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Project Guidance / Re: Analog voltage measurments...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 12:18 pm
You don't seem to have any experience or knowledge of situations in which connecting circuit grounds together would be unsatisfactory.  The original post of this thread is entirely reasonable.
If you know what you are talking about (and I genuinely don't know) you are certainly not explaining yourself clearly.

General Electronics / PMW arduino R3 and RGB led
Last post by christou2c - Today at 12:18 pm
hello everyone i have arduino R3 and i want to play with RGB LED anyway light intensity.
so my problem is i connect the anode of white led to the Analog input and i use digital write it's not working.
so when i connect it to the digital input it is working not exactly what i planed analogWrite from 0 to 130 it's not turning the led on from 132 it turn on to the maximum brightness.
and so when i use common cathode RGB led i'm not really getting mixed collor it's like 3 different led Red Blue and Green  sometime i can see mixed color bad the three main color are visible.
is that the led manufacture problem or me ??
Hardware / Re: Voltaje de salida de los p...
Last post by carmeloco - Today at 12:16 pm
Un nano, no se puede alimentar a 3,7v. El voltaje de alimentación recomendado es de 7 a 12 v.
Software / Re: lavorare con stringhe di c...
Last post by gpb01 - Today at 12:14 pm
Premi il pulsante, il micro si svegli, tu fai un detachInterrupt() e stacchi l'interrupt da quel pulsante, fai quello che devi fare, quando hai finito, rifai l'attachInterrupt() e ti rimetti a nanna :)

Français / Re: probleme shield ethernet h...
Last post by icare - Today at 12:12 pm
Tu arrives à télécharger tes images alors mets les sur un site d'hébergement et utilise l'icône "insert an image" à droite de la palette couleurs.
Español / Error con libreria ultrasonica...
Last post by iozalla - Today at 12:11 pm
He metido todas la librerias y todo en su carpeta correspondiente pero me aparece un error. Ahi VA EL CODIGO Y EL ERROR

Code: [Select]

#include <pitches.h>
#include <Ulltrasonic.h>

#include "Ulltrasonic.h"     
ultrasonic ultrasonic(6,7);

#include "pitches.h"       
int sonido = NOTE_E5;       

int sonar;                 

void setup()

void loop()
   sonar = ulltrasonic.Ranging(CM);
   while (sonar < 60)             
       tone(8, sonido);             
       while (sonar < 10)         
         tone(8, sonido);               
         sonar = ulltrasonic.Ranging(CM);   
       sonar = ulltrasonic.Ranging(CM);

Code: [Select]
sketch_jul01a.ino:2:25: warning: Ulltrasonic.h: No such file or directory
sketch_jul01a:7: error: 'ultrasonic' does not name a type
sketch_jul01a.ino: In function 'void loop()':
sketch_jul01a:22: error: 'ulltrasonic' was not declared in this scope
sketch_jul01a:22: error: 'CM' was not declared in this scope

Gracias y perdon por la ignorancia. :smiley-confuse:
what happens if you turn pot 1?

does it affect the output voltage?

Can you measure VCC on the board?
Does it need a separate power supply?
Pot1 had no effect on vout.  My understanding is it's used for the ADC function.

VCC on the board is 5.2V
Hi slonimer

Possibly running out of SRAM?  Attiny86 has 512 bytes vs 2KB on a Uno.

As a test, can you reduce the number of pixels?  This would save 2 bytes per pixel in the memory that the neopixel library uses, plus 3 bytes per pixel from your boolean arrays (I believe booleans are stored as 1 byte per element).


Français / Re: probleme shield ethernet h...
Last post by Polua - Today at 12:09 pm
voilà la dernière
Français / Re: Ampèremètre 100A CC
Last post by icare - Today at 12:09 pm
PS: Comment faut il faire pour envoyer des photos, passer par un hébergeur d'images ?
Oui, il faut passer par un hébergeur et utiliser "insert an image" (icone à droite de la palette de couleurs)
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