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Microcontrollers / Re: STM32, Maple and Maple min...
Last post by victor_pv - Today at 07:23 am
@Roger this is the board I was looking at:

Regarding the magic number to run from RAM, why don't we test to the exact SP address for the Maple Mini (80005000)?
If we are going to use different build options for different boards, can we set that as a conditional #define, so is a specific value for each MCU?

That is a 32bit number, and nothing should ever be stored at that address, except for the stack, so it is not likely that any normal variable is going to take that value.
Project Guidance / Re: Decoding RF signal from 2-...
Last post by majhi - Today at 07:22 am
It's 433.92Mhz.  I do not have another receiver, I just have this.  Will decoding it not be possible?
Project Guidance / Re: Energy monitor values
Last post by Wawa - Today at 07:21 am
You probably will face different problems.

Better to work this one out first.
Bar Sport / Re: It's been a busy day on th...
Last post by Nick Gammon - Today at 07:21 am
... while 55% will be for me as the moderator  ...
He's giving moderators a bad name!
Project Guidance / Re: Decoding RF signal from 2-...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 07:19 am
The "block with wires" is most likely a receiver AND a LED driver.
Supply in, and LED out.

RF link could be 315Mhz or 433Mhz, maybe written on the remote.

Use another receiver with the same frequency, and connect it to the Arduino.
Example codes of receiver libraries show you the remote control code on the serial monitor.
RCSwitch has a sketch that does that.
When you know the codes of all the buttons, you can use a transmitter with the library.
Transmitters/receivers are usually sold as a kit.
General Electronics / Re: Ultrasonic Sensor
Last post by Grumpy_Mike - Today at 07:15 am
What I wanna know is the beam width at its max range?
Then you will have to measure it.

is there an algorithm to measure it
The algorithm is "to measure it".
Maybe you are using the word algorithm incorrectly?

Note that this is not a problem that produces a simple answer, as the beam fans out at maximum range then the type or nature of the reflecting surface becomes more critical for detection.
Project Guidance / Re: Energy monitor values
Last post by cipri92 - Today at 07:12 am
Flipping the current clamp will result in negative values.

I was wondering what if use an already made energy monitor IC and connect the output with the arduino so the board will be in charge of only streaming?
Generale / Re: Modulo Wi-Fi ESP8266
Last post by Marcustv - Today at 07:12 am
E' uscita anche la versione 13 del modulo  ESP8266, l'ESP13
Se con questi moduli continuano di questo passo, chissa per fine anno a che versione si arriva.
Secondo me attualmente il modulo piĆ¹ completo penso sia l'ESP 12E il quale si differenzia dal ESP 12 per avere tre file di PIN invece di due ed avere un maggior numero di porte e GPIO
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