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I am getting an the error message during the compiling / uploading the shiftOutX_10 and alsoshiftOutX program :

"exit status 1
Error compiling for board Arduino/Genuino Uno."

Kindly help to solve the problem
Im pretty sure because I bought all my arduino gear 5+ years ago.
Using the same code etc.. it all works  on the uno, but with the ethernet shield its not working on my old 2560.
There are a few threads about the 2560 where i needed to re-route the ICSP pins but i coulnd't be bothered because my wiring was already messy. I'm however, awaiting delivery of a newer (hopefully) version of the 2560 the revision 3. I also purchase another W5100 awaiting delivery ( those ones never had any revisions right?).
Local Groups / Re: Aloha Arduino
Last post by takadakeyo - Today at 04:03 am
anyone also know where to buy an arduino uno board here in honolulu? (need it and cant wait for shipping). most radio shacks have already closed and the ones left, dont have the uno, only the far more expensive ones...

For ws2811 led strip, NUM_LEDS sets to be 2 that means you have only 6 leds (~2 controllers) on the strip. Are you sure?

As my experience, you can set NUM_LEDS to equal or larger than the actual number of the controller of led strip.
Programming Questions / Re: HC-05
Last post by MR-Turtle - Today at 04:02 am
my wiring is rx to rx, tx to tx, ground to ground, and vcc to 5v on both.
there are my codes for mater and slave. i do have a usb conected and i dont have a com open.
Arduino Due / Re: PWM 12 bits 41 kHz with A...
Last post by Magician - Today at 04:00 am
Overheating indicates overloading, excessive current to/from arduino pins. Show your schematic diagram, how you wire everything up.
In all honesty I think you might also have other issues too by the sounds of it.

Arduino have thier own method HERE for updating the 8u2. complete with pics.

I'm using an official ethernet shield R2, the version just prior to the newest I believe.

Are you sure it is the mega that is the problem? Early ethernet shields were not compatible with the Mega due to the lack of the ICSP pin connector on the shield.
The module should have a serial connection, be SPI or I2C or simply serial. Then check which commands can be sent over that port.
. Since we're using quarter-wave antennae, that works out at just over 31mm."
Only in free air...   on FR4 it'll be about 2/3 that.



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