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Deutsch / Re: Ideensammlung
Last post by stoni99 - Today at 07:49 pm
Self-balancing Car Starter DIY Kit For Arduino - auch ein schönes Projekt...
I would like all the servos connected to pin 51, for example, to open and close at different points rather than just do one open or close.
Depending on what you mean by "open and close at different points" you may be out of luck.  Two servos connected to the same control pin will behave in much the same way.  You can use levers and gears to make them do slightly different things but the servos themselves will move in tandem.  If you want two servos to do different things then they can't share a pin.  
I have an idea:  Instead of saying "I want things to do stuff." and letting us guess repeatedly at what stuff you want your things to do, why not figure out what stuff you want the things to do and tell us.  That will save a LOT of time and random guessing.
You have some unspecified number of input channels and some unspecified number of servos. The mapping from input values to output positions is unspecified. Please specify the unspecified parts.
Project Guidance / Controlling motor speed using ...
Last post by Bagobones - Today at 07:47 pm
Hello folks this is my first post. I have limited knowledge of the C language

Feasibility question:

Is it possible to convert the pulse output of a hall effect flow meter into a pwm signal capable of controlling the speed of a dc motor in a linear fashion?

Sensors / Re: Pull up resistor and capac...
Last post by Amir_UW - Today at 07:45 pm
Obviously nobody has an answer except try and see if it's needed or not.
And yes all adafruit boards have pull-up resistors: question is if the trial and error could be removed...

There are more than three sensors and a mux is definitely required, and you're wrong.
Deutsch / Re: Bewässerung
Last post by ChefDerAffen - Today at 07:45 pm
Danke für eure Antworten.
Also mit der Laufzeit der Pumpe muss ich noch machen. Habe ich nicht dran gedacht ^^
Jetzt müsste sie dauerhaft laufen, bis eine Bedingung nicht mehr gegeben ist oder?
Das soll natürlich nicht der Fall sein!

Verstehe leider nicht was du meinst mit: ( Stundenabstand: Messen, summieren, bis 10 zählen: bei 10 Mittelwert bilden )
Le bar / [
Last post by chrisdu46 - Today at 07:44 pm
Bonjour, completement débutant en arduino, ca fait longtemps que j'en entendais parler....
j'ai un besoin concret et avant de m'investir je voudrais avoir l'avis de personne chevronnées pour savoir si mon projet est réalisable.

j'ai besoin d'un système type digicode d'immeuble

plusieurs code seront valide pour entrer et declencher la gache electrique
ces codes sont entrés a partir d'un clavier exterieur retroeclaire.
puis le système doit enregistrer l'heure le code utilisé et declencher ou non l'ouverture de la porte si le code entré fait parti de la liste autorisée.

1) ; acceder au journal de connexion et le transferer sur smartphone ou pc ...
2) ; gerer un ecran lcd pour afficher le code entre et avertir si le code est autorise ou non,
3) ; message de bienvenue personnalise avec le nom enregistre pour ce code d'acces
4) ; declenchement d'une camera pour enregistrer qui entre dans l'immeuble

je ne sais pas si arduino peut faire cela, ou s'il faut que je regarde plus vers du raspberry.
merci de vos conseils...
et si un projet ressemblant a déjà été fait, c'est encore mieux ...

Sensors / Re: Multiple buttons interferi...
Last post by cattledog - Today at 07:44 pm
The most simple way to use these normally open tactile buttons is

1) Set the pinMode on the Arduino input pins to INPUT_PULLUP. The will enable the internal pull up resistors, and the pin will read HIGH if the button is not pushed (or indeed if there is not even a button connected).

2) Wire diagonally across the switch. One lead goes to ground, and the other lead goes to the input pin. The diagonal wiring is important as it ensures that the two leads will be connected by the switch. When the switch is pressed, the input will be connected to ground and read LOW. The internal pull up resistor limits the current.

With your diagram, remove the ground wires and resistors connected to the switches. The red wires currently running from the switches to 5v should be connected to ground instead. 

The switches should be independent and read HIGH when not pressed, and LOW when pressed.

I think that your switches are rotated such that the inputs are not actually connected to ground or one is rotated with respect to the other.  Figuring out he connected and switched legs on these switches are tricky, and that's why the diagonal wiring with INPUT_PULLUP mode is best.
Hardware / Re: Problema con Modulo Rele A...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 07:42 pm
No entiendo porqué te genera ruido, por que ese es el problema que al menos yo veo.
Bar Sport / Re: [OT ITA] Lo spamm bar
Last post by astrobeed - Today at 07:40 pm
In realtà gli è stata spiegata qui, proprio per questo si è inventato il nuovo delirio del LNB con "bussola elettronica".
Già prima Albino non era molto normale, anche dai complottisti standard era considerato uno "strano", da quando è diventato una testa piatta è pronto per il ricovero.  :smiley-mr-green:
Sorry to reopen an old thread, but were these the only changes necessary to port Auduino to the Attiny85?  I'm trying to do it with an Adafruit Trinket (the 5V Attiny85 version, not the Pro) and keep running into issues with the timer definition.

Here's the error I get:

Arduino: 1.6.4 (Windows 8.1), Board: "Adafruit Trinket 16MHz"

C:\Users\Paul\AppData\Local\Temp\build127568103313271913.tmp/core.a(wiring.c.o): In function `__vector_5':
Z:\arduino-1.6.4\hardware\arduino\avr\cores\arduino/wiring.c:49: multiple definition of `__vector_5'
TinyGrains.cpp.o:Z:\arduino-1.6.4/TinyGrains.ino:119: first defined here
collect2.exe: error: ld returned 1 exit status
Error compiling.

  This report would have more information with
  "Show verbose output during compilation"
  enabled in File > Preferences.

How best to get around this? 

Thanks for your time and help.
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