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Microcontrollers / Re: Reclaiming some Program Me...
Last post by rj77 - Today at 06:18 am
If you're going to use a programmer like that then you don't need any part of the bootloader.  You can have the entire flash space for your code.
Great! Do you know if there is a step-by-step for technically challenged people like myself to follow anywhere?
If you use a zig-zag connection* between the "bars" you have much less and shorter wiring.

Every second "bar" will have the leds in reverse direction, but that can easily be hidden in software.

* connect bar1 and bar2 on top, bar2 and bar3 on the bottom, ...
This is exactly what I was thinking after I created the schematic. Thanks! Good point.
Bar Sport / Re: what i have been up to, th...
Last post by GoForSmoke - Today at 06:15 am
Just watch for sales that won't be there last minute. You can get ready to build in leisure if you tortoise it along while there's time.

It's like splitting wood. You don't wait till October do you?

About the CNC camper. You could suit up and stay out there for hours. But what are the chances that when you go to leave a snowdrift has piled up against the door? Well, not real high but not exactly unheard of either!

Did you get a heat wave in the last week? I think we hit into the 90's for a couple days, back down to daytime 80's now and chilly at night.
Your Android bluetooth 4 device will talk to HC-05 but it reverts to bluetooth 2 in order to do so. It thereby loses the BT4 range and power consumption advantages. You can forget IOS if you use HC-05. I don't know why iPhone won't revert to BT2, I guess it has something internal and is as much to do with apple's need to hold you by the short and curlies.

If you want to do something commercial, it would be silly not to use BT4. Having said that, I think it would be better to develop what you intend to do with Uno/HC-05, and commercialise it later.

Microcontrollers / Re: Reclaiming some Program Me...
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 06:13 am
If you're going to use a programmer like that then you don't need any part of the bootloader.  You can have the entire flash space for your code.
Microcontrollers / Reclaiming some Program Memory...
Last post by rj77 - Today at 06:12 am
Hi, I have a project that uses an Atmega328P. I am rapidly running out of program memory (maximum reported is 30720) however I only ever program using my USBAsp via the Arduino interface.

Am I right in thinking that I can steal some of the bootloader space since I only ever use the USBAsp and then approach the maximum hex size of 32kb?

If so, is it possible to make modify my Arduino IDE install such that when I go to Sketch, Upload Using Programmer that it sets up avrdude correctly?

Hope the question makes sense...

Thanks for any assistance
Sensors / Re: DHT & LCD
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 06:12 am
hows it goin,
im kinda a novice at this still so im not too sure what im doing wrong
im using a dht 11 and i have the library already and found a basic code online but i keep getting "dht is not a type, exit status 1" if someone could help me out thatd be great
So you want us to tell you what's wrong with a piece of code without seeing it?  How is that supposed to work?
Project Guidance / Re: Ventrilloquist dummy autom...
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 06:09 am
I don't see the point if the mouth moves whenever there's sound only near the dummy.
It might also look silly if the mouth starts moving because it hears music or because the crowd was noisy.  Seems like you would want to make sure it was actual speech that it was hearing which is a much more complicated issue than just detecting sound.
General Electronics / Re: Mystery component
Last post by larryd - Today at 06:08 am
There is one next door for $49,000.

For calculating parallel resistance, I like the "imagine a voltage" method.  :)
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