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1  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: How to expand the storage memory on the Yún on: May 07, 2014, 09:22:03 am
the procedure has been easy, thanks but during this I haven't read carefully and I made the Linux partition bigger than I wanted and trying to do the procedure again "arduino" says that the sd is already been prepared/ can I do?

I know I am an asshole, but thanks for answering!
2  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: Upgrading yun: What is the difference between the easy and advanced procedure? on: April 23, 2014, 10:26:11 am
the lines you wrote about the resetting procedure don't concern with the upgrading process, that concern the normal yun resetting process to bring the board to the factory settings.

the upgrading is only about the openwrt firmware that has been fixed an updated; and maybe the easy one is the one explained here:

this one has been released from arduino team so it is "official", the others you can find on website aren't, so using an unofficial version you will lose the warranty, otherwise not.
3  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: Saving python script to sd or making installing new opkg? on: February 28, 2014, 08:28:59 am
Hi don't konw the second way, I suppose that the second one can be faster because the memory that the controller wants to read is already "on board", but i'm not sure.
I'm sure about this, if you install the python script on board you are using space for other packages, instead the sd memory is practically limitless.
Maybe using the python scripts from the sd can be slower, but if you don't need real time processes it is a good solution.
Using the sd allows you to organize and manage all the scripts as you prefer, using directories folders ecc.

4  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: Using a wired Xbox Controller on Arduino Yùn USB port on: February 02, 2014, 06:04:27 am
Thanks to have answered to my post, but does a way to install that package on the yun exist?

 I try to find out that from the list you get from the yun, but none of them concerned the xbox. is you suggestion possible to apply to the arduino yun?

I have just bought the yun, and i am totally un-focused on linux os, o ssh system.

My idea is to read datas from the pad with python (just to make the Arduino sketch lighter), and then with that to control a quadcopter or a car, or other things.
5  Products / Arduino Yún / Using a wired Xbox Controller on Arduino Yùn USB port on: January 22, 2014, 01:55:46 pm
Hello everybody! I tried to find out a post where I can understand better how to attach the Xbox wired controller to the Yun USB port, do anyone know how to do that? Are there any "linino" driver I have to install on mine board to allow the controller to work rightly?

Even solutions with Python are well accepted, since I really like the idea to have an Arduino sketch as light as possible, and leaving the hardest part to linux.

I tried to look for any "specific" driver typing the main key words, but I haven't found anything, can you help me?

Thank you so much for your time!!!!
6  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: Running a Python script through the Bridge to make sketches lighter on: January 06, 2014, 12:34:34 pm
After having installed pyhton open-ssl it works, why in your opinion it didn't worked with the previous sketch?

1.)  2>&1  what is this used for? during some attempts(before installing the open-ssl) i received some errors, maybe is this its role?
2.) can i use every kind of python scripts with this method: p.runShellCommand?
3.)  does it work even in a function like in the example in the IDE?
4.)in which case is suggested to use addParameter, maybe when we want to pass a variable to the script?

Thanks to EVERYBODY for the support!!!
7  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: Running a Python script through the Bridge to make sketches lighter on: January 05, 2014, 03:12:38 pm
no, I just bought the yun and i am not so experienced, it would be great if you can help me...
my goal, anyway, is allowing the sketch to send me a notifications(in this case a mail), for example when a sensor detected something, automatically...thank fr the support!
8  Products / Arduino Yún / Re: Running a Python script through the Bridge to make sketches lighter on: January 05, 2014, 02:45:42 pm
Hi, i run the python script with the powershell(windows 8.1) and it works fine, yes to understand if it works it has to send to me an email, and I have even tried the line you add, but nothing..
9  Products / Arduino Yún / Running a Python script through the Bridge to make sketches lighter on: January 05, 2014, 01:47:15 pm
Hi everyboy, In this topic I am going to ask you how running python scriptS through the Yun.
I read on the ( that : "An installation of Python 2.7 is included with Linino, with which you can write applications or scripts." , so since using this way makes sketches lighter i decided to try, and I failed.

