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Deutsch / Re: 16 LED Lauflicht mit 595 S...
Last post by Plankins - Today at 12:53 am
Ouh. Jaaaa klingt logisch. Ich werds mal überarbeiten. Danke für die Antwort
From the pictures of the kit it looks like the UNO clone uses a third-party USB chip. You need to figure out what chip they use and install the driver for it 
What is the problem with this version?  What does it do or not do?  How does that compare with what you want?
It doesn't engage the motor. I want it to turn the motor when the switch flips.

I think I will break it up into easier to understand chunks as was suggested by PaulS. I'll keep you posted, the feedback here definitely helped, and I'll probably have questions still. Thanks!
Audio / Re: Electret Microphone PreAmp
Last post by alexm261 - Today at 12:50 am   may this one be better?
Project Guidance / Re: Looking for the correct re...
Last post by OldSteve - Today at 12:50 am
this is another page of data sheet.
this has application hints.
That's not the datasheet for a real Fotek SSR. It's the datasheet for a very dangerous fake Fotek SSR.
When buying Fotek solid state relays, a great deal of care must be taken to ensure that you're getting a 'real' one. The fakes cannot handle the rated current and have been known to burst into flames.
On eBay a while ago, I actually found more fake Fotek SSRs than real ones. Specifically, the Fotek-25DA and Fotek-40DA

Here are a couple of links that 'CodingBadly' posted in another thread a couple of months ago:-
And from that same thread:-
Quote from: knut_ny
..dont leave that (Fotek) SSR unattended.  I used one for a 220V, 1500W heater - it burned after a month.
And it appears that some of the fakes are even harder to distinguish than the ones in the links. The fakes used to be labelled "Solid State Relay" whereas the real ones said "Solid State Module", but now the fakes have been corrected to say "Solid State Module" too.
Here's a photo. The one on the left is a fake:-

Deutsch / Re: 16 LED Lauflicht mit 595 S...
Last post by sschultewolter - Today at 12:48 am
Der Sketch ist katastrophal und nich übersichtlich, so wie ich das sehe, kann am 2. IC garnichts gescheites ankommen. CS/SS muss solange Low sein, bis alle Daten gesendet wurden (2x8Bit!).
I have added a serial print and all the data is 255 from the gsm, but I dont see how the valid data works , if it doesnt see a #  ?
Robotics / Arduino Drone
Last post by manghao - Today at 12:43 am
so here's the idea of a drone in Arduino running through my head for a while already.

I had the idea of making a quadrirotor with an Arduino Nano.

But the questions I ask myself and I can not find the questions are:
     - How to choose the engines.
     - Should mandatory brushless motors.
     - Should the ECS, you can replace them with L298 for PWM.
     - Should there be servo motors for moving oriantation or manage changing
       motor speed.

Sincerely Manghao.
Audio / Accelerometer to advance songs...
Last post by zahinullah - Today at 12:41 am
Hi All,

I'm very new to arduino and coding in general and need some help with a project.

I am building a box that when moved in a certain direction (x or y axis) it skips to the next sound file.
I have about one hundred .wav files that I edited in audacity. Each file is very short and is a simple audio of a person saying a number. The goal is to make a "counting box" that counts when moved.

I have a wave shield that I have attached a speaker to.

I am thinking that I need to write code that  counts when the accelerometer passes a threshold value and for each count associates an audio file to play.

I am just not sure how to begin and how to write this. Any help, direction to helpful examples, would be much appreciated.

I am rougly thinking:

Code: [Select]
int counter = 0;

void setup { library }

void loop {    }

void eventTriggered(  ){
//cycle through song files"mp3)

void readSensors( );
void processData( );

Thank You!


Hi all
getting an error with 1.6.6 which states I have a Invalid library found in


and Ethernet or other libraries wont upload t my galileo. Any suggestions. The basic examples upload ok.

any suggestions please turer
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