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Interfacing / Re: Circuit design software?
Last post by CrossRoads - Today at 06:52 am
for Eagle software. That's what the boards are designed in.
EAGLE files: (NOTE: works with Eagle 6.0 and newer)
I know doctor McCall I actually do know him I've talked to a few times that I know of his website our I think about a supplement I would say overall he's in he'd put a lot of the got into them sometimes he may be inky opinion is a little bit of track Choice 9000 Caralluma going into things that I'm not sure aswell-proven but generally is supplement his suggestions are pretty good so I'm I do go to a site I do I think I still get his newsletter on I think you be trust most most serious uplands like anything though the remember the different companies have different things so I don't think that doctor Michael has necessarily everything I carry half a dozen brands here just so I can have it a nice I collection of things to use his tools so at that would be my answer I still project them out.
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Sensors / Re: pulsein command limit
Last post by knee266 - Today at 06:47 am
Hello~ cattledog

You are right, I tried to add pulsein delay time both HIGH and LOW parameter again, the 1Hz 50% duty can be detect now.

many thank you and igendel.
I have this built up that I used to use before I had boards.
Wirewrap, nice & stable.
Project Guidance / Re: LCD causing audio interfer...
Last post by KenF - Today at 06:43 am
Aw. Please tell us what caused it.  Sounds like a trap others could fall into.
Interfacing / Re: Arduino Circuit design sof...
Last post by avalon90 - Today at 06:41 am
Where we can download the Arduino circuit design program. Can somebody help. The web site that shows this software is a bit confusing and it is not clear where to go to download this software.
Software / Re: Esistono librerie per TSA5...
Last post by elrospo - Today at 06:32 am
Magari ha un modulo sintonizzatore giĆ  fatto che monta questo IC.
e comunque anche da un sintonizzatore tv  non riesco ad immaginare un uso pratico fuori da un tv  :smiley-confuse:
Project Guidance / Re: LCD causing audio interfer...
Last post by vasquo - Today at 06:30 am
Ahhhhhhhh I wasted a whole day on this!

Never mind... I am so stoooopid! There wasn't any "real' problem. The problem was caused by my own stupidity and laziness.

move along now...

Project Guidance / Re: which Arduino do I need?
Last post by KenF - Today at 06:29 am
Seriously, if you haven't got a space issue with your project, I'd suggest getting something of a decent size.  I very much doubt that this will be the last project you use it for.  (it gets addictive)
Programming Questions / Re: deleted
Last post by KenF - Today at 06:26 am
I just attempted it
Code: [Select]


I get "Expected constructor, destructor or type conversion at end of input."

I suspect db2db is not giving us his entire sketch :)
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