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Project Guidance / VS C++ and ooBase
Last post by Marmotjr - Today at 11:02 am
Searched the net for answers, but I'm not sure I'm asking the right questions, So I turn to you programming gurus for some aid.  Secondly, not arduino based (yet, I'll find a way), so mods, feel free to move this to the appropriate forum, as project guidance suits my request best as there isn't another general programming forum.

TLDR:  Writing up an app in VS C++, have an ooBase Dbase, would like to use that as data source.  Can't find resources to help steer me along, any good ones?

I have a database with a half dozen tables or so, but the report end of it is lacking in what I want.  I would like a distributable front end for the dbase, with menus, windows, forms, automatic calculations, etc.  I have some experience in VS VB, but I'd like to stick with C++ as that is what I am familiar with from Arduino, but switching back wouldn't be a huge issue. 

What good guides are out there for a) Attaching a ooBase dbase to a VS app.  b) Programming the queries and requests, and c) anything else that might help.

Apologies again for the non arduino Q, but I'm kinda stuck. 
Project Guidance / Re: Problem with Analog input ...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 11:01 am
if you are using protoboard, make sure the red and blue power lines down the long sides are no disconnected in the centre.

Also when you post your sketch.
Please use code tags.. See section 7,148850.0.html

Tom... :)
Bar Sport / Re: [OT ITA] Lo spamm bar
Last post by astrobeed - Today at 11:00 am
L'evoluzione della specie :)

Microcontrollers / Bootloading-A very strange thi...
Last post by BONDANIND - Today at 11:00 am
Hi, we are so tired and would like to get help with this .
We are trying to boot-load using the arduino Uno.

We have an atmega 328p smd , that we are trying to bootload. We have connected all the right pins, added to the boards.txt the  "Atmega328 on a breadboard(8mhz internal clock) " .

Than i have chose from the "board" menu , this option (internal clock) , and uploaded the program.
it worked .

Later, i wanted to try and bootload for external clock so i chose from the boards menu the pro mini with 5v board.(is it wrong?)

Not only that i got an error, now, i cant bootload the internal clock again !!

1. why cant we bootload again? did we damage something ? can it be reseted again ?
2. how can you bootload for external 16Mhz ??

error :
avrdude: Yikes!  Invalid device signature.
         Double check connections and try again
Hallo zusammen  :D

ich bin auf der Suche nach einer "einfachen" lösung eine Art Arduino Netzwerk zu erschaffen über Funk (also Luft).

damit ich nicht an jeder stelle ein ethernetshild und ein arduino benötige, damit ich z.B. ein Sensor an der Tür habe und der dann dem Server (Arduino) die Lage mitteilt, also ob die tür auf oder zu ist
und dann widerum über funk einem relais bescheid sagt das dann eine lampe einschaltet oder so etwas?

were euch mega dankbar wenn ihr mir eine gute lösung zeigen könnten 8)

General Electronics / Re: Piezo buzzer - do they all...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 10:59 am
The transducer link is most likely only the piezo element.
If so, it can be used for various tones/music.
It has a hole/resonating chamber, so it is louder at the resonating frequency.
So it could be used as a loud buzzer if you feed it with the right frequency.
If you want to play different tones, it might be better to remove the disc from it's plastic case and attach/glue it onto something flat.
You can also buy just the piezo disk with wires attached.
Piezo discs can also be used as microphones, knock sensors, etc.
Thanks for snappy replies!
Coding badly, no 30 was just a number I pulled out of my head. But it takes time for the bucket to tip and spring back, so if it were more than once every 2 seconds, it would just stay tipped and water pouring through.

That's not necessarily a problem though. What I need it for is to shut off some other equipment when the "TPM" gets too slow.

It will start off quite fast, then eventually get really slow.

I would need to be constantly taking readings. Also storing them to get an average over say 10 minutes (too weed out erroneous values) before switching it all off.
That's after, first I need to get the TPM value.

I'm not sure how a ring buffer works. I think updating the TPM value every 10 seconds or so would be fine.

Time stamps could also work. But the value is always gonna be "1" or "HIGH" that it is stored with. So would you just look at all time stamps for last 60 seconds then count how many there are?

I'm sure this is simple, I just need that switch to be flicked so I can go from confused to understanding.
Programming Questions / Re: About usage of .hex repres...
Last post by AWOL - Today at 10:58 am
Can the .hex representation of .ino file be used for programming another microchips like 8051?
The hex is compiled AVR machine code, incompatible with the 8051.
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