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General Electronics / LED Strip works powered via US...
Last post by abasel - Today at 10:14 am
When running while connected to the computer's usb port, all works well i.e. the two buttons do what they are meant to and the LEDs change colour. When powered up as per the schematic, the LEDs burn red and do not change. There is obviously something that I don't understand with respect to powering the Arduino Mini Pro.
Français / Re: Création d un variateur de...
Last post by Thor-tillas - Today at 10:13 am
Merci de la réponse mais je souhaite faire varier la vitesse et de ce que je lit c est compliquer
Project Guidance / Re: ESC for my quadcopter
Last post by Ian2024 - Today at 10:12 am
Oops, sry to mention tat. Im using UNO and my lipo is 3S so its 12.6v
General Electronics / SPI devices block each other?
Last post by Alwin07 - Today at 10:07 am
I have a small project with a LoRa module, a display and the Arduino MEGA 2560. The display and the LoRa module works perfectly alone, but when I use both parts together only the display works.

After searching in the Internet, I found the information, that it is possible to use multiple SPI devices with the SS Pin (Slave Select Pin), but I couldn't found a SS pin on the display and the LoRa module.

My parts:

Display: (320x240 pixels, 3.2")
Display Shield:

LoRa module:


Display: UTFT:
LoRa: RadioHead:

Connections: Image Attachment

Thanks for your advice.
Project Guidance / Re: ESC for my quadcopter
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 10:06 am
What voltage is the Lipo ?

If it is a suitable voltage (you have not said which Arduino you are using) then you can power the board directly from it and connect the 4 ESCs directly to the board too.  The power for the motors will not be supplied via the Arduino

By the way.  It worries me that you are intending to build and program a quadcopter and have this level of questions.
Français / Re: Module DS3231
Last post by 68tjs - Today at 10:04 am
C'est plus qu'un "a priori" c'est certain puisque A4 et SDA sont sur la même piste physique. Idem pour A5 et SCL.
Voir la documentation sur le site arduino.
General Electronics / Re: P-Channel Mosfet suggestio...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 10:01 am
A small-signal PNP transistor can switch that sort of current with >=2.5mA base current.
Assuming emitter is connected to Arduino's 5volt rail.

Something like the BC327 could have <0.1volt saturation voltage at that current.
Post a diagram.
Audio / Doing my own OSC code.
Last post by ahuy2702 - Today at 09:58 am
Before I re-invent the wheel, just checking if maybe someone already came up with a simple way to create an OSC that is fast to calculate using PWM output.

I'm not looking into any fancy stuff, but something that is simply fast. ;-) Otherwise I will try to come up with my own. I already got 6 voices of fixed-pitch no-envelope drum-sounds from a single ATmega328 Arduino chip, now I want to check how I could add some SAW sounds. (not pulse) Also without envelope, as I'm using 8-bit and the envelope sounds pretty bad with 8-bits. ;-)
Français / Re: Inverser l'état de plusieu...
Last post by 68tjs - Today at 09:57 am
Heu: Leds ou dels ?

DEL = diode électro luminescente
LED = light emissing diode

Del c'est du français, led c'est de l'anglais US, pour une fois que quelqu'un parle français il se fait reprendre !
Vous devriez plutôt suivre son exemple   :)

PS :
 A0 jusqu'à A5 s'appellent aussi officiellement dans l'IDE arduino "14 à 19" et sont primitivement des entrées numériques comme toutes les autres.
Ce n'est qu'en activant la fonction analogRead(Ax) qu'elles basculent sur leur seconde fonction qui est la mesure analogique.
Idem A4 et A5 deviennent SDA et SCL quand la bibliothèque Wire est activé
Idem D0 et D1 deviennent Rx et Tx quand la liaison série est activé
Idem pour les pins PWM qui ne le sont que quand la PWM est activée par analogWrite(x)
Idem pour D10, D11, D12, D13 qui deviennent les pins pour le SPI quand le SPI est activé

Seules A6 et A7 sur les cartes équipées d'un 328P en boîtier CMS 32 broches (nano, mini-pro et certains clones de UNO) ne sont pas reliées à un port numérique et sont exclusivement des entrées analogiques.
Programming Questions / Re: How get data from php
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 09:53 am
Post small code directly in line using code tags... can't read it on mobile

Basically you want to call the URL representing your PHP script and parse the result. If it returns simple values, just a simple parsing might be good enough, if it's more dynamic returning a JSON structure and analyzing  that structure might end up being more flexible.
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