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I've made simple program to send text for printing:
That won't even compile. Try again.
Programming Questions / Re: L298N Code problem
Last post by Domino60 - Today at 09:43 pm
You need to research the theory on how a self-balancing robot is supposed to work
This approach has nothing to do with the theory
and it does not and will not work.
You could help me with something but not telling me that will not work.

Generale / Re: E' possibile inviare un co...
Last post by pablos - Today at 09:43 pm
Scusa ma vuoi far giocare da solo un videogame?

ci sono programmi free che gestiscono mouse, tastiera, video, pixel, periferiche varie e molto altro, si programmano tipo Vb e interagiscono su tutta la macchina

Nederlands / Re: Arduino bootloader
Last post by shooter - Today at 09:42 pm
+ is plus
- is min
tja zo kun je nog veel meer leren door dingen fout te doen.
volgende keer maak je ewn filmpje van je project dan zeggen wij wel wat er fout is.

wil je voor de leken vertellen wat CC CA is.
want die leren dan mooi van dingen die jij vout doet.

Project Guidance / Arduino UNO TFT touch screen g...
Last post by yotun10 - Today at 09:41 pm
I want to make a Graphing Calculator out of the Arduino UNO and TFT touch screen. How can I do this?
Programming Questions / Re: L298N Code problem
Last post by jremington - Today at 09:40 pm
I tried every kind of posibility with If, else if, else statment and now I'm trying with do.. while.
This approach has nothing to do with the theory, and it does not and will not work.
Programming Questions / Re: Circuit 2
Last post by HazardsMind - Today at 09:39 pm
You bet I do.

Code: [Select]
void setup()

void loop()

Microcontrollers / Re: arduino Standalone 328p ch...
Last post by Paul__B - Today at 09:39 pm
Whoops, I forgot about nanofarads. :)
They are easy to overlook.   :smiley-lol:  :smiley-lol:
how can i do that?
Pay attention to where loop() ends. Stop typing when that happens.
Materia 101 / Re: Materia 101 assembled and ...
Last post by ejo60 - Today at 09:38 pm
Other things that I noticed during assembly:

- Sometimes I had to guess about certain photos in the assembly manual, first mounted the X assembly reversed on the Y carriage, and only found out in the end.

- The y-axis bars were a little bit too long, I had to trim them with a file to get the y carriage in

- Getting the stickers straight on the polycarbonate is a challenge actually

- Since I couldn't get loctite in the weekend I used an extra M4 screw as a fix, is the Z screw the only one that needs loctite, does anything else need loctite at all?

- the grey cable at the top of the material should be outside the frame to prevent wire scrape

- painters tape works fine for PLA, I compared some of the materia prints to the similar prints that I made with an ABS device and they look the same, PLA is perhaps a bit more flexible

- the configuration for slic3r is explained by Kristoffer Engdahl, and you have to experiment what works best for your print.

So far so good, I like this printer.
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