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Project Guidance / Re: UNO as AVRISP MKII
Last post by CrossRoads - Today at 02:51 am
I suggest you use Nick Gammon's Arduino as ISP sketch then for loading bootloaders, and  then download via USB/Serial
I've been working on getting a nice homemade silkscreen technique for my PCBs.  I have never had good results with toner transfer.  I would like to know what you think of my latest efforts and if I should move forward with this.  Please note, this is a first attempt and not all of the holes/components line up with the silk screen.  I just wanted to see if I could do it.

Ah. OK

Its done already.  BobC did it.

I've taken BobC's work and I'm trying to add things which are missing like I2C support (which is working OK in its basic form, using software "bit banging")

I've not tested SPI yet.

For those who have a generic STM32 board, rather than a true Maple or Maple mini clone, I've added a new board config which uploads via a USB to serial Adaptor to Serial 1 on the STM32 using the built in serial bootloader thats actually built into the STM32 chip's internal hardware

My version is very much a work in progress, but I think it is an improvement on Bobc's original work


i.e copy the zip file into your Arduino/hardware folder (in My Documents on the PC).
Note, I"ve not looked at non-PC versions, thought I'm pretty sure that the generic STM32 via serial should work using a python uploader.

Looking around on the web, there are a lot of resources, e.g. fixes and libraries that the original Maple and Maple mini users created a few years ago, to work with the Maple IDE, which could be fairly easily ported to this Arduino IDE version.

E.g. I've found a CAN bus library, which is worth trying (at least to see if it can compile) - though I don't know if I have any CAN bus stuff to test it with .

Actually, thinking about it, I think I may have a CAN bus magnetometer from a quadcopter that I no longer use, that I may be able to use for testing CAN bus.

I took a look at this yesterday and there are good libraries from ST themselves for doing HID etc and I think possibly USB host on the usb port, but the license on these seems to vary.
Also I suspect it would be hard to integrate into the core.


One major bug bear I have with the current Arduino API is the way SerialEvent is not really called when a serial char arrives, its just called after loop exits if there are any chars in the serial buffer

I"m tempted to add something new to the core, like InterruptSerialEvent  that is really called when a char arrives, as I have used external hardware which doesnt have much buffering and chars can be lost while waiting for loop to complete.

I can't see how this would be decremental to the core.

Can't find what =+ means?
The code you quoted was:

Code: [Select]

       lsenseval += analogRead(lsensepin);

That's +=, not =+.

What it means is:

Code: [Select]

foo += 2;

That means, "add 2 to foo".
Programming Questions / Can't find what =+ means?
Last post by corbosiny - Today at 02:47 am
So Im reading the code someone put up for their "family" of mini robots and one part isn't making sense.  Here is the part of the code:

for(i=0; i<4; i++){
       lsenseval += analogRead(lsensepin);
       rsenseval += analogRead(rsensepin);

lsenseval and rsenseval are just two variables defined as types uint16_t. And lsensepin and rsesnsepin are just two phototransistor pins.

So I searched google and this site, but couldn't really find anything on what =+ means.  Can someone help me out? Thanks!
thanks you for the quick reply
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251 / 1000 == 0

If you want to float result, one or both of the values should be a float:

251 / 1000.0 == 0.251
251.0 / 1000 == 0.251

(float) 251 / 1000 == 0.251
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