remaining silent for four full mins to let the jury feel how long Martin had to get to the house he was staying at. The implication of course is that Martin chose to not go straight home after running away from site of the defendant, even though he could have easily done so, but rather he choose to wait in hiding or 'doubled back' or for whatever reason.


Since you seem to know a bit about this, I had heard that Zimmerman had grass stains and dirt on his back, while Martin had them on his knees, giving credibility to the idea that Zimmerman was on his back with Martin kneeling over him. Was this brought up in the trial, or is it just more fabricated "facts"?
232  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Keep weapons off Arduino forum and website on: July 15, 2013, 03:01:04 pm
and sorry mike, glad your not here, we dont need more people pulling out the "black means instant victim" argument in this pile of nuts
No black does not mean victim nether dose black mean perprateator. In fact black means nothing. The US seems to be obsessed with the black and white thing.

They were people, one had a gun and killed the other who did not, and was found not guilty. That is incomprehensible and to my mind symptomatic of a sick society.

@goForSmoke - one of the more sensible comments on this thread, thanks.

Sorry you feel that way GM, but perhaps you are not familiar with our laws. There are cases of justifiable homicides and this case was clearly one of those justifiable cases based on self-defense.

 I watch the trial extensively to see what that actual evidence and witness statements might be. It clearly matched my original opinion that the police and the original local prosecution were correct in that it was a self defense situation with no evidence for probably cause for an arrest. There was a trial only because of outside political and public pressure and would have been a travesty if the defendant was found guilty because of those outside influences. But there was a trial regardless and if anyone thinks that the prosecution made it's case beyond a reasonable doubt I would be glad to discuss it further in a civilized manner based on discovered fact and evidence actually presented in the trial.

 I say this as a non gun owner. I've served on several juries and in all we found the defendant guilty. The prosecution rarely takes a case to trial unless they have a strong case (beyond a reasonable doubt) as they have the power to offer less charges in trade for a guilty plea by the dependent.

This was clearly a political trial and so many opinions on it and it's outcome are based on displeasure with gun control opinions, race relation opinions, and political opinions, existing laws, but not on the actual evidence presented in the trial. I'm glad the outcome was in favor of the defendant but it should never had come to trial in the first place.


It is as they say: "Never let a good tragedy go to waste". So many people lined up on both sides of this case trying to use it to further their agenda.
233  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Keep weapons off Arduino forum and website on: July 15, 2013, 02:03:02 pm
And now that Zimmerman has been found not guilty and we know how easy it is to elude murder charges, how can we possibly expect gun violence to decrease?

Yes, it seems to be very easy (you only have to sacrifice a year of your life and live in fear for the rest of it) to elude murder charges when you shoot someone that has forced you to the ground, smashed your head on the pavement, and is currently beating the crap out of you. This isn't middle school, you don't have to "finish" a fight if you did not start it. Even if Zimmerman "started it" by following Martin, if you have the upper hand, you leave.

The media wasn't helping either, with their constantly showing Zimmerman in prison garb, while showing a 12 year old Martin (to the point where a lot of people actually thought Martin was 12 years old).
234  Community / Bar Sport / Re: 3D gun printing good or bad on: July 14, 2013, 06:06:33 pm
It is one thing to ban guns. It is another thing altogether to ban "things that could be used to make a gun". To ban the latter you pretty-much need to ban all metalworking tools.

Since the 3D printer does not, I presume, print ammunition it would make sense to allow 3D printers but ban ammunition sales.

Ammunition is actually quite easy to make. Many people use reloading presses now to make their own ammo, due to prices going up with every "gun ban" scare. Casings can be reused 7 - 15 times, depending on how much you care about accuracy. The US and Russia have made enough ammo to last for the next 100 years or more. I'm still using Russian surplus 7.62x54r from the 1950's in my Mosin-Nagant, and thats not exactly a popular round.
235  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Keep weapons off Arduino forum and website on: July 14, 2013, 05:19:44 pm
That's why I am in favor of making people attend the kinds of courses I did before they are allowed to carry or use guns. That guy has or had what I call a toy gun attitude. Most TV and movie gun use is the very same. The example I used to point to was the A-Team show: a million bullets and no one gets hurt. Effing six-year-olds.

Stopping the radio would only take a shot through the car battery and -that- is enough to land the shooter in jail because that is over the top.

Well anyway, there's another wedding ruined by stupidity.

We have a couple of problems behind the violence. The biggest is the conservative hate tv and radio constantly feeding end of the world messages and kill them all solutions.

Exactly. There was another case in Florida recently. A woman that was being abused by her husband left her house, went to go get a gun, came back, then fired several warning shots at him. She is now looking at serious jail time. While its easy to see her as a victim (and she is), you do not fire "warning shots". Ever. Firing a warning shot means you are not in immediate danger, and it also means you are deliberately missing your target and shooting in a direction that may not be safe.

We spend so much time convincing people that airsoft guns are not toys, it would be nice if gun owners would stop treating their guns as toys.

I think there should be a firearms safety course in school. One of my teachers took it upon herself to provide a basic hunting safety course, it would be nice to see something like that become standard.

I think what we can really take way from this, is that people in Florida are crazy.
236  Community / Bar Sport / Re: 3D gun printing good or bad on: July 14, 2013, 05:05:23 pm
am very much against immediate gun show sales.
Are you against immediate 3D printer show sales?

That would be cool. Manufacturers could print custom handguards/grips for you while you wander around at the show.
237  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Fake Arduino. on: July 13, 2013, 10:52:06 pm
I like how it says "design in Italy" instead of "Made in Italy". Kind of like how Macbooks come from California.

I wonder if a compromise could be made. Keep buying the counterfeit boards, but remove the trademark before resale. This is often done on airsoft guns that are made in China. The trademark is sanded off or modified (a MP5 becomes a CM5 if made by CYMA, or a GM5 if made by G&G) prior to resale. That is a really nice price for an Arduino clone, it would be a shame to lose that because they wont remove the trademarks.
238  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Fake Arduino. on: July 13, 2013, 06:15:18 pm
They probably don't make these themselves, I bet they just order them from some Chinese manufacturer.

It is not their fault they are selling a counterfeit board because someone else made the board.  How does that logic work?

I'm not saying its not their fault, this is blatant trademark violation. The problem is they are probably only one of many companies selling these. They don't seem to have a lot of stock, so I doubt they are having these custom made for them. These look very similar to the counterfeit ones I picked up from Amazon sellers, both Megas and Unos.
239  Community / Bar Sport / Re: Fake Arduino. on: July 13, 2013, 01:41:12 pm
Thats too bad, I have ordered some stuff from them on eBay. Seemed like a good company. They probably don't make these themselves, I bet they just order them from some Chinese manufacturer.
240  Community / Bar Sport / Re: 3D gun printing good or bad on: July 13, 2013, 01:36:46 pm
Don't know Michelle Bachman,

please enlighten the non-US folks...

I envy you for not knowing. You can just turn away now or take a glimpse into madness....

Search on Michelle Bachmann fact check

She was a Tea Party 2012 candidate running on a farther right than thou ticket. If Sarah Palin was too intellectual for you then Michelle would be your girl.

50% of the people have a below-median IQ.

And they know just what the country needs. Rejection of science and a return to theocracy.

Rejection of Science? That means .............. no Arduino? ==> Not my type smiley-wink 

You can use the Arduino, you're just not allowed to explore how it works. You just have to accept that it works.
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