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Programming Questions / Re: Timer for Arduino
Last post by Powerhit22 - Today at 08:41 pm
Move this to the top of the sketch
#include <SPI.h>

Otherwise, what's to figure out? The code (that I wrote for another poster) is already there for you, just change the names:
Code: [Select]

digitalWrite (latchPin, LOW);
// etc, add minutes, hours, days years, as needed
digitalWrite (latchPin, HIGH);

The  thing that i was confused about is what do I use to define latchPin, so that the 4 leds correspond to the rest of the code
Programming Questions / interrupt
Last post by genx1988 - Today at 08:41 pm
hi everybody,  I have school project to do motion sensor traffic lights using arduino I am done with the code which there is a main loop running and I connect the motion sensor to interrupt.  my problem is the main loop is running and when an interrupt happen the interrupt function happen after that the program go back to the same point it left when the interrupt happened and this is my problem I want the main loop to start over again how to make that happen... plz help
thanks in advance
Français / Re: Interruption externe: ISR(...
Last post by weetoz - Today at 08:41 pm
Le code en pièce jointe:

L' utilisation d' un bon éditeur est recommandé.  ;) 

@68TJS: Oui, bonne idée, je vais essayer. Merci.
Where is
Code: [Select]
platform.txt for the SAM boards located nowadays ? Previously there was a folder for each of the chipset types. Now I only find avr folder under

Code: [Select]

I need to set -std=gnu++11 for c++11 support. It works fine for UNO and others. But for Due I dont know how to do it after upgrading to 1.6.4
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void loop() {
 int newscale =Serial.parseInt();
if (newscale > 0)
scale = newscale;

You're still parsing without checking if any data arrived.
Without { } after the "if (newscale >0)" to control the next couple of lines, they will always run.
Programming Questions / Re: Controlling a servo..?
Last post by Alexfind - Today at 08:39 pm
Well I don't fully understand all the code I posted, I started coding this year and I have never used c/c++, I was given the code a friend used to control servos for an old school project and i rewrote this part, do you mean that the first line already starts an infinite loop and I don't have to start an infinite loop with the while(1) line ? :)
Code: [Select]
      char str_windspeedkph[6];

If the wind speed is 3.5 kph, what do you think str_windspeedkph is going to contain? If it is 10.6?
General Electronics / Re: Motors for RC Car
Last post by WillN210 - Today at 08:37 pm
Well, if your car is tiny, you can just attach the motors directly to the wheels. If it's larger, I would recommend these.
This seems like it might do. We're going to use some little Mecanum wheels (we hope) so we can just 3D print something to mount the wheels we're using onto that motor.
For that motor, do I need some kind of motor shield? Also, what about a power source. We're going to need to be powering four of those if we use it.
Displays / Re: openGLCD Unexpected Result...
Last post by randel - Today at 08:36 pm

I'm an idiot.

I suppose that in all fairness, my eyes aren't what they used to be, but at your suggestion to revisit the wiring was spot on.

The Enable 1 for the first character LCD was shorted to the Register Select of the graphic LCDs with a teensy gossamer thread of a wire strand.  I removed it, and all is fine with the world.

This explains the behavior, however bizarre.

I'm sorry to have wasted your time, and appreciate your willingness to get involved - you are a tremendous asset to the Arduino community.

Now to edit the config file for the second GLCD...

copy the default arduino core and make a new core from it, and make your changes to that one.
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