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I am new to Arduino and have only a very basic knowledge of electronics.

I would like to create a mixer for controlling the vibration speed of four electric toothbrushes (each toothbrush is normally operated using a single AAA battery). I will hack the toothbrushes so that audio cables will connect the toothbrushes' motors to Arduino (Uno) via a PCB screw terminal block mounted on a breadboard, and intend to control then Arduino using a MIDI controller.

I found several tutorials on how to control the speed of DC motors with Arduino, and made the attached scheme based on them. The thing is, that they all referred to a single 6V DC motor, so I'm not sure if (1) I got it correctly and it should work, and (2) what the values of R1, R2 and the transistor should be.

Many thanks in advance,

Deutsch / Re: Funksignal decodieren für ...
Last post by agmue - Today at 06:00 pm
Ich weiß leider nicht genau was du mit Muster meinst? :/
Stelle Dir vor, jemand zeigt Dir Farbtafeln und sagt: "Bei dreimal Rot nacheinender laufe los!", dann ist dreimal Rot das zu erkennende Muster. Bei Dir sind es Einsen und Nullen.

Bei der Zeitmessung möchtest Du die Zeitdifferenz zwischen fallender und steigender Signalflanke messen. Also mußt Du fallende und steigende Flanke unterscheiden. Bei fallender Flanke merkst Du Dir die Zeit, bei steigender berechnest Du die Differenz.
Project Guidance / Re: Attendance System USing th...
Last post by mikb55 - Today at 05:59 pm
This one used an Uno
Rather than just copying an existing project, think up some unique variation that hasn't been done before. It you cannot think of anything ask your teacher for another project idea.
Yes. The fact that you should NOT have ANY delay() in the loop that handles reading serial data.

You have to either KNOW how many bytes to expect, AND hope like hell that every one gets through, OR you have to have some way of recognizing what constitutes the start of a packet and what constitutes the end of a packet.

Either way, you start reading the data at the appropriate point, and stop at the appropriate point.

Anything else is not going to work.
Thanks for your patience to me. I already figure it out what i have to do, i don't know why i don't think to use that way.

Code: [Select]
while(i < 508){
    if(Serial.available() > 0){
      myArr[i] =;

You may have read it but you did not study it. If you had you would have noticed that it does not use delay().

Thanks R for your thread about basic serial in arduino.
Software / Re: Más preguntas respecto a l...
Last post by noter - Today at 05:55 pm
Si no me equivoco, lo de las plantillas era esto que mencioné aquí. ¿No?
Y lo de preinstanciar ¿es esto?

En cuanto a "cerrar" una tarjeta, supongo que de lo que se trata es de dejarla en un estado de no lectura/escritura (por tanto su CS en HIGH) con FLUSH previo de todos los datos alterados, especialmente del / los bloques donde vayamos a escribir nuestros índices de contenido (lo que llamaríamos la FAT).
Editor / Re: Error while importing a li...
Last post by smellai - Today at 05:54 pm
Hi @jasek06,
thanks for your report, we'll look at it as soon as possible
Local Groups / Central Oregon Arduino Group
Last post by Paul_KD7HB - Today at 05:54 pm
Last Friday we had a meeting with two of the principals at E::SPACE LABS, Inc. During the meeting, one of the men mentioned he had started an Arduino users group in Bend, Oregon a couple of years ago. More than 200 are currently members. Ages from 7 years to who knows how old. Members from all over Central Oregon.

They meet twice per month.  If interested, call or email David Robson, 541-241-8801, or

Hardware / Re: Problemi lettura della tem...
Last post by Datman - Today at 05:53 pm
Probabilmente capta disturbi. Metti un condensatore elettrolitico da 10~47uF tra il pin d'ingresso analogico e massa.
Programming Questions / Re: Millis problem
Last post by kazekwynalazek - Today at 05:52 pm
Simply speaking when i turn on LED i want to make whole loop with SW1-SW4 to run for 5 seconds.
Deutsch / Re: Nextion Display 3,5"
Last post by SkobyMobil - Today at 05:51 pm
den Mega über seine USB an den PC.
Dann Dein File in den Editor.
Nun kannst Du Deine Simulation starten und wählst als Port den, an dem der Mega liegt.
Das Display brauchst Du nicht.
Gruß und Spaß
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