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or the real easy option
Just connect a new led. You weren't very cautious (/tested it fully) the first time you powered it up. Why be it now?
Once bitten, twice shy.
This is great.  My LCD does not have the on it but the board and pins are identical so now I have a good thread to follow.

Yes, happy digging for me!!! :-) <-- me being happy

Thanks so much
Programming Questions / Re: Robot problem
Last post by J-M-L - Today at 03:16 pm
so you need to change the timer in the IR Library. check at the end of this file depending on your Arduino Board


Is there any relationship between SPI and Serial communication via RX and TX?  :smiley-roll-blue:

I don't think so. Just SPI uses pins 11 and 12, and they were connected to your LCD - if you're not using SPI you should probably remove the include SPI.h line.
Displays / Re: Need graphics Guru to help...
Last post by bodmer - Today at 03:15 pm

I have no idea where "32 and 32" is on the screen;  in pixel coordinates usually that is near the top left of the screen but there is nothing there. I see what looks like a little pig on the screen with a blue bow between it's ears so I assume the image is the right way up, but that coordinate is a long way from 32,32.

Add some serial debug messages to the sketch within the appropriate functions and see if it is getting the right coordinates and all the ones you expect it to get are being serviced.

Check your pointers and "pointers to pointers" are passing what is intended and the values are not running of the end of the target memory area. Note that a variable and array name is itself a pointer even though it is not declared as such.
Français / Re: Circuit TCR. Commande mote...
Last post by cilv1gazo - Today at 03:15 pm
Encore merci Artouste.

Je vais pouvoir vraiment me remettre sur mon projet.
Deutsch / DIGITAL Poti über SPI
Last post by Florian_beginner - Today at 03:15 pm
Moin ich möchte ein digital Potentiometer TYP AD8400 über SPI regeln.

Mein Code lautet
Code: [Select]
void digitalPotWrite(int address, int value, int resistor) {
  switch (resistor){
  case 1: {
 // take the SS pin low to select the chip:
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPinStrom, LOW);
  //  send in the address and value via SPI:
  // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip:
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPinStrom, HIGH);
  case 2:
    // take the SS pin low to select the chip:
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPinSpg, LOW);
    //  send in the address and value via SPI:
    SPI.transfer(value);      // Poti Wert übertragen
    // take the SS pin high to de-select the chip:
    digitalWrite(slaveSelectPinSpg, HIGH); 
  default: break;

zum ausführen schreibe ich: digitalPotWrite(0, level, 2);

leider passiert einfach mal gar nichts. Was mache ich falsch? Wie finde ich die Adresse heraus vom Poti? Wenn ich das Datenblatt richtig verstehe 00 !?!

Link zum Datenblatt:


MfG Florian
It looks like your 5V circuit (Arduino) does not share a Ground with your 12V circuit (MOSFETS).  That will make it hard for the Arduino to switch the MOSFETS properly.  Connect the two Grounds together.
Hardware / Re: Comandare pompa 12v con re...
Last post by pgiagno - Today at 03:15 pm
Vanno bene tutti e due.

Programming Questions / Re: WiFiEsp WiFi.status()
Last post by DArduino86 - Today at 03:15 pm
Found on the WiFiEsp library this:

Code: [Select]
typedef enum {
} wl_status_t;

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