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Deutsch / Re: Schlechte 433MHz-Funkverbi...
Last post by Theseus - Today at 09:56 am
Einen, der recht neu im Forum ist, kann man aber durch aus mal auf die Foren-Gepflogenheiten hinweisen. Die Karma-Funktion ist leicht zu übersehen. Es lesen das ja auch andere Neulinge und halten die Karma-Funktion im Hinterkopf. Oft wird nicht aus Undankbarkeit nicht aufs Knöpfchen gedrückt, sondern schlicht aus Unwissen. Ich bin erst als ich selber über 20Punkte hatte, darauf gekommen, was das soll. Ein Wink mit dem Zaunpfahl hätte da gut getan.

Jemanden mit fast 5000 Beiträgen und über 300Karmapunkten um Karma zu bitten, fände ich auch irritierend.
Project Guidance / Re: is possible? heterogeneous...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 09:55 am
Following from Reply #33 and Reply #31 ...

A sends 0x02,0x32,0xA3
B receives those bytes and stores them
B checks the third byte
   if the first bit of the 3rd byte is HIGH
     B does not send anything
          (or does it send [0,0,0] ?)
    How much later?  (in millisecs)
A sends [0,0,0]
B receives those bytes and stores them
B checks the third byte
   if the third byte == 0
      B sends 0x02,0x32,0xA3 (which had been saved from the previous message)

Is that correct? If not, please post the correct version

Separately, you have not said what pins would be connected between Arduino's A and B
   that is essential to know to understand how much work is involved in receiving and sending.

Français / Re: Led bicolore
Last post by kamill - Today at 09:55 am
Ca fait beaucoup de leds!
C'est possible, mais il faudra des circuits externes.

I'm trying to learn how to upload sketches over wifi using my WeMos D1 board. Everything I turn up on Google suggests there is some alternate ArduinoIDE build that will automatically show the board as a networked port under ports. I'm following this guide:

I've uploaded the OTA_LED sketch and I've disconnected the board and supplied battery power. It doesn't show under ports. I'm using the standard Arduino IDE as I don't know how/where to find any specialized IDE. Could someone help me fill in the blanks with what I'm missing? Thanks!
That guide is outdated. Use this guide:

If you cannot get it to work you can also look into uploading through a web server. That works without installing additional software.
Software / Re: Un'aiutino? Pompa si accen...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 09:54 am
... Comunque potresti pensare di aggiungere un controllo "hardware" sul troppo pieno, se raggiungi il livello massimo interrompi l'alimentazione della pompa a prescindere di cosa dica di fare Arduino ...
Direi che, per ovvie ragioni di sicurezza, è la scelta migliore ... qualunque cosa accada un gallegante che stacca la corrente e la soluzione più sicura ! :)

Français / Re: Led bicolore
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 09:54 am
Chaque led doit être pilotée independamment elles ne doivent donc pas être en série

Regardez des montages type cube de LED pour voir comment on peut gérer de multiples LEDs
Programming Questions / Re: Relays and Temp
Last post by UKHeliBob - Today at 09:54 am
the problem I'm having is that when the temp is right at my lower set point (74F) the relay is triggering on/off very quickly..
It sounds like you need to introduce some hysteresis.  Turn the relay on at the low temperature point but turn it off at a slightly higher temperature.  This will prevent it cycling quickly between on and off.

Consider that solution and if you still want to use a fixed on time let us know and we will help.
Français / Re: Led bicolore
Last post by bendra - Today at 09:51 am
Parce que comme je veux faire le jeu puissance 4 avec ces leds, il y aura donc 7 colonnes et 6 leds par colonnes: chaque bouton commandant une colonne.

Tu penses que c'est possible de faire ça ?
Software / Re: modificare data e ora RTC ...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 09:51 am
... Di certo diviene più impegnativo spiegargli come leggere da seriale  un array di char, e usare le funzioni
strncpy() e atoi() :)
... difatti, in casi come questi, concordo al 100% ... poi, con il tempo e l'esperienza, impareranno a usare le vere stringhe del 'C' ;)

Français / Re: Débutante - Code Machine I...
Last post by stuffette - Today at 09:50 am

Oui, c'est vrai que ce que je compte faire est juste un cadeau. Je pense qu'avec mon niveau, on sera loin d'une optimisation folle.
Après, autant améliorer autant que possible le montage. Certes, je ne veux faire qu'un petit cadeau, mais autant que j'en apprenne le plus possible.

Merci pour ton explication sur le condensateur, c'est un poil technique pour moi, mais en me renseignant à côté, j'ai compris quelques points, mais si c'est vrai que j'ai un peu de mal avec les différents termes (tension, ampérage, impédance, etc.). Je cerne à peu près ce que ça représente sans en avoir une image parfaite. :)
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