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Le bar / Re: diffusé sur ARTE le 13/12
Last post by solfra - Today at 01:15 pm
Sympa cette émission. On vois bien que même les enfants arrivent bien avec l'arduino et que cela est accessible à tous.
It is an Arduino Uno R3
Deutsch / Re: Ringpuffer aufbauen
Last post by hk007 - Today at 01:15 pm
Hi Serenifly,

danke für deine Ausführungen.
Du zeigst mir mal wieder, wie blank ich bin. Ich hab nicht mal die Hälfte davon verstanden  :smiley-confuse:

Aber ich glaube, dass du mir etwas anderes beschrieben hast, als ich suche.

Ich brauche so was wie ein "SchiebeLinksByte in buf[]"
Also in etwa so:
Code: [Select]
        while (ESP8266.available()) {
           c = (;
           Debug.write (c); 
           ringbuf[0] = ringbuf[1];
           ringbuf[1] = ringbuf[2];           
           ringbuf[2] = ringbuf[3];
           ringbuf[3] = ringbuf[4];           
           ringbuf[4] = ringbuf[5];           
           ringbuf[5] = ringbuf[6];         
           ringbuf[6] = ringbuf[7];           
           ringbuf[7] = ringbuf[8];         
           ringbuf[8] = ringbuf[9];           
           ringbuf[9] = c;
           boolean found = strstr (ringbuf,AT_Response);

wobei die letzte Zeile noch einen Compiler-error auswirft. Wohl wegen pointer <-> bool

Du hast doch folgendes beschrieben. Puffer voll, dann leeren und wieder von vorne anfangen. oder?
Dann finde ich aber u.U. meinen Suchstring nicht, wenn ein Teil im alten und ein Teil im Neuen pufferinhalt hängt.
Hardware / Re: Dubbio condesatori per ULN...
Last post by Michele Menniti - Today at 01:15 pm
Cyb, posso sbagliarmi, ciò che dici tu è vero, ma la corrente massima dell'intero chip non è molto superiore a quella del singolo darlington, un po' come il 328P, ogni pin può erogare fino a 40mA ma l'intero chip non deve superare il 200mA. Ora non ho tempo di controllare il datasheet, ma la questione la ricordo bene perché l'ho affrontata quando ho lavorato alla scheda di controllo di 8 relé, risolvendo la cosa con l'uso di relé a basso consumo. Magari stasera provo a rileggere il ds per conferma.
A couple things I see.

First, this is no longer correct if using a domain name for a server. The success return is 1. The fail can also return a negative number if the dns resolution failed, which also evaluates to true.
Code: [Select]

// change this
  if (client.connect(server, 80)) {
// to this
  if (client.connect(server, 80) == 1) {

Second is this. D4 is used by the SD card on the ethernet shield.
Code: [Select]
UTouch myTouch (6,5,4,3,2);      //Pins Used for the Touch screen
Programming Questions / Re: Arduino as ISP
Last post by Budvar10 - Today at 01:12 pm
It looks like bootloader missing but... Disconnect/connect, is arduino recognized? If yes, try to upload something and look at leds what happens.
Thanks John and CrossRoads. I didn't change anything ---- I think ----but my project, a Greenhouse controller, which I have been building for some time opened in a state I had saved a couple of weeks ago! The lost data was not obviously discoverable so I blamed the last thing I had done, which usually is correct.

Sometimes the IDE doesn't seem to save when prompted. I always save a backup but I can't seem to do a 'save as' and change the filename to the backup filename - it just won't have it.

The backup file when opened had not lost as much work as the current file but it had lost some.

It is possible that in my dotage I forgot to save but both files?

Ho hum, one of life's little reverses!

As for Atmel Studio 6, I carried out all of Atmel's latest directions - an afternoon of un-installing and re-installing all to get the same failure!
Generale / Re: Presentazioni nuovi iscrit...
Last post by mannaia - Today at 01:11 pm
Ciao a tutti, sono Lorenzo, dalla Valle d'Aosta. mi occupo di informatica da decenni e patito di elettronica nonostante sia abbastanza arrugginito (non la uso piu dalle scuole) ho recupetaro un arduino uno e mi sto danzo alla pazza gioia (piu pazza che gioia... n.d.a.)
un saluto a tutti!
Français / Re: Programmer atmega328
Last post by fdufnews - Today at 01:10 pm
A priori oui. Mais cela à des conséquences.
Le bootloader standard est compilé pour fonctionner avec un quartz 16MHz. Donc il faut recompiler celui-ci en déclarant une horloge processeur à 18MHz.
Dans le fichier board.txt, tu déclares une nouvelle carte et tu modifies ses paramètres pour coller à ta configuration.
Ensuite tu pourras l'utiliser dans l'IDE arduino comme les cartes standards.
Project Guidance / Re: Turn relay on with switch ...
Last post by KenF - Today at 01:09 pm
You can achieve that with two SPDT switchs.  No processing required.
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