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Project Guidance / Re: Before I start this projec...
Last post by AWOL - Today at 08:25 am
de Morgan, Bush (Vannevar, not Dubbya), Shannon . . .
Thanks for your help. I created a small program to test out how the program behaves and added to my original code.

I have another problem. I'm able to generate the log file and it is currently exists in the SD card. How do   I display the log file onto my website? or maybe list the files of a particular folder in the SD card on the website?
Deutsch / Re: Mit welchem Programm/Tool ...
Last post by staivoup - Today at 08:22 am
Mit Git z.B.
Français / Re: pourriez-vous m'aider merc...
Last post by infobarquee - Today at 08:18 am
édites ton post et mets le code entre balise </> merci

le plus simple est de mettre un delay, pas besoin de laisser en HIGH ou autre

Code: [Select]

void loop()

  if(digitalRead(7) == HIGH) //check bouton 1
  digitalWrite(12, HIGH); // allumer vert
delay(10000); //attendre 10s
  else // ou fonctionement normale

après tu peux utiliser interruption

Yes -- you are correct.  I have been reading so many specs and one is reference something one way, and another yet a different way, or not a t all, at least directly ("All the parameters are in there, including the formual, you need to fill in the unknowns")

I'm just out to have a box (shoe box size) and put smething in it.  It's job is to either alert the other person "something is there" or "empty"  If it's not empty, ,lock it.

There will be lots of issues worked out under fire.
I was convinced (by an "other" forum member that "IR" was the solution -- so the box has  lot of strategically placed IR LED's. and one receiver.   The original theory (before I learned so much more) was to turn on each IRED and then check the receiver "is it coverded?" there's mail, send a radio packet and go to sleep.  If it's not covered, repeat for each of the other LED's = using a mux to make the wiring a big easier.

I learned that just a n IRLED can be narrow beam as can the receiver.... I am fascinated how the dozens of pairs I have tried, all really don't work that well (my tv works from 30' away, past a tree.  My IRToy picked up every light in the box... but the receiverI have is giving me fits -- it should see all th elights; so my problem must be i'm not sending properly modulated off 38khz.... "the things we learn"
If I could just extract the good guts from irtoy I'd use that instead of trying to figure this out.  one day; I'll have that a-ha! moment and all IR problems will be easy to solve problems...
As soon as I get a trigger I go into a separate loop to sample 2014 bits without doing any other operations.
How are you storing the 2014 bits ?  Not in an array with 2014 elements I hope.
Sensors / Re: Muscle Sensor V3 readings
Last post by edwardanthony - Today at 08:15 am
Before we move on to another problem, did you fix the issue with your power supply voltage?
Hello advancer, sorry for the late reply. I've checked the connections. It is correct.. But i dont know why when i check using a multimeter, the +VS to gnd is 7V. +VS TO -VS IS 14V but -Vs to GND is -1.34V. Is it suppose to be -7V?
Français / Re: pourriez-vous m'aider merc...
Last post by Fredericzim - Today at 08:12 am
Salut, si j'ai bien compris ton projet, tu veux creer un bouton que le piéton appuiera pour pouvoir traverser?
D'après ton code corrigé par tahitibob, quand tu appuieras , ton if fonctionnera comme tu le souhaites, mais dès que tu relâcheras ton doigt, ta pin 7 sera à LOW et tu sortiras de ton if ! C'est plutôt gênant pour un bouton piéton . Tu devrais plutôt essayer de : quand on appuie sur le bouton, son etat reste a HIGH un certain temps pour permettre aux piétons de traverser
Project Guidance / Re: How to know if a 220V swit...
Last post by Paul__B - Today at 08:06 am
You want one (or more) of these.
Thanks for your input and taking the time to read. I modified the title to let visitors know it's a project about playing wav files.
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