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Español / Re: programa
Last post by Lucario448 - Today at 08:15 pm
e querido subir ejemplos que te da arduino de la sd pero me da error por la librería
¿Errores como cuáles?
Education and Teaching / Re: Learning arduino
Last post by AWOL - Today at 08:15 pm

We have omitted the CLR to save space in the breadboard with a little bit risk. But, as the display system is a multiplexed ( after adding DP1 - DP3) type one; hopefully, the average current would remain below IOH.
It's odd - I've been using LEDs for nearly 40 years, but I've never once in all that time seen "current-limiting resistor" abbreviated to "CLR*.
Ya live and ya learn.

"Hopefully", the student's code won't freeze mid-loop, and screw-up the average current calculation, to the detriment of the Arduino's output transistors.
Are you on a Mac? The CP2102 doesn't work correctly on a Mac, it is the reset line that is not toggled in the right way.
Français / Re: ESP8266 et capteur PIR
Last post by lesept - Today at 08:14 pm
C'est une bonne nouvelle, je dois me tromper alors. Merci
Bar Sport / Re: What happened to all the b...
Last post by avr_fred - Today at 08:14 pm
I cannot address all of the changes but I can outline what happened with HP.

Once Bill and Dave passed, the road at HP became a bit bumpy. Personal computers and printing paid the bills but the vertical integration that previously supported the business so well in the past, became a large part of operation overhead. Building PC's and putting ink and toner in cartridges didn't need all those different divisions that had accumulated in the process of building a test and measurement empire.

Enter a new CEO, fresh blood to straighten things out. That CEO was one Carley Fiorina of AT&T and Lucent fame. She had a nack for being in right place at the right time and knew how manipulate stock values with the best of them. She identified the cash cow that was PC's and went all out on that theme. She had the bean counters sell everything that wasn't nailed down, and some that was, to generate the cash to buy Compaq, who's assets included Digital Equment Corp, with the thought being that they'd own the market in PC's and Unix workstations forever.

That went over like the proverbial turd in the punch bowl. She didn't understand the market, the Unix business was already dead, just no ne wanted to admit it. In the insuing blood bath of red ink, HP laid off over 30,000 workers, a first in their corporate history.

My timing on things here on is probably wrong but I'm working from memory and cannot find any quick source to verify, I welcome corrections to the time-line if it matters to anyone.

The HP board finally got over their infighting long enough to fire her in 2005, after many money losing years. Mark Hurd was promoted from within HP to put thinks back on track. It was now even more evident that most of HP's revenue came from printing. It was decided that the test and instrument devisions, along with the support verticals, were not big money makers, compared to ink and toner, so it was decided they would be spun off as separate entities. Since the imaging market was by far the lions share of the revenue, it was decided that that that group would keep the Hewlett-Packard name and since Bill and Dave were gone, it would shortened to just "HP".

Mark Hurd returned HP to profitability but was ousted from the board due to personal conduct issues, I forget the sordid details but it was ugly.

The T&M group started out as Agilent. As time progressed, the vertical businesses that appeared to make money on their own where spun off, giving us Avago for the optical semiconductors along with a few other bits and pieces, and renaming the test equipment group Keysight. I do believe the Avago product line (and manufacturing for those lines) has been sold again, I'm unsure where that currently stands although I know my company still sources optical fiber and transceivers that were once known as HP products.

Overall, Hewlett-Packard is good lesson in how industry titans crash and burn when there is no succession plan and too many family members of the founders sit on the board of directors with those members not possessing the businesses accumem of their predecessors.
Change the receiver to a state machine.  That would entirely eliminate the problem you described.

A hallmark of a complete state machine is an empty setup.

Thank you for your suggestion. Unfortunately I can't get past the first step. I've imported the library and studied the examples but when I try to load the states I get an error.

Code: [Select]

State noop = State(noopUpdate);  //no operation
State On = State(rfDown);

Code: [Select]

/tmp/550528382/Reciever_v3/Reciever_v3.ino:6:20: error: 'noopUpdate' was not declared in this scope

State noop = State(noopUpdate); //no operation


/tmp/550528382/Reciever_v3/Reciever_v3.ino:7:18: error: 'rfDown' was not declared in this scope

State On = State(rfDown);


/tmp/550528382/Reciever_v3/Reciever_v3.ino:8:19: error: 'rfUp' was not declared in this scope

State Off = State(rfUp);


exit status 1

I'm sure I'm missing something super obvious.
Français / Re: Erreur ouverture de fichie...
Last post by bricofoy - Today at 08:11 pm
Pourquoi ne pas charger directement tes lignes du fichier caractère par caractère dans chaque lignes d'un tableau de char ? au final tu auras quasiment la même chose sans tout "l'emballage" propre au type String.

Quitte à convertir au cas par cas une ligne du tableau en String si tu as des opérations à faire dessus comme rechercher un extrait ou autre
Audio / Re: Audio Amplifier
Last post by Nooffswitch - Today at 08:10 pm
Well I'm not exactly sure why, but I was trying different sampling rates/normalizing/sampling formats (16vs24bit) and still got the static, but the second time I popped the chip into the breadboard after flashing it and tried it, all the "static" and pop at the end went away. I tried again with even the original wav files I was using and they sounded great. Weird, I'll chalk it up to a loose breadboard connection.

Thanks a lot for the help Mike.
Audio / Re: Reading subwoofer out of a...
Last post by Grumpy_Mike - Today at 08:09 pm
Rca is only the name of a physical connector type. Try connecting like I said in reply #15.
Hardware / Re: ruido pin digital
Last post by Lucario448 - Today at 08:09 pm
Deberías mostrar un diagrama o imagen de conexiones, pareciera que ubicaste mal la resistencia...
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