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Français / Arduino MICRO & Relais 5 V
Last post by Tho75 - Today at 10:04 am
Bonjour à tous,

Ayant un petit projet de domotique, je pilote la phase des appareils 230VAC à contrôlés par le biais de relais 5V comme illustré par le lien ci-dessous.

Lien vers site externe

Initialement possesseur d'une UNO, mon montage fonctionnait parfaitement.
Mais pour pouvoir faire un design plus compact, j'ai donc acquis une, MICRO; mais qui n'est apparement pas capable de fermer le relais !

J'ai essayé plusieurs sortie différente, capable d'alimenter une LED mais jamais la bobine du relais en question.

J'ai bien 5V en sortie, et quand je tend l'oreille, j'entend le contact bouger légèrement.

Denière chose : Si je connecte la bobine à la broche 5V de la carte j'ai là un contact franc, mais pas par la sortie Digitale.

Pensez-vous donc à une défaillance de la carte ou à une normalité de conception ?

En comparant pourtant les deux datasheet des UNO / MICRO, j'ai pourtant des caractéristiques équivalentes voir supérieures en faveur de la MICRO.

Merci de votre aide.

Bonne journée

Bar Sport / Re: Name game - Current theme:...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 10:03 am
Christopher Pyne
Bar Sport / Re: [OT ITA] Lo spamm bar
Last post by astrobeed - Today at 10:03 am
Un vero "grande" se n'è andato.

Bar Sport / Re: Name game - Current theme:...
Last post by pYro_65 - Today at 10:02 am
pYro_65: I'm really curious about the next - first name with 'Č'. :) K+
Lol, yeah, I might have broken the game.

I guess we can just assume its 'C' if nothing is found.
If you are good at programming you may be able to write a special bootloader program for an Arduino that can load a program from a file on an SD card.

However even if you do that you cannot expect to switch programs in that way while your kart is working - the process will be too slow and fraught with the risk of errors.

I wonder if the functionality you need (and which you have not explained) would be better achieved by having 5 different functions within a single program. It is easy to write code to switch between different functions.

Tell us what you want to achieve and you will get better advice.

Generale / Re: Arduino uno e sim 900 gsm
Last post by lucamuscas - Today at 09:59 am
ho seguito il consiglio ed ho spostato i jumper sui pin D8(RX) e D7(TX) della scheda ed ho modificato il file GSM.cpp indicando l'utilizzo di questi.
In questo modo ha funzionato subito, anche la parte GPRS con l'apn

Ora mi sto concentrando sulla giusta sequenza di comandi per l'invio di email, ho preso spunto dalla seguente guida:

Grazie per i consigli.

P.s. se aveste qualche dritta da darmi anche per l'invio delle email sarebbe ben accetta.


General Discussion / Re: 75hc595
Last post by pYro_65 - Today at 09:57 am
No, the chip is controlled by controlling its data, latch and clock pins. It doesn't store code.

They are commonly used as a serial to parallel converter. A useful application for this is to control many outputs (8, or more if you chain many chips) with only a few (3) outputs from the Arduino. This is great if you are running out of pins on your Arduino.

What is it you are trying to do?
Gigs and Collaborations / Re: malloc issue
Last post by ArthurD - Today at 09:57 am
edit: I will try some things about the differences between an array and a pointer later and report then...
Robotics / 2 sensor pir with motor servo
Last post by maldi - Today at 09:56 am
I wanted to create a code for 2 sensor with servo pears. how I want is if the sensor detects motion pir1 then servor goes high and upward, if the sensor detects the servo pir2 high value down. Can anyone help me?
Arduino Due / Re: Cannot program Due
Last post by Ps991 - Today at 09:56 am
Come to think of it...I also ran into that issue wit the RF24 library, while it used to compile, now it gave me several errors of undefined variables. I had to put the library in the libraries folder, then it worked again.
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