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Max. speed forward = 1000
Stop = 498
Max. speed reverse = 2000

I just upload the code and read it in the serial monitor, is that right? my doubt is because of the obvious numbers.
Are you sure you don't mean 1498 instead of 498?!?
Arduino Yún / gphoto2 ver. 2.5.8 for Arduino...
Last post by pacific15 - Today at 03:17 am

I am trying to control some Canon cameras using gphoto2 ( in my openWrt Arduino Yun. To achieve what I need, one of the gphoto2 developers told me I need to run the latest version of gphoto2 which is 2.5.8. Unfortunately I have not found this recent version compiled for openWrt.

I am fairly new to linux in general and openWrt in particular. My questios are:
  • Do you know if anyone has compiled gphoto 2.5.8 ?
  • If not, can someone point me in the direction on how to compile it for openWrt?

Arduino Due / Re: I2S problem
Last post by Paul Stoffregen - Today at 03:17 am
If anyone's interested in I2S in and good quality audio general on microcontrollers, I've been doing a similar project on Teensy 3.1 for the last couple years.  It's sending and receiving I2S stereo quite nicely (and also mono on the built in ADC and DAC), and a good number of audio processing features are implemented, and even a web-based GUI for defining the audio paths and documentation of the many features.  Here's the source code.  Some of the code might port to Due, but quite a lot depends on the specific DMA features on Freescale's chip.
Which of the three models do you have?
All transistors are good for at least 60V.
There are many transistors that are not rated at 60V or above.
It's likely that the text file is intended to be altered only by changing settings in the IDE GUI.
This is incorrect.  There is only one rather brief preferences 'page' in the IDE, and at the bottom it states "More preferences can be edited directly in the file <path>".

I could be wrong, but isn't the IDE open source?
The Arduino is intended to be very easy for programming novices to use.  I don't think it's reasonable to expect them to wade through large amounts of intricate java code to try and work out from it, perhaps partly by 'reverse engineering', what preference options are available and what they do.
If the options are clearly documented in one or more places in this code then I suggest that the content of this documentation should be made available directly from the Arduino IDE and/or the Arduino website.
Sensors / Re: A project to weigh a workt...
Last post by weedpharma - Today at 02:33 am
You would need each sensor to be able to measure the max load as it could all be on one corner.

I have no experience in measuring weights but others may be able to help with this info.

What programming experience do you have? Recording to a spreadsheet is not a simple project for beginner.

Yeah, I was halfway through writing that when my computer crashed....

They should update the page so that it doesn't confuse people like me xD

I fixed it btw!
Sensors / Re: Bad sensor, good sensor......
Last post by weedpharma - Today at 02:23 am
Good sensors also come with a price. If you want accuracy, you need to pay for it.

eBay specials are for playing with.

Do they ever do that in the example code there? I don't see it, in a quick reading
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