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This is my arduino code.

#include <SoftwareSerial.h>
#define rxPin 0
#define txPin 1

If you get everything to work with the USB cable, and you are using hardware serial, it should mean that your code is kosher. But here, things might not be so clear, as you are using pins 0,1 - the hardware serial pins - as software serial. This cannot be a good idea and I submit you need to make one of two choices.

1. In the unlikely event that you have good reason to use software serial, define and use some other pins for that purpose, or

2. Ditch software serial and use pins 0,1 for hardware serial as God and Arduino intended.

In the latter course, you can prove your code is kosher by using the serial monitor, but you need to disconnect Bluetooth as you do so.

Figured out that my serial terminal didn't have the right speed set.  Once the speed was set I was able to see numerical values coming through.  It appears my transmit code isn't working correctly.  Its not sending the ASCII  dec value for the ~ followed by the byte right after it. 
Hardware / Re: Componenti lowcost?
Last post by roxdragon - Today at 03:28 am
Eh beh alloa avevo ragione mannaggia... ho il raspy che tablet mediacom..
mi domandavo.. se mi creo un app per Android, posso lasciare sempre il tablet con schermo spento e wifi attivo?
in modo che quando entro nella stanza, mi si illumina il tablet con le icone..? o si potrebbe rompere il tablet perchè sempre acceso?
Why not try just try changing

#define CHANNEL_COUNT 32


Post this code?

Rule #1.  Don't ask us questions about code without posting the code.
Project Guidance / Which arduino Should I use
Last post by 16wennekyl00 - Today at 03:23 am
I am working on a sumo bot project and can't decide on which arduino to use I was looking at the mega2560 but not sure if it will work the best for my needs also I am using a qik 2s9v1 motor control and a few sensors
Any guidance will be great. Thanks
Thank you very much. 
I used SoftwareSerial and it is working perfectly. 
As you suggested, it is probably a conflict with the Uno's USB.
Project Guidance / Re: serial "commands" changing...
Last post by zoomkat - Today at 03:19 am
He said he did not want to start unless it begings with a : your example captures all characters.
I'll just stand back and watch.  :smiley-cool:
Then what is the neutral position for using resistors?
Project Guidance / Re: LDR/Servo Project Help
Last post by MuuMuu101 - Today at 03:16 am
Will only one light be on at a time? If so you might search the forum for solar panel aiming discussions. Your project has several separate parts which you can work on separately. If a key component is vairable servo movement speed, them work on that part as a stand alone.

We've googled and looked all over youtube and that's how we got our original code which is not what he wants. The test should be conducted in a decently dark room and only one light bulb will be own at a time.
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