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Hardware / Re: Modulo gsm/gprs 800
Last post by fiore95 - Today at 05:25 pm
Il link al prodotto non l'ho inserito perchè studiando in Cina pensavo fosse inutile visto che le caratteristiche sono in cinese però giustamente non avete dati per aiutarmi.
questo è il link grazie.
Online l'unica cosa che ho trovato è questa ma è diversa dalla scheda in mio possesso
Programming Questions / Re: Timer
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 05:25 pm
The demo Several Things at a Time is an extended example of BWoD.

Arduino Yún / Re: WLAN ARDUINO YUN!
Last post by pappoMT - Today at 05:24 pm
I solved thanks to this guide
Hi All

I an building an automotive instrument cluster. one speedometer one tachometer using a switec X25 instrument stepper motor, specs are.

•Axial Force Maximum: 150N
•Axial Pull Force Maximum: 100N
•Radial Force Maximum: 12N
•Rotation Angle Maximum: 315°
•Coil Resistance: 260 ohm
•General Tolerance: ± 0.1 / ± 5°
•Rotation Angle Maximum: ~315°
•600 steps per 'rotation' (315 degree rotation)
.voltage 5VDC
The project only requires 270 Degrees rotation

input signal on the speedometer is a 5 volt digital signal range from 0 to175HZ @120 MPH
input signal from the tachometer is an A/C sign wave from 0 to 2060 HZ 12000 RPM
upon powering up the gauge  the needles need to auto zero. in other words they need to swing up to slightly more than 600 steps to hit the internal motor stops. and count back 600 steps to bring the needle back to zero.
The stepper will be driven directly off the Arduino uno from what I have read here and from experimentation and testing, the motors draw less than the arduinos  max load.
If possible I would like to run both speedo and tach off the same Arduino if not possible then I can use 2 separate arduinos one for each gauge. I can handle all of the electronics and make any suggested changes  to them if needed.
If someone can help please let me know. I have no problem with paying for a good working code.

Thank You    Dougsauto

as far as the VMA02 project goes, I understand there is another party involved... Arduino cannot take any responsibilty for this...

but I hope, there might be anyone with working knowledge on this...

in fact all I need, is a working full demo and a full manual on this project...

Français / Re: Capteur de postion
Last post by Ben780 - Today at 05:23 pm
Bonjour, une autre question concernant les capteurs à effet hall. Est il nécessaire de placer un anti rebond sur le circuit?
As well as what @PaulS has said, this is completely wrong
Code: [Select]
void loop() {


I wonder if you mistakenly think that recvWithStartEndMarkers() waits until it gets all the data - it does NOT. It is especially designed NOT to do that so that it does not block other Arduino activities.

Its purpose is to see if there is anything in the serial input buffer and transfer it to the array receivedChars[].  However in any one call to the function it may find no relevant data, or only one or 2 bytes. It is ONLY when the variable newData == true that there is any purpose in checking what is in receivedChars.

Look again carefully at the entire program example in Serial Input Basics

Hardware / Re: Modulo gsm/gprs 800
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 05:21 pm
Ma ci stai prendendo in giro o cosa ? ... ma secondo te da quella fotina cosa vuoi che ricaviamo ? :o

Il LINK al prodotto dove lo hai preso e dove si possono esaminare LE CARATTERISTICHE e le informazioni che da il venditore !!!

Deutsch / Re: ADC 5V Arduino aus
Last post by jurs - Today at 05:21 pm
Hallo Leute,

Ich jabe da mal eine Frage.
Darf an einem Pin eine Spannung anliegen, wenn der Arduino noch aus ist?
Nein, so nicht

Der erlaubte Spannungsbereich an Atmega-Pins reicht meiner Errinnerung nach von GND-0,5V bis VCC+0,5V.

Für verbindliche Informationen LIES DAS DATENBLATT des Microcontrollers, um den es geht!

Wenn man die Pins bei ausgeschaltetem Atmega als spannungslos betrachtet (und meine Erinnerung mich nicht trügt, wäre eine Spannung von 5,0V  bei einem stromlosen Atmega um das 10-fache höher als nach Datenblatt erlaubt. Erlaubt wären -0,5V bis +0,5V
Project Guidance / Re: project with beep locator
Last post by couka - Today at 05:21 pm
Still, your statement is nonsense.

lg, couka
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