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Français / Re: Batterie LiPo et chargeur ...
Last post by kamill - Today at 11:17 am

Personnellement j'utilise occasionnellement une batterie externe pour téléphone portable et j'alimente par l'usb.
Hardware / Re: Problema invio sms
Last post by Brunello - Today at 11:13 am

L'alimentatore é quello che mi é uscito dal kit ed é da 100-240v
Quella è la tensione in ingresso, a noi interessa quello che da in uscita ...
Esatto, visto che :
Power jack - connected to external 4.8~5VDC power supply
Project Guidance / Re: Is the speed of sound enou...
Last post by jurs - Today at 11:10 am
What exactly do you mean? I mean okay the pulseIn function by default waits for 1 sec for the pulse to be completed, or in my case, for the echo to go, strike the object and return. How would you determine the timeout limit? I mean the echo returns after different intervals of time depending upon the distance of the obstacle.

And your 40000L figure was also a bit confusing. Can you please elaborate on it?
Most confusing is using a one second busy-waiting function, because the maximum range of the HC-SR 04 sensor (as given by the manufacturer) is 3 meters. In case of max. range the ultrasonic ping sound is travelling 6 meters total (3 meters forth and echo sound three meters back to the sensor).

So you never have to wait a full second while sound is travelling much more than 300 meters, you have to wait just much shorter times for an echo. If that time has passed without getting an echo, you never will get a later echo from the same triggering.

For a rough estimation how long to wait: Calculate how much time it might take for sound to travel 6 meters!

Hello, I also like your error, you have a solution yet?
Please share with me, thank you !
Software / Re: Scrittura su SD card
Last post by Brunello - Today at 11:09 am

Code: [Select]

void scriviSuFile() {
  File myFile =,FILE_WRITE);
Sensors / Re: MPU6050 subjected to vibra...
Last post by santos_320 - Today at 11:06 am
This angle is obtained with the DMP algorithm which comes in the library of the MPU, which can be found here.

I will start trying your suggestions now and I'll keep you informed. Thanks!
Yes I have, but the problem is that I'm not receiving anything at all.
U're right. Its differential +/- 5psi.
Hope its linear. Then its easy : Analog reading 102 for -5psi and 869(870) for +5psi
Since the map-function uses long.. scale up by 100, the divide result by 100.

-> float pressure=map(analogRead(port_number),102,869,-500,500)/100.0 ;
I got 0.85* 1024= 870 bits (5 psi)

and 0.05*1024 = 51 bits. (-5psi)

How did you get 102 bits for -5psi?
To start, it's just "convert", not "converter"...

"I'm betting my image is way bigger in size" could just check the size...

As to "So my question is how can i converter it what do i need for that?"
I mean...I just googled "convert image to hexadecimal" and the very first, not the second, but the very first link converts images to a hexadecimal string, which is exactly what you are looking for...yay google...

"And I'm pretty sure the tvout library is only black and white " It is only black and white, I checked

"Do i need to convert the color of the image to black and white?" The tool above will do this for you if you choose black and white only
General Electronics / Fluorescent lamp inteferences
Last post by ksartor - Today at 11:00 am
Hi all,
i count on internal interrupt of arduino ... some interrupt (Both way i.e. rising and falling).

Everything is ok (counter is good) until i switch on/off some fluorescent lamp light in my building (near the arduino).

Indeed when i switch off or on some fluorescent lamp, the counter see interrupt despite of there is no one.
I try to put a capacitor (10/100/470µF) and resistor on the interrupt input with no change.
Have you got any idea to avoid the mis counting?

Notice if i use some debounce function in the code i reduced of course the number of false interrupt but i can't remove totally the issue.

Thank you for your help
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