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Portugues / Re: Sensor PT1000 e Sensor NTC...
Last post by luisilva - Today at 01:27 am
Apenas depois de responder reparei nesta parte:
sondas quando aqueco os valores não variam
Atenção à parte onde dizem:

Connecting the module to the Arduino

rtd.calibration(0, 0.120270927, -15.066198679);

needs to be

rtd.calibration(0, 1.0, 1.0);

(Thankyou to Justin for the observation)

At this point the program is not calibrated, the output corresponds to the ADC value. So to see temperature values the next step is:(...)
Não sei se será por isso ou não. Se isto não resultar, o ganho do amplificador terá que ser aumentado. Para isso as resistências do amplificador devem ser alteradas. Dê uma vista de olhos aos pontos:
  • The difference amplifier
  • Matching maximum voltage out with arduino ADC reference voltage
  • 1.1V Internal ADC reference voltage
  • Amplification
I'll try that. Thanks for your help!
Installation & Troubleshooting / Re: Arduino Due
Last post by bwyman2017 - Today at 01:26 am
TY MATE :) ;)
Project Guidance / Re: NFC door lock help
Last post by Thomas499 - Today at 01:25 am
I haven't seen a NFC shield for arduino personally, but if they do make them then it probably wouldn't be the hardest thing in the world to rig.

People usually keep their garage keys on their key chain with their car keys, and house keys. Without having car keys with you.... besides the point though. Out of curiosity, what is the range of NFC? Is it a few inches, a few feet, or more than 7 feet? I'm just curious, where i'm from NFC isn't popular yet.
You need the 1.5.x software for the Due.
ive been searching the depths of the internet for something that could help me figure this code out. i am fairly new to coding so as much simplicity in explanation as you can would be appreciated.

i am building a project and i would like to use my arduino to have 4 momentary buttons. i would like each one of these buttons to control a few blinking leds in sequence. where the problem starts is.... i would like the momentary button to be pushed and trigger the led sequence to run once. also that it doesn't matter whether the button is held or released. the sequence should run once all the way through, once triggered by the button.

if someone with greater knowledge could come up with the code that would be amazing. but any help at all is greatly appreciated  
But you can't reset milllis() to zero. Do I need to?
The event is about 40 ms.
Deutsch / Re: 74HC595 vs PCF8574
Last post by Serenifly - Today at 01:20 am
Man muss das ja nicht per Hand machen. Wenn du Wire.send() machen kannst, kannst du genauso SPI.transfer() machen. Oder shiftOut() wenn langsameres Bit-bangig ausreicht.

Wenn ich also VCC mit Anode verbinde, kann ich alle 8 Ausgänge vom Shiftregister mit 20mA Leds betreiben.
Die Hälfte der LEDs verwenden so betrieben. Bei der anderen Hälfte fließt der Strom aus dem IC heraus.

Deshalb muss man vor dem versenden das eine Halbbyte (auch Nibble oder Nybble genannt) mit ^ 0x0F (oder 0xF0) invertieren.
Hello dlloyd you are correct thank you i haven't notice that. i will try that after i finish the christmas tree thanks :)
General Electronics / Re: Laptop Issue
Last post by adele - Today at 01:15 am
The USB is an SD reader? I don't know what that is.
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