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Try the 328 loopback test again but with the loop on the other side of the level converter.

 - 328 TX and RX to level converter
 - disconnect BBB TX and RX from low voltage side of level converter
 - put a loop jumper between TX and RX on the low voltage side

If that works, then I think you have tested the physical connections all the way from 328 to BBB.

So then just retest the whole system with your original program: 328 to BBB.  Check which UART you are plugged into on the BBB, it may have changed during all the testing.
Project Guidance / Re: RFID Music Player
Last post by Inge - Today at 04:48 pm
The only issue I am facing right now, is that it can take up to a couple of seconds before the music stops when a tag is removed.

To check if the tag is removed, I use this line:
    if (millis() - currentMillis > 250 && wave.isplaying)

Is 250 to low? Should it be a higher number? Or perhaps the issue is somewhere else, I don't know.
General Electronics / Re: Speakers and resistors
Last post by ComputerNerd - Today at 04:47 pm
Okay. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will take them all into consideration!
You'll be happy to know it went beautifully. It was quite possibly the most nerve wracking thing I've ever done. (especially when the neighbors started shooting off their fireworks while we were still wiring ours up and some ash fell down and hit me in the head). But everything worked, and no one got hurt. It was a great show and I'm never doing it again.
^That works like a charm.  :o

So the problem must be that BBB doesn't get/recognize Arduino's serial signal?
Sensors / Re: Wake up on accelerometer s...
Last post by jremington - Today at 04:43 pm
You can't, without external circuitry.
It means you build your detector, you find either a radiation source ....
Well as i said in the previous comments I'm gonna buy a ready build module (Geiger) I'm not gonna build
my own one. Probably they are calibrated already, I just need them to give me data in mSv to my
serial monitor.
Programming Questions / Re: Save Data to SD card every...
Last post by guix - Today at 04:40 pm

Another method : instead of constantly getting the time from the RTC and comparing hours as Robin2 did, you can set an alarm that would trigger an interrupt. See pages 11 to 13 of the DS3231 datasheet.
Sensors / Re: neato lidar checksum calcu...
Last post by jremington - Today at 04:39 pm
Code: [Select]
int dataList[10];If Rob's suggestion doesn't work properly, try unsigned int here.
Microcontrollers / Re: Burning bootloader, Device...
Last post by LukeJA - Today at 04:38 pm
If there are other components on the same spi programming bus they could cause issues if they are powered - Atmel recommends adding resistors on the bus (P7)

The ArduinoISP sketch has troubleshooting leds on pins 9-7 which (probably wont) but might help, and Im guessing you fixed the heartbeat delay timing in the versions of the sketch that come with those software versions.
The Devices are communicating and both receiving and transmitting, so its unlikely to be wiring other than maybe a loose connection somewhere.

The most likely cause sounds like another device on the bus interfering, but as always triple check connections, and if you're not already try and use an updated version of the isp sketch.
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