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Deutsch / Re: 2 Abläufe gleichzeitig mac...
Last post by agmue - Today at 01:18 am
Damit das Faden nicht fade wird, so geht's ohne delay():
Code: [Select]
void loop()  {
  if (millis() > fadeMillis) {
    analogWrite(ledPinOne, fadeValue);
    analogWrite(ledPinTwo, fadeValue);
    if (fadeValue == 255 || fadeValue == 0) {
      delta = -1 * delta;
      fadeMillis = millis() + grossePause;
    } else {
      fadeMillis = millis() + pause;
    fadeValue += delta;

Womit ich weiß, mein Mega kann es auch  :)
If you want to operate the motor in both directions, you might consider an H-bridge like below. The h-bridge chips probably have thermal shutdowns if high currents cause it to start to overheat.
These smart LEDs seem like a good place to start.
You 're right - they make the construction somewhat easier (mind you, you are running power busses to every LED, but with RGB LEDs, you have four wires to every LED anyway).  The software is complex in one way given that you need the time-critical code to access the pixels, but you just use a library to do that.

I suppose I could create 4x4 layers, all wired in sequence, therefore only requiring 4 pins to drive the whole cube. Does that sound feasible?
Four pins?

Just wire all LEDs and planes in sequence.  One wire to feed them all (why does that sound familiar?).  Splitting them into groups and feeding via separate wires would make the code quite unnecessarily complex.

You do however need to feed the power to all planes in parallel and it will not hurt to have redundancy in the power - feeding from more than one strut.  Just ensure that the power at least feeds directly from each LED to its successor in the chain.
Español / Re: problema I2C MPU9150 Y RT...
Last post by giowidow - Today at 01:13 am
gracias surbyte, estuve mirando la hoja de datos y dice -05v del voltaje (vdd) + 5v del cual es hasta 6 volts

eso quiere decir que por la pata A0 me deberia aguantar 5 v, pero si la pongo a ese voltaje se me apaga el arduino (entra en corto) y si la conecto a 3.3 igual sigue saliendo mal los datos si los 2 sensores, estan conectados, entonces..... nose que he hecho mal
I need to control more powerful motors, up to 2A, so I want to replace the L293d with a L298n. The question is, do both double H-bridges share the same pins?

Thanks, that helped me to get the libraries to load. Still had issue calling the sd library. Have to call the spi library first then the sd library. Thanks again.
as you can see here:

i know that the first pin is the VCC
and the second and third are D- and D+
and the forth is GND
but what are those P$1 and P$2 connections and what shuld i do with them?
Project Guidance / Re: urgent !! help me please
Last post by raghda - Today at 01:06 am
arduino and pumps supplyed by the same 12Vdc battary .. i will try to supply each of them with seperate battary
Generale / Re: Presentazioni nuovi iscrit...
Last post by gianbru73 - Today at 01:04 am
Salve a tutti, mi chiamo Gianluca ho 41 anni e vivo in provincia di Palermo, sono  un elettrotecnico con la passione alla programmazione e all'elettronica, ma poca conoscenza dell'una e dell'altra, piccole esperienze personali; da subito mi è piaciuto l'idea di creare qualcosa con Arduino uno e quindi l'ho acquistato è sto iniziando a capire come funziona, visto la mia passione penso proprio che Arduino sia il punto di incontro fra programmazione ed elettronica, spero di approfondire le mie conoscenze in capo sia di elettronica che di programmazione. Grazie e buon lavoro a tutti.
Thought I had to add the termination at the end after finishing the loop or after initializing the array.
You could do that, but the NULL goes after the last character, NOT at the end of the array.
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