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Project Guidance / Re: Define Config via External...
Last post by aisc - Today at 01:52 pm
That statement was thoroughly confused rubbish.
Have you seen the movie "How to lose a guy in 10 days"? - Then I call Bullshit!!!

That statement is accurate and the underlying concept has been tested. Why don't you do yourself a favour and test it yourself before throwing around "thoroughly confused rubbish" opinions.

I'll still be here when you are ready to apologise.
(I hope I don't have to eat my hat on this one...)

You can play around with #ifdefs and #include, but they are compile time options.  Either code is included, or it is not.  If your operating system requires to be dynamically (by a link) configured as to alternate interfaces, it clearly must have all options compiled, but choose - in setup() - which to initialise.
I don't disagree. I am just trying to implement a simple user interface to change which option to initialize in setup.
Software / Re: Problema incremento variab...
Last post by nid69ita - Today at 01:51 pm
Prego.  :)
Sensors / Re: Sound Sensor
Last post by Wawa - Today at 01:46 pm
I think you need a "contact microphone" (Google that).
A piezo disc glued to a flat part on the pipes.
Maybe you can hack the microphone preamps you already have.
Replace the electret capsule for a piezo disk.
Not sure if it will work.
Hardware / Re: segnale Boa per il mio rob...
Last post by Gragon - Today at 01:45 pm
rettifico le sorgenti Ir sono sogette a ostacoli e lo testa con 2 bimbi e un po presa altre idee???
e un po che ci penso possibile non trovare soluzioni gps inutile ,ir inutile, ma saro' anche nuovo ma cavolo un idea....starò invecchiando
but whenever I combine all these three, i.e, GSM,GPS,GPRS it is not working well.
For some unknown definition of "working well".

I'd guess, though, that you are running out of SRAM. Keep string literals out of SRAM by using the F() macro:
     Serial.println(F("GSM Shield testing."));
Why aren't you using a DUE ?
because the final circuit will have a standalone arduino not the full arduino ! no space for the full arduino :)
Hardware / Re: segnale Boa per il mio rob...
Last post by Gragon - Today at 01:38 pm
ho dato un occhiata, molto interessante, ma ho dei dubbi se ci sono degli ostacoli o se il robot,che si trova a tezza piano A0 e il Flame sensor non lo è cosa succede e in presenza di ostacoli???
Sarebbe molto fico ,due "boe"e con una bussola e soprapponendo una mappa il gioco e fatto.........
potrebbe andare in cucina prendere una birra :)))).
Vorrei altre suggerimenti...o aiuti su questa strada....grazie
You could try something like this.

that is nice, this circuit has security for the microcontroller right ? but i would like to use something smaller than that pickup clamp , the inductor cable would be good but i would like to know where should i attach the free end of the cable ?
I am terribly sorry about the way I posted the code. I will have it attached on this reply as well.

It's difficult to do many tests, as I don't have anything to power the monitor at home, so I have to physically remove it from the car, programm it at home and re-sit it in the car again.
At the moment, it seams to be missing steps or clearly defined minimum or\and maximum position.

As you can see on the video, if i physically move the monitor to it's maximum up position by hand, it won't close fully. If I then push it down by hand, it won't move up to the max up position.

P.s. the code isn't written by me, I am not mutch of a coder. I can understand a few things here and there, but I can't tell what the problem is.

I feel that the down or up positions aren't defined well, but I can't find any definition for those within the code.
Français / Re: Pataugeade de 3J: Interrup...
Last post by mpg5_66 - Today at 01:29 pm
désolé pour solliciter encore une fois le forum,
la résistance de 10k doit elle être positionné comme ceci ?
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