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Deutsch / Re: Wo liegt mein Fehler?
Last post by Dolly72 - Today at 07:51 pm
Was für Auswirkungen hat das? Die Auslösung durch Tastendruck funktioniert jedenfalls.
Generale / Re: on off con attiny85
Last post by lidas - Today at 07:51 pm
Per non farmi bacchettare da Guglielmo (visto che alle volte lo scrivo giusto? pacca sulla spalla grazie)
dicevo, per non farmi bacchettare adesso, potendo, se onn sono dal furbofono, vado sempre a vedere le presentazioni, prma di rispondere
obbella, ma sono 4 anni che non riesci ad accendere lo stesso led?
Non sono quattro anni di fallimenti, è che ho trovato altri aiuti e sono tutti andati a buon fine, volevo adesso provare questo.
comunque grazie
Storage / Re: EEPROM - reads and writes ...
Last post by GolamMostafa - Today at 07:51 pm
I read your post on the very first day of the post; however, the contents of the post was not clear to me. If so, why did I not inquire you that day -- this is one of the serious difficulties of a human beings that he is not always inspired! The following things are not clear to me:

1.  Are you talking about internal EEPROM of the ATmega328P or external EEPROM line 24C32/24C512?

2.  If you are talking about the internal EEPROM, what is the problem/limitation of the current Arduino's EEPROM.h Library that you have to come forward with something new/better?

Well, I studied your code and
Whose code are you referring to? It is always a good idea to mention the number of the Reply you are referring to.

I'd sure like to get this to work as it will be so useful to me in many projects!
In your program what does "machine_state" mean? I am not asking what values it can have but what are the activities you are trying to manage?  And I am posing this question for the value to you of answering it - as well as helping me to understand your thinking.

I have also poured over Robin2's and UKHeliBob's tutorials with no luck. Have I missed something in those? All I see in those tutorials are examples of making things flash and sweep infinitely. I can't find any examples of running and stopping two things at different times, with different waiting periods.
What is the difference there in common between a timing event that is repeated and one that only happens once?

My guess is that you are too much focused on how to write code and not enough on the simple logic of the system you want to create. Try writing down all the steps the system needs to go through with each step on a new line.


Software / Re: problematica con cambio va...
Last post by ORSO2001 - Today at 07:49 pm
quindi il problema è che il dato non si aggiorna su display quando lo incrementi o decrementi...però le modifiche che fai vengono comunque recepite ed il valore salvato su EEPROM...giusto?
HI UKHeliBob!

I already corrected the error, it was me that did many tests and I forgot when I posted the post to verify this error, but even correcting this error continues with the same problem!

Anyone have any ideas how to solve this problem?

Thank you

Project Guidance / Re: failed to import php write...
Last post by 6v6gt - Today at 07:46 pm
You'd normally import a PHP file into your web server (probably Apache) like you would any other HTML file.
If your Arduino can decode the signal at less than 1 meter range, the problem is poor antennas and (probably) poor receiver sensitivity.
The fact that you don't know these terms makes me concerned that you are trying to run before you can walk, and have not gained important experience of the basics before moving on to complex circuits.
True, as i said, im very new into this and learning. im a quite good programmer but do not have the experience in circuits.

Thank you for your feedback, i also dont have a meter like that. for now maybe the best choice is to buy a new one.

I've just tried the VCC mode. But that show's the internal voltage and is not the same as the powerlevel of the battery. The battery supplies 3.7 volt, the internal volt now is 2.89.
Project Guidance / Re: Can you turn an Arduino on...
Last post by larryd - Today at 07:45 pm
Yes, you can use a toggle switch to control power to the Arduino.

If the Arduino is put in a case, you can add a switch between the Vin pin and an external power supply, 7.5V works well.

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