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Français / Re: probleme shield ethernet h...
Last post by icare - Today at 12:12 pm
Tu arrives à télécharger tes images alors mets les sur un site d'hébergement et utilise l'icône "insert an image" à droite de la palette couleurs.
He metido todas la librerias y todo en su carpeta correspondiente pero me aparece un error. Ahi VA EL CODIGO Y EL ERROR

Code: [Select]

#include <pitches.h>
#include <Ulltrasonic.h>

#include "Ulltrasonic.h"     
ultrasonic ultrasonic(6,7);

#include "pitches.h"       
int sonido = NOTE_E5;       

int sonar;                 

void setup()

void loop()
   sonar = ulltrasonic.Ranging(CM);
   while (sonar < 60)             
       tone(8, sonido);             
       while (sonar < 10)         
         tone(8, sonido);               
         sonar = ulltrasonic.Ranging(CM);   
       sonar = ulltrasonic.Ranging(CM);

Code: [Select]
sketch_jul01a.ino:2:25: warning: Ulltrasonic.h: No such file or directory
sketch_jul01a:7: error: 'ultrasonic' does not name a type
sketch_jul01a.ino: In function 'void loop()':
sketch_jul01a:22: error: 'ulltrasonic' was not declared in this scope
sketch_jul01a:22: error: 'CM' was not declared in this scope

Gracias y perdon por la ignorancia. :smiley-confuse:
what happens if you turn pot 1?

does it affect the output voltage?

Can you measure VCC on the board?
Does it need a separate power supply?
Pot1 had no effect on vout.  My understanding is it's used for the ADC function.

VCC on the board is 5.2V
Hi slonimer

Possibly running out of SRAM?  Attiny86 has 512 bytes vs 2KB on a Uno.

As a test, can you reduce the number of pixels?  This would save 2 bytes per pixel in the memory that the neopixel library uses, plus 3 bytes per pixel from your boolean arrays (I believe booleans are stored as 1 byte per element).


Français / Re: probleme shield ethernet h...
Last post by Polua - Today at 12:09 pm
voilà la dernière
Français / Re: Ampèremètre 100A CC
Last post by icare - Today at 12:09 pm
PS: Comment faut il faire pour envoyer des photos, passer par un hébergeur d'images ?
Oui, il faut passer par un hébergeur et utiliser "insert an image" (icone à droite de la palette de couleurs)
The voit from the DAC is not connected to the LED or resistor.  The LED is getting a pwm signal from pin 9 if my memory's correct. 

There DAC is connected to pins a4 & a5.  So the LED and resistor have no connection.

I can certainly remove them and see if it works, but I don't see how. 
Français / Re: pb gps
Last post by Katana41 - Today at 12:07 pm
les baudrates sont à 9600
Project Guidance / Project with 3g and sd card
Last post by zokoo - Today at 12:07 pm
Hello everyone, I'm new with Arduino. I want to make an Arduino project with 2g/3g interface and sd card. I want to storage data comming from GSM module.
My question is: What boards and additions will be best choice? I've been thinking about Arduino Uno or Leonardo connect with Arduino Wireless SD Shield and Arduino GSM Shield. What do you guys think about it? Does it makes sense?
 Sorry, if I made mistakes in English.
Project Guidance / Re: Can I create an arduino di...
Last post by jurs - Today at 12:07 pm
Is there a solution that's reasonably simple, and doesn't involve physically posting hardware abroad?
The "executable" compiled from Arduino is the "hex-file" with the '.hex' extension.
You can send him the hex-file simply as a file attachment by e-mail.

You then can tell him (he must have Windows then) to use the XLOADER to upload a hex file to his board.

You will see the path and name of the compiled hex-file if you enable detailed output.

File->Preferences->Show verbose output during:. Tick boxes for compilation and upload.
(Or only during 'compilation').

The created .hex file is what you need to send.
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