I created a folder in the sd card called 'arduino', and there i put the script, then I use the process example that comes with the arduino ide 1.5.4, modifying pretty by chances the lines:

first attempt:                                                                 second attempt:

void runCurl() {                                                              void runCurl() {
  Process p;                                                                 Process p;   
  p.begin("python");                                                         p.begin("python<>");
  p.addParameter("");                                  //  p.addParameter("/mnt/sd/arduino/");;                                                              ;   
}                                                                                    }

both of them failed, can you help me?  are there any directories that i need to know?? concerning for example the sd??

10  Using Arduino / Storage / Re: Create variable directory and incremetal files on: February 08, 2013, 09:09:13 am
@PaulS, hello, since you have been able to help me i ask again for your help, this time i would need to know how write a file into a directory I have created before. the trouble is I have created the directory and the file with the code lines you have shown me in messages before, but when I try to create the files in the directory, i fail.

my idea is: I create a directory that it can change when i decide to do that, and i would make a file per day, and then write on time every minute. Thanks again for your time!!

I post you the skecth:

#include <SD.h>
char dirName[8],DATO[18],fileName[8],DataString[20];
unsigned long ms=0, psd=0;
int anno=2014;
byte mese=1, giorno=2, ore=3, minu=4, sec=5;
File myFile;

void setup(){
  Serial.print("Initializing SD card...");
  pinMode(10, OUTPUT);

  if (!SD.begin(4)) {
    Serial.println("initialization failed!");   
  Serial.println("initialization done.");


void loop(){

    sprintf(dirName, "%d/%d/%d.txt", anno,mese,giorno);  //per creare la directory
    //sprintf(fileName,"%d.txt",giorno);// per creare il nome del file
    //sprintf(DATO,"%d/%d",dirName,fileName);//per creare la location dove scrivere il file
    sprintf(DataString,"%d/%d/%d  %d:%d:%d   ",giorno,mese,anno,ore,minu,sec);// crea la stringa da stampare su sd

    myFile =;
    myFile =, FILE_WRITE);
     if (myFile) {
     Serial.print("Writing to test.txt...");
     //myFile.print(" , ");
     //myFile.print(" , ");
     //myFile.print(" , ");
        // close the file:
     } else {
     // if the file didn't open, print an error:
     Serial.println("error opening test.txt");

11  Using Arduino / Storage / Re: Create variable directory and incremetal files on: January 06, 2013, 11:48:00 am
Hi and thanks again for the help, I have other questions:
when i compile the code line you have given to me, at:   char monthNames[] = {"", "Jan", "Feb", "Mar", "Apr"}; the compiler says:

error: too many initializers for 'char []'

and for: SD.mkdir((const char *)dirName);  error: invalid conversion from 'const char*' to 'char*'

then I don't know if there are other errors

I put this code lines in a program just to try..
12  Using Arduino / Storage / Re: Create variable directory and incremetal files on: January 05, 2013, 10:51:09 am
Thank you very much for the help, and I'm sorry for having written false things but I really didn't know that kind of code, I studied it at high school (C++), but not in a close way, so I really thank you for help, this will allow me to finish my project and do more complex project in future!
13  Using Arduino / Storage / Create variable directory and incremetal files on: January 05, 2013, 08:56:05 am
Hello everybody!
I'm doing a project where i need to collect data from sensors and then save these data in a SD card memory; all these things are well explained in Arduino's reference guide on the website but I however found a trouble: since in my project i collect the temperature and other parameters per each day, I also need to collect them in order into the SD, making a txt file per each day. it would be beautiful if I can also make a folder for each year, with a folder for each month in it, like this: 2013/jan,feb,mar,apr,may,jun..etc and for each month 31 or 30 files(one per day).
The trouble is that in the code line for writing a directory and also for making files, you must write only const char : SD.mkdir("a/b/c") in this i'll have only three folders;"*.txt")
My question is: how I can use for example a for loop for increasing (for example an array, year[X]), for creating a new directory every year, and the same for month of course?

thanks for answering, and if this topic had already been treated, can you send me to that page?
thanks a lot.
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