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Bar Sport / Re: tools you'd use
Last post by weedpharma - Today at 09:55 am
If you try to solder one of these resistors you play "chase the component" as it flicks up and around as the soldering iron touches it.

However it can be done. :)

(That big white thing above it is a grain of rice).
I would not even try with something that small.

Hardware / Re: DHT11 e pull up
Last post by albertsal - Today at 09:53 am
E proprio quella tonnellata di roba che mi ha creato dei dubbi non so cosa fare
Bar Sport / Re: help me guys
Last post by Nick Gammon - Today at 09:53 am
Which manufacturer released the Nova?

Spanish: It doesn't go.
Megatopic / MOVED: Headless quadcopter
Last post by leo72 - Today at 09:52 am
Project Guidance / Re: Punching Power Project
Last post by ainbritain - Today at 09:49 am
Whenever doing something new in a complicated system, it might help to break your project up into smaller pieces.

Not sure how much of a beginner you are, but make sure you have the basics down first. Go through the tutorials here if you haven't already:

To start, there are a bunch of tutorials about how to set up an accelerometer with an arduino, google arduino + name/model of your accelerometer. Try to simply get the arduino to send you the accelerometer reading with Serial.print . Try to find and understand the datasheet of your accelerometer as well. Graph the reading if you can in Processing or whatever you're comfortable with, and it will give you a better idea of how the sensor senses punches and non-punches.

The first semi-tricky step may be reducing the noise in the accelerometer reading. You could use a smoothing filter of some kind, eg: Also, since you want to capture acceleration at only one point, the punch, you could "detect" a punch when the acceleration is at a negative value that is below some threshold, then run your F=ma equation and print out the force.

A cheater way to detect the punch would be making a switch, either on your hand or on the target, that would flip on impact.

But all that stuff was the easy part. The hard part will be determining the weight of your arm! :p Also, if you "put your shoulder/hip into it" when you punch, you will really have no idea what weight is involved and your F=ma will be meaningless. This would work better if you attached your accelerometer to a toy car or something of known mass and ran it into a wall. Or if you did a full flying karate kick into a solid wall.

Conversely, you could put the accelerometer on a suspended object of known mass (punching bag etc) and measure *its* acceleration, that would probably be a swell way to figure out the force. That's probably how I would try to do it if I needed to use an accelerometer. If the punching bag is soft at all, it might absorb significant force and give you a lower reading, but would spare your knuckles.

Alternatively, you could try punching a rigid panel with a load cell ( ) behind it. A load cell measures force, not acceleration, so your program could be somewhat simpler. You'd need to calibrate it, but that's easy enough because if you turned it on its side it would be a scale.

Let us know what happens!
Supply your code.

Please put your code in its own window as seen in other posts. This can be done by placing     [code] and [/code]         around the code. This makes it easier for others to read.

Project Guidance / Re: Robotic arm (crust crawler...
Last post by Nebiyu - Today at 09:45 am
Do you think I should get these:

with this

Project Guidance / Re: Using 6 electromagnets?
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 09:45 am
Connect each solenoid like the circuit attached.

Tom...... :)

Generale / Re: Problema interfacciamento ...
Last post by tamaracili - Today at 09:45 am
Fatto.  :smiley-wink:
The second diagram is wrong as you need to take the output from the Zener, not the resistor.

As drawn the R protects the Zener but not the equipment.

Fully describe what you are wanting to do so we can advise with the knowledge rather than guessing.

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