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Generale / Re: Sensore per misurare incli...
Last post by Rodrigoson6 - Today at 04:10 pm
Prova a chiedere a Babbo Natale se ti porta il componente dei tuoi sogni  :smiley-mr-green:

mi mancavi Astro.... sul serio  :smiley-fat:
Arduino Yún / Re: YUN NTP Vulnerability?
Last post by sonnyyu - Today at 04:08 pm
Thanks, good find. Yes, It is vulnerable!

Yun's NTP is far behind:

Code: [Select]

All NTP Version 4 releases, prior to Version 4.2.8, are vulnerable and need to be updated to Version 4.2.8.

Software / Re: Funciones basicas de word ...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 04:06 pm
Si uno quiere ser estricto, la forma de presentarlo estaría mal. Los bits van de MSB en la posicion 15 a LSB en la posición 0.


Pero tal vez sea la manera que yo estoy acostumbrado a leerlos y representarlos.
Usando programas de todo tipo, siempre los he visto de este modo y no a la inversa.
Finalmente cada uno los representa como mas le guste.
Megatopic / Re: Cnc Laser progetto in cost...
Last post by Etemenanki - Today at 04:06 pm
il bromografo e' la soluzione piu' efficace in assoluto
Lo so ... guarda che la mia era una battuta ;) :D
Generale / Re: Sensore per misurare incli...
Last post by astrobeed - Today at 04:04 pm
a me servirebbe un potenziometro (rotativo ovviamente) che abbia un movimento dell'alberino molto fluido...
sapete consigliarmi qualcosa???
Prova a chiedere a Babbo Natale se ti porta il componente dei tuoi sogni  :smiley-mr-green:
Nederlands / Re: programmeren naar attiny
Last post by gonnie08 - Today at 04:04 pm
ja maar als ik op google zoek op dat bestand progisp 1.7.2 ,is het allemaal chinees
waar kan ik dan op veilige manier dat bestand pakken?
I was thinking this could be my first arduino project as it seamed simple in theory, but is seams I was wrong :)
It's a very doable project, if you get rid of the requirement to power it from a coin cell for a year. You will either need much more power than that, or you will need to spend most of your effort making the project consume as little power as possible.

But just for example if I wanted to build it just to learn would these parts be suitable?:
Reasonable parts. You may wants consider a reed switch which uses a magnet to activate it, rather than a micro switch with a lever.  It will be easier to install, and is what most alarm systems use. Reed switches with a matching magnet for doors and windows are readily available.

Or if I where to buy a cheap door sensor how can I make any of the examples flash a led on another arduino when door opens wirelessly?
I assume you mean an existing wireless door sensor? The trick there is going to be receiving the signal. If it includes a receiver I both a set of relay contacts, it's a trivial project.  If there is no receiver included, it gets more complicated, and using a pair of Arduinos and RF transceivers may be easier and more fun.

If you want to run the receiver off of a battery, you're going to need something to switch the radio power off. And you will still want to use low power standby modes as much as possible in the processor. If you can use an AC wall wart power supply, the power management concerns are not important.

For the receiver side, you will want to power that off of a wall wart or a very substantial battery. That's because you won't be able to turn off the receiver radio to save power - it needs to be on and receiving all of the time in order to pick up the transmitter's signal.

This sounds like an interesting project: simple enough to not be overwhelming, but enough technical challenges to make it interesting.  Just start out with a solid unlimited power supply (wall wart or USB) to get it working, and then move to batteries as you refine the power budget. As you improve the power utilization, you may get to the point where you can use smaller batteries, but don't expect to get to a coin cell without spending quite some effort.
Français / Re: 1 Bouton poussoir et 2 LED...
Last post by infobarquee - Today at 04:02 pm
inspire toi de ce tuto déjà
et mets les bonnes pins

Code: [Select]
int ledRouge = 2;         // variables contenant les n° des pins des leds…
   int ledVerte = 3;
   int boutonPoussoir = 8;   // … et du bouton poussoir
   boolean etat = false;     // variable qui contiendra l'état d'allumage des leds
   void setup ()
   pinMode (ledRouge, OUTPUT);     // on définit comme sorties les pins des leds
    pinMode (ledVerte, OUTPUT);
    digitalWrite (ledVerte, HIGH);  // on allume la led verte
 void loop ()
  if (digitalRead (boutonPoussoir) == HIGH)   // si le bouton est appuyé
     if (etat == true)   // on allume/éteint les leds en fonction de la valeur de etat
     digitalWrite (ledRouge, LOW);
      digitalWrite (ledVerte, HIGH);
        digitalWrite (ledRouge, HIGH);
      digitalWrite (ledVerte, LOW);
    etat = !etat;   // on inverse la valeur de etat
   delay (300);    // on attend un peu

It is at the topic description (up)
I realy need help
as a first project, it would be great.  you could add solar power ?

there are lots of reed switches, this is again, better to by those 
my dollar store here in the States, sells a door alarm.  it has a reed switch, and a buzzer. as long as the door is open, the buzzer goes off.   you can just use the device as a switch.  for a hidden and paintable switch.  put in the hinge side to conceal completely.
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