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Project Guidance / Re: Using PID to ensure two wh...
Last post by nilton61 - Today at 05:20 am
Even if both wheels turn the exact same angle you robot will not run straight. The only way to achieve that is to measure heading or position
sadly I'm a total newbie to uC coding but I've tried the servo çontrol via knob from the examples ... didn't try any code yet
.. my hull is ready, now what remains is just coding n designing the hardware
You can leave the ports connected, the arduino will ignore them if they are not referred to in the test program.

Sensors / Re: Maximum cable length betwe...
Last post by weedpharma - Today at 05:06 am
This depends on the particular sensor.

What length are you wondering about? With what sensor?

Sensors that need a "lot" of current will need a different cable than those needing little current.

If you want to run a long cable in Cat5e, with 5v to the sensor, you may have difficulty.

Proyectos / Re: Proyecto independiente por...
Last post by MlucianoEze - Today at 05:03 am
Ya conozco el método para flashearlo, lo que pasa es que quiero (como sabrás en mi hilo anterior) usar el Atmega independientemente, y no sé como se hace el proceso en ese caso. El 16U2 se compra, pero no sé ni como se flashea el firmware sin la Arduino, ni como se comunica con el microcontrolador (las conexiones).
The PID algorithm looks vaguely OK, but how do you know it is correctly tuned?

It is very important to print out intermediate values so you see that the calculations make sense, in particular that the corrections made by the algorithm are even in the right direction. Having the wrong sign for a correction is a common problem. And, if both motors max out at 255, you will never see any corrective action.

There are many tutorials on the web regarding PID tuning. Start with just the proportional term and add the others as necessary.
Yeah :D , but how to accept serial data if its only 1 character and deny everything else. Or it's just not possible?
So how does the arduino know the difference between what is "everything else" and new commands being sent? End of data markers are usually included with commands.
Project Guidance / Re: light timer help
Last post by weedpharma - Today at 04:57 am
Look at the very first entry in this forum "Demonstration code......"

It should answer your question.

 :smiley-roll-blue:  can someone give a simple code for trying basic voice encryption.
(Simple exor with a key does not work for voice samples.)


But if we exor every sample with a different value using a key generator like random(key), it works.
could someone guide me how to make a sync vector to syncronize the random(65534L) function on two different arduino. basically i need to send a tone like a DTMF tone after which the decoder side should start the decryption using the random(65534L) function.
And I thought setting up an FTP Server would be easy!
No, it is not!
Mainly because we have to put to work together many pieces of code.

The first error is due to a double declaration of endl in libraries Streaming and SdFat.
Look at my reply #17 for the solution.

The second one is because you have to add a function connected() to the class EthernetServer of the Ethernet library.
Modify EthernetServer.h and EthernetServer.cpp as explained in the header of FtpServer.cpp (lines 17 to 35)

Remember to restart the ide after you make the modifications
Please tell me if this solve the errors
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