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Deutsch / Re: Eingang schneller auslesen
Last post by uwefed - Today at 01:05 pm
Wasser leitet ein bißchen; Je nach Salzkonzentration mal mehr oder weniger aber sicher nicht soviel daß mit einem Pullupwiderstand von 20 bis 50kOhm (interner pullup) oder einem externen 100kOhm die Spannung sich soweit ändert daß ein LOW angezeigt wird ( LOW ab 1,5V oder bei 20kOhm weniger als ca 8,5kOhm bzw bei 100kOhm ca 42,7kOhm ).

Grüße Uwe

Project Guidance / Re: Arduino Mega + nrf24L01 do...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 01:05 pm
You have not said what pins on the Mega your nRF24 is connected to. MOSI, MISO and SCK are in a completely different place on a Mega compared to an Uno. See here

I have no problem using an nRF24 with a Mega.

Simple nRF24L01+ Tutorial
Now i'm stuck at the configuration of 2X XbeeS1.
If you set MY of one XBee to DL of the other, without using 0x00 or 0xFF for either one, the two XBees will talk to each other.

With sending so little data, the odds that both XBee will try to send at the same time are pretty small.
IMHO, the data logging would be vital.
it would give you a base line to test your projects.

Also, since heat itself is a mass transfer, or energy transfer, it is slow.  that is why you cannot use a full PID control, only P and sometimes I.

you should be able to take a very stable day and run a test.  increase heat 1 degree, then watch what happens and how long it takes.  

once you have a base-line, and you know that cold is coming based on time of day, or prevailing winds, you can pre-warm your space by a degree in advance, so that the cooling will have less of a noticeable effect.
Welcome to the forum.

OPs Pictures

Interruptor = latching relay with zero crossing switching ?

I think? (the blue components that look like contactors)

Tom... :)
i am unable to use the ethernet shield due to server.begin() not completing.
What does this have to do with Serial.begin() that is in your thread title?
General Electronics / Re: Basic Potentimeter questio...
Last post by 6v6gt - Today at 01:01 pm
Just returning to the game that you are creating, you have shown 2 different type:
Type 1 in the OP where it appears that patch wires can go between any 2 sockets. Type 2 in later pictures seems to imply that the patch wires can go only from one group of 4 sockets into the other group of 4 sockets (which is an easier problem to solve).

Another way of implementing this without using special resistor values, and still identifying the wires used would be to have sockets like two pin audio sockets
In the plugs you'd build in a DS2401 serial number device which requires only 2 connections. That way, you would not even need to connect pairs of plugs with wires. You'd simply colour code them. 2 reds, 2 blues etc.
Français / Re: Accumulateur LiPo 100% aut...
Last post by hazerty565 - Today at 01:01 pm
il existe des sheild special lipo avec surveillance de temperature, il gere les bonnes tension de fonctionnement. pourquoi ne pas en utiliser?
Do you know what the u in uint32_t means?
Do you know what the int in uint32_t means?
Do you know what the 32 in uint32_t means?
Do you know what the _t in uint32_t means?
Do you know why assigning 1.0 to an integer variable is interesting?
Français / Re: Accumulateur LiPo 100% aut...
Last post by Naphta - Today at 01:00 pm
Merci _pepe_, c'est exactement ce que je voulais savoir, du coup j'abandonne cette idée, ça n'en vaut pas la peine :)
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