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Started by gagegage926 - Last post by PaulS
We have spent the last 3 weeks trying to code the xbee's to transmit the signal from one to another.
Getting one Arduino to talk to another, via XBees, is pretty simple. Just how simple depends on which kind of XBees you are using (Series 1 for point to point makes the most sense), how you have configured them, and how you are attaching them to the Arduinos.

Once we know this, the rest is easy.

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Started by xavier26700 - Last post by xavier26700
je n'ai plus trop touché mon arduino depuis le dernier message (trop de projets tue les projets) mais j'ai quand même légèrement avancé. Ne trouvant pas comment faire le programme pour me dire à quel pin correspond l'appui de telle touche j'y suis allé tout simplement avec un multimètre. Il ne me manque qu'une touche qui fait de la résistance mais je vais me la faire  smiley-mad
C'est effectivement un clavier très particulier qui correspond pas aux traditionnels 4 lignes et 3 colonnes. Du coup la libraire keyboard me sert elle ?
Comment définir qu'un signal reçu en même temps sur les pin 32 et 34 correspondent à la touche "2" ?

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Started by xn1ch1 - Last post by PeterH
It may be that in your previous testing you had a hidden wiring fault which left the input pin floating when you weren't touching it. In that case it would be very easy for merely touching the wire to alter the input state - but it would be very difficult to get that working reliably. It would be possible to set up a capacitive sensing input, but not using the sort of pull-up circuit you have been using until now.

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Started by cpama - Last post by cpama
Thanks for the patient help pylon.
So here's the code i have now:

void setup()

void loop()
    unsigned int cm = analogRead(0);
    Serial.print("Distance: ");
as far as wiring is concerned, I *think* I already have it wired the way you describe.

when i upload it to the unit, it gives me values, but nothing that makes sense.   I put my hand directly infront of the sensor but  it prints out values like:

Distance: 118cm
Distance: 119cm
Distance: 118cm
Distance: 119cm
Distance: 119cm
Distance: 118cm
Distance: 119cm
Distance: 120cm
Distance: 119cm
Distance: 273cm
Distance: 119cm
Distance: 118cm
Distance: 118cm

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Started by tayloral - Last post by raacampbell
The Arduino should be fast enough to PWM the shift registers. But if you can't be bothered to do this then one option is to use shift registers to gate transistors. One transistor per LED pin. There are ICs that combine multiple transistors. You then can PWM the power you're feeding the transistors. I believe that should work, no?

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Started by alexpdo - Last post by Brunello
da dove alimenti la motor shield ?

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Started by gagegage926 - Last post by gagegage926
Hello!  I am a sophomore in our schools engineering class.  Our current project is using the Mattle MindFlex game, and modifying the headset to control an RC car.  We have gotten this to work with the help of this video .  We were able to see the brain waves in processing.   Once we had gotten that far we wrote our own code in arduino to parse the raw data packet the headset produced.  The code basically says if  X ≥ 60 that car will move forward. 

Our code to do this  much is

  // Arduino Brain Library
  // Serial out example, grabs the brain data and sends CSV out over the hardware serial.
  // Eric Mika, 2010
  #include <Brain.h>
  #include <Servo.h>
  const int voltPin = 2;  //names pin 2 as the voltpin
  long interval = 500;
  Servo motor;  //creates a Servo object called motor
  // Set up the brain parser, pass it the hardware serial object you want to listen on.
  Brain brain(Serial);
  void setup() {
  // Start the hardware serial.
          pinMode (voltPin, OUTPUT);  //sets the voltPin as an Output 
          digitalWrite(voltPin, HIGH);  //send 3 volts to the voltpin
  void loop() {
  // Expect packets about once per second.
  // The .readCSV() function returns a string (well, char*) listing the most recent brain data, in the following format:
  // "signal strength, attention, meditation, delta, theta, low alpha, high alpha, low beta, high beta, low gamma, high gamma"
  if (brain.update()) {
                interval = brain.readAttention();               
        if (interval >= 0 && interval <= 100) {
          if (interval > 60) {
          else {
        } else {

Now the biggest issue we have is the fact that the headset is wired to the car.  Now what we plan to do next is make them wireless.   In our lab we have a set of series one xbee's and a pair of series two xbee's and can easily get replacement sets if needed.   We have spent the last 3 weeks trying to code the xbee's to transmit the signal from one to another.   We know we will need one Arduino Uno mounted to the RC car which we have the shield mounted to the car then the xbee mounted to the shield.  On the mindflex we have the Shield mounted to the arduino and the xbee mounted to the shield.  We have the set up just not the code to do it.  We are taking this project to the state science fair in a month, and think wireless would be a bit cooler then having a huge wire hanging from your head.

Any help would be amazing!!!!!!!!!

 on: Today at 08:18:57 am 
Started by bambuino - Last post by PeterH
Sorry, I do not understand how this helps my situation. Is it relevant to my original post/thread? I suppose I have much to learn.

My mistake - I was responding to questions by nightcrawler218 and didn't realise they had hijacked your thread.

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Started by zahidbtomy - Last post by zahidbtomy
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Started by Hertz - Last post by Hertz
Salve a tutti, avrei intenzione di realizzare un sistema pan e tilt con una webcam per seguire gli oggetti ripresi;  Per far questo ho visto che esiste la libreria openCV, ora ho seguito la guida di questo sito:
ma non ho capito come utilizzare la libreria in processing.
La domanda sembrerà banale, ma come devo fare?
Grazie in anticipo per le risposte.

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