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so the kepware has a list of slave device ids and makes requests to them to collect data.

why id 5?
Installation & Troubleshooting / Re: Cannot launch IDE
Last post by Touni - Today at 09:49 am
I finally found out what is wrong in my setup. This is a corporate laptop (I have admin rights so no problems there) and some stuff is controlled by my IT department.

For some reason Arduino IDE wants to setup libraries and sketch folder to my network drive which is not available without VPN connection (doing this Arduino stuff from home as proper employee should ;)). This is first installation/program which is creating some folders to network drive so I did not know from where to search the problem. All other programs are asking where to create user folders or those are automatically created to local hard drive. As the Arduino IDE cannot connect to my company network drive without VPN it closes itself without any notification.

This is now just a little problematic when I do not have network available. Now I am trying to find how can I set it up so that those folders are in my hard drive. So far I have had no luck with that...

Step by step getting closer to the solution :)
try a 5 sek delay in beginig of setup for the esp to initialize. if connected to usb the Serial Monitor restarts the atmega later then the esp start
Generale / Re: ordinare PCB
Last post by Etemenanki - Today at 09:48 am
Ho postato il circuitino è corretto?
Si, e puoi tranquillamente farle stare di fianco al nano, fra quello ed i pulsanti, senza incasinare troppo lo stampato, in questo modo

Nederlands / Re: stappenmotor 24V met ardui...
Last post by nicoverduin - Today at 09:45 am
En hoe wordt die driver aangestuurt? Want daar gaat het om.....
Project Guidance / Re: Voltage "Switch"
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 09:45 am
@PedantEngineer ,I stand corrected.

A MOSFET that will switch ON at 3.3V gate will need a site with a good parametric search.
A close look at characteristic curves of Vgs vs Rds(on) may be needed.

For example

This one is just about ideal, just need some steady hand soldering, SMD.
SQA410EJ  file attached.

@PE suggestion of FDD8447 has a very good graph of Vgs and Rds(on)
and it is in an easy solderable package.

The normalized Rds(on) is about 10mOhms so by the graph at 3.3V, Rds(on) would be about 1.5 x 10 = 15mOhms. 

Tom.... :)
Programming Questions / RFID.h library not be found
Last post by fr4m3 - Today at 09:43 am
ı am usidn arduino 1.8.5 version. ı want added RFİD.h library but not added. RFID.h library not be found. Please help me.
General Discussion / Re: Arduino Language Reference
Last post by smellai - Today at 09:42 am
@Robin2, you are right, the login is not working for this site, but it's just a temporary site and you have no additional features as logged in
Software / Cálculo CRC16 (mega)
Last post by khaleesi_ - Today at 09:41 am

Tengo que hacer, de un array de 4 bytes, el cálculo checksum -16 con estos parámetros:
Polynom: 0x8005
xor in/out: 0x0000
Reflect Out: true
Check value: 0xbb3d

Estuve mirando la librería crc16.h pero no acabo de entender cómo se usa,! He cambiado los parámetros dentro de la librería y mirado el ejemplo....

Me gustaría que me ayudarais con una explicación o cómo calular mi crc16 para poderlo enviar por el puerto serial, ya que he leido cosas por el foro pero no comprendo muy bien.

Muchas gracias !!!! :D :D
There is Power, I have a separate Power module attached to the breadboard (see photo for wiring).

Maybe the subject is a bit misleading... The board and the wifi module do start, there is some blinking of LEDs going on, but it appears to get stuck an tries to get through the setup section of the code over and over again.

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