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Programming Questions / Re: making a rc car turn
Last post by cbhunter - Today at 03:27 pm
PinMode(9, OUTPUT);
DigitalWrite(9, HIGH);
DigitalWrite(9, LOW);
I'm a bit worried that everyone will be crazy advanced than me, so I'm not sure if workshops are for me in general... are they usually inclusive to all levels?
Programming Questions / Re: Receiving Strings
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 03:25 pm
Can you also post an example of what you see in the Serial Monitor?
And also the characters that you sent and which gave rise to that output.

Garbage characters are often due to the wrong baud rate being selected. The Serial Monitor and the Arduino program must both use the same baud rate.

Arduino Due / Re: Ethernet2 (UDP) SPI transf...
Last post by dlloyd - Today at 03:24 pm
I just did a comparison between 28MHz and 42MHz, although the clocking was indeed faster, the deadtime increases to keep the 100 byte transfer at about 53us in both cases. I couldn't get 84MHz to work, it seemed to still clock at 42 :(
Yes, that matches my findings in reply 26. The SAM3X SPI hardware works without deadtime at up to 16.8MHz clock. Beyond this rate, the deadtime increases to cancel out the byte transfer time improvement because a wall has been hit.

According to the datasheet, DMA will optimize transfer rate ... I guess the DMA improvement would be noticed only if the SPI clock is set higher than 16.8MHz.

This looks interesting... Peripheral Deselection with DMAC
When the Direct Memory Access Controller is used, the chip select line will remain low during the whole transfer since the TDRE flag is managed by the DMAC itself. The reloading of the SPI_TDR by the DMAC is done as soon as TDRE flag is set to one.
Microcontrollers / Can't connect SIM 900 Shield t...
Last post by Badalou - Today at 03:24 pm
Hi community!

I have just received this version of the SIM900:

I have googled and gone through numerous tutorials but I haven't found any that explained to me the very basic setup with the arduino UNO.

I have done the following:

1. Put in a German SIM card (activated, no PIN code)
2. Connected the shield to a power source, a red LED is turned on and stays on constantly
3. Put the shield on top of the arduino using pins
4. Tried to send a test sms using various libraries

Nothing happened.

Could someone please point me to a very basic tutorial that tells me exactly which pins I need to connect and which sketch I need to run.

Thank you very much!

Marlin uses D1 and D2 (Serial0) for the bluetooth module.
That sounds rather novel.

We have two possible situations here: either you can't read, or Marlin doesn't know what he/she/it is doing. It's starting to look like the former, since you have given two versions of what Marlin does, but one is ridiculous, and the other absurd, and that's not down to you. One thing you can be sure of is that anybody who uses software serial on a Mega probably has only a light grasp of what the hardware is about, and it's not the sort of thing to write home to your mother about.

If you are stuck with junk, you can probably retrieve the situation.
1 I understand Serial1,2,3 are out because some idiot has taken pins 14>19 for other purposes, but you might check to see if pins D0,D1 are vacant. If so they can be used for hardware serial in the conventional manner. All you need do is just remember to disconnect bluetooth when the programme is being uploaded, and delete all reference to software serial, i.e. just use Serial.print: etc..

2. While using software serial on a Mega is pretty stupid, it isn't impossible. Any vacant digital pin, other than hardware serial, can be used for either Rx or Tx in software serial, and I don't think they have to be adjacent, though they usually are. Just re-write the communications part of the programme, declare the pins you are using and for what, and keep the baud rate down to 9600 or 19200. Be aware that software serial is never a good idea on any Arduino. It takes up resources, and slows it down.
Project Guidance / Re: Best way to send serial da...
Last post by srnet - Today at 03:22 pm
Interesting. Can you post a link to a datasheet or a supplier's web page?
Google 'Semtech SX1278' and you should find it.

Semtech knew the devices were long range, but they did not appreciate just how good they were, until I sent them the report on my various 'experiments'.

That report was one of a series that are on my dropbox, see the links page here;

The 10 times range comes from an exact duplicate of the 40km hilltop to hilltop test I had carried out with the Si4432 FSK device as part of the $50SAT project.

Le bar / Re: DS1643-150 DALLAS Nonvolat...
Last post by Jean-François - Today at 03:22 pm
C'est bon pile extraite et remplacée avec du ruban adhésif pour tenir la nouvelle.... ça à l'air de fonctionner  :D

Photos suivront ce soir  ;)
Programming Questions / Re: making a rc car turn
Last post by cbhunter - Today at 03:22 pm
I can't get to the car right now because I'm in school but I'm positive the front motor works
Storage / Re: Email a file from SD card ...
Last post by krunal2411 - Today at 03:21 pm
Hi PaulS,
Thanks for the reply.

Actually its a datalogger project. I am planning to save the read values to the SD card either in txt or xls file.
I thought it would be possible to use xls file also.

I am planning to send the whole file and not only the data in that file.

Thanks again for your help.
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