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Programming Questions / Re: Arduino + WIi nunchuck
Last post by HazardsMind - Today at 02:52 am
Why can't I modify my post?

X prints perfectly as a byte, because acceleration can't go below 75 or above 185, so x can't ever go below 0 or above 255.

What I do want to change are my Serial.prints lines to this.

Code: [Select]
Hello everybody!
I just want some advice about my project. I'm a beginner in electronics, programming and also arduino.
It's a dashboard of a Baja (off-road car) with an arduino UNO and three Hall effect sensors to measure speed, rpm and fuel level. It has two 7 segments displays to indicate the speed, six leds to indicate rpm and four leds to indicate fuel level.
I found an IC MAX7219 to bind all these leds and i'm having some doubts to project it.
I want to know if it is correct and if it needs some additional components. Regarding the programming, i want to know if there is an easier way to project it.

I've developed the design using Proteus >

Thank you very much in advance!
Programming Questions / Re: Difference between uint8_t...
Last post by KenF - Today at 02:50 am
This creates a char variable called x
Actually, that creates a compiler error.
Yep, should be single quotes.
I thought the define statements at the top of the code were sufficient to change the reference voltage.

I previously saw the link you posted but didn't understand it was a function to be entered in the code.

Thanks for the help!

Then my question is should I implement a Chip Select to be able to communicate as transceiver?
How is the device connected to the Arduino? Which pins?

Chip select has meaning if the device uses SPI to communicate with the Arduino. There is no need to do more with a chip select pin to write to the device than you'd need to do to read from the device.
Sensors / Re: Sensor Unstable after digi...
Last post by jremington - Today at 02:48 am
I wonder if this bit of code has something to do with the problem:
Code: [Select]
if (suhuakhir1>=40) {

Is a relay connected to your device? If so, what type, how is it wired and how much current does it take?
Programming Questions / Re: String to byte
Last post by PaulS - Today at 02:43 am
and then fill byte array
With what?

to display lcd.char.
If you want to display characters on an LCD, why would you not use a char array?
Bar Sport / Re: A step back in time
Last post by Boffin1 - Today at 02:41 am
It also looks like you cant edit your last post ...
This creates a char variable called x
Actually, that creates a compiler error.
Programming Questions / Re: Arduino + WIi nunchuck
Last post by Nick Gammon - Today at 02:41 am
x is a byte, I think you'll want to cast it to int.
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