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Nederlands / Re: Source level debuggen esp8...
Last post by Freeck - Today at 04:02 pm
Voor de diehards die nog met de Debugger bezig zijn :)
Nadat ik de laatste release V4 had geinstalleerd trad er een "foutje" op dat me de nodige tijd gekost heeft , maar gelukkig is het weer opgelost :). De debug trace was niet meer enabled en dus niet meer zichtbaar.
Het gdb-menu laat tevens een paar default instellingen van de debugger zien die handig zijn, nl de default locatie van de esp8266 debugger en de command file.
Project Guidance / Re: Any solderable proto board...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 04:01 pm
I'm not sure an IC socket is such a good idea, but standard pin strip would be fine and my Pro Mini came with the pins.
I'm curious as to why not?

I am assuming you would solder the pins on the Pro-Mini in the usual way and then plug it into a suitably sized IC socket?

You could put a processor/h-bridge in the loco, and talk to it with radio or track-signalling, with +12 permanently on the track...

or hasn't that been done? ...

You could read the thread and find out what was discussed pages ago, which was done.
Unless phosphers have been added to the die before encapsulation.
Thanks, again.
I don't think that is the answer to my question but I figured out the answer just before I fell asleep - setting the TCNTx register to NNNN effectively restarts the counter at that value - talk about not seeing the obvious :)

At the moment I am thinking of using the "master" Arduino to send the sync pulse. The Master won't be generating any PWM pulses so the problem of synchronizing the others with its pulses does not arise.

now to make things even more accurate why not share the crystal oscillator 
Found this: googled "arduino two atmega328 one clock"
The ATMega328 has a full-swing oscillator, with rail-to-rail swing on the XTAL2 output. Buffer it with a 74HC1G14 Schmitt-trigger, and you have a clock you can distribute to the other controllers. The Schmitt-trigger has an input capacitance of typically 1.5 pF, so you may want to subtract that from the oscillator's load capacitance.
This clock can drive the XTAL1 inputs of the other devices directly. I would suggest to keep connections as short as possible, because they will cause a lot of radiation. You can limit that by using an RC filter at the Schmitt-trigger's output. A 100 

 resistor plus a 15 pF capacitor give you a cutoff frequency of 100 MHz.
Don't forget to program the CKSEL fuses on the other devices to "0000".
sync once and forget :)

Project Guidance / Re: How to send data continuos...
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 03:59 pm
bug is line 42 and your red wire is not plugged in firmly... not 100% sure thought - just from what I can see


joke aside - do you think you shared enough info?

what you need to do on your PC is capture the keydown event and the keyup event, not a keypress event
Hardware / Re: Motori passo passo e limit...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 03:59 pm
spero di essere comunque il benvenuto ! :)  :)  :)
Naturalmente, ci mancherebbe :) :) :)

Hardware / Re: [CONSULTA] Sensores de tem...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 03:58 pm
8 sensores y hay que ver cúales, pueden leerse con un NANO que tiene 8 canales AD.
10 no.
10 canales requieren o un MEGA o un DUE que tienen 16 canales AD.

Ahora no dices qué sensores?
Pueden ser sensores de temperatura tipo 1-wiere DS18B20 entonces puedes poner mas de 10 y  para ello no necesitas un AD sino cualquier pin I/O de cualquier Arduino.

Lee las normas del foro porque será necesario a medida que avances.
Intenta contar toda la idea sin guardarte nada porque luego salta la necesidad de hacerlo y lo que te aconsejamos al principio se puede contradecir con algo que olvidaste explicar.
Software / Aggiungere un programmatore ne...
Last post by Simone72 - Today at 03:58 pm
Buongiorno a tutti,
Cercando nel forum mi sono imbattuto in treads come questo ma non ho proprio ben capito come modificare i files...

Vorrei poter aggiungere come programmatore ISP l'ATMEL-ICE che uso con AS7.
Vorrei che fosse disponibile tra la lista dei programmatori per poter, quando ce ne fosse il bisogno, il bootloader degli arduino senza dove passare per un Arduino in modalità ISP.

C'è una guida in italiano? :(
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