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Deutsch / Re: Frage zu Treibern
Last post by uwefed - Today at 10:14 pm
Der ATmega16U2 ist ein Microcontroller der als USB-Serial-Adapter programmiert ist.
Er ersetzt den auf den älteren Arduinos vorhandenen FT232. Chinesische Nachbauten haben häufig einen CH340. Der CP2102 oder PL2303 machen das gleiche.
Der USB-Serial-Adapter ermöglicht es den Arduino über USb zu programmieren.

Der Vorteil des ATmega16U2 daß Du ihn umprogrammieren kannst und der Arduino vom PC als HID gesehen werden kann. Dann ist die Programmierung über USB aber nicht mehr Möglich.

Der Arduino, wie alle ATmega können ohne USB über einen ISP-Programmierer programmiert werden. Den ISP-Programmierer Braucht es umbedingt um den Bootloader bzw einstellungen im ATnega (fuse) zu programmieren. Zum ISP Programmieren gibt es auf den Arduinos dies 6 Poligen (3x2) Stiftleisten.

Grüße Uwe
Project Guidance / Re: 18650 battery tester (curr...
Last post by majhi - Today at 10:13 pm

You want to track the voltage under load.

Every chemistry has a particular curve.  Buy your batteries, fully charge them, use an Arduino with A0 and a voltage divider.  Write a sketch where millis() is used to track A0 from the R1/R2 divider (very high resistance) when your original knock-knock is connected.  Read every 15 minutes and store or output serially the time interval + A0 voltage.

Your data should closely match the manufacturer's curve.  Put your curve in EEPROM or PROGMEN.  Project finished.

Oh okay, thanks.  I thought that since current sensor breakouts exist (like the ACS712), I could just build my own.  I also thought that 18650s dropped voltage sharply after a while instead of a smooth decline like an alkaline.  Guess not!  I'll have to check out my voltmeter (it uses the R1/R2 dealio like you say) when I get home and play around a little bit.
Generale / Re: Modulo RFID (RC522) non ri...
Last post by elpapais - Today at 10:13 pm
Che si intende per board/configurazione?

scelta del tipo di scheda  ad esempio arduino due, arduino nano, arduino 2009, mega ecc ecc
logicamente anche lo specifico processore ove previsto... ad esempio il nano lo trovi sia con processore 328 che 168....
Not sure I understand your setup, are you trying to use the Mega as an ISP tool (e.g. loaded with the ArduinoISP sketch) and controlled by the Raspberry Pi. Or are you saying those are the two options you have for use as an ISP tool?

This instruction looks reasonable for using the Pi as an ISP tool, though I did not dig into it.

Perhaps post an image of your setup (may need to be a png format for the forum to accept).
Software / Re: Tentativo di strumentazion...
Last post by SukkoPera - Today at 10:13 pm
Devi assumere che all'inizio di draw() lo schermo è vuoto, lo devi disegnare da capo. Setta un millis() quando stampi la data e, se sono passati 2 secondi, stampa invece l'ora.
Sorry.  I started this post so I am not suggesting code to others only asking for help.  Second I thought asking for help is a very nice way to learn from some very cool people. By writing code it does give others a basic idea where my knowledge level is.   I am sure you did not intend to come across so harsh. Also delay and goto can be used if you understand their limitations. :)
My apologies. I didn't realize you were the thread starter.

If you understand the limitations of delay and goto, then you would understand why you don't want to ever use them. Double especially goto. There is almost no situation imaginable where goto is appropriate and any code that uses it could be written better without it. It was useful back in BASIC when we didn't have all the control structures like while and for loops. In C and C++ it is not needed.
Arduino 101 / Re: Error code 74 uploading sk...
Last post by Ballscrewbob - Today at 10:12 pm
Error 74 doesn't mean much to me either.

There are references on the web for the DFU util but most of the options I tried did nothing (or it appeared that way)

I just figured that as the problems were similar in so many aspects it was worth you actually trying the steps I took in post #4 despite the error code.

Otherwise you are going to have to do what I did and that was take in and digest almost every post in this section even if its not actually related to a specific issue you have trying each method until you hit on a winning combination.

Trust me... that takes a lot longer than my suggestion.
Français / Re: Lecture diskpad capacitif
Last post by Artouste - Today at 10:12 pm
Je n'ai pas compris ce que sous entend par

fais les mesures Ω entre alim et signaux SDA/SCL

de toutes façons , si déjà tu ne recupere pas une adresse I²C par "scanner"
ce n'est meme pas la peine de "chercher de la lib" :smiley-mr-green:
Proyectos / Re: 6 sensores Hall en un Ardu...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 10:11 pm
No tienes forma de saber cual se activa porque todos van a la misma Interrupción.
Code: [Select]

achInterrupt(0, magnet_detect, FALLING);//Inicia el interruptor (Pin de arduino 2) con FALLING:se ejecuta 

Para detectar cual es, deberías armar un sistema que te permitiera identificarlos.
No entiedo para que?
Hi Paul,

thanks! Here is my code:

Any help is greatly appreciated!

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