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Hardware / Re: Sensore assorbimento di c...
Last post by uwefed - Today at 01:18 am
Dimentica quel circuito subito. Non funziona.
Ciao Uwe
As you are talking about using a battery from an electric mobility scooter, the current drawn by your Arduino will be insignificant in comparison with the current drawn by the motors. If you use the linear regulator on your Arduino board, its power loss will therefore be insignificant.

Deeply discharging any type of rechargeable battery will usually shorten its life. It may be more worthwhile monitoring battery state than using a buck-boost converter.
Hardware / Re: Streaming video da webcam ...
Last post by uwefed - Today at 01:15 am
Penso che ripiegherò su una scheda Raspberry Pi 2.
Posso utilizzare questa libreria...
Non so risponderti; Chiedi al forum della rasberry.
Ciao Uwe
Speaking for myself, I considered plain ascii, but that would simply bloat the data too much (1 byte per digit). On top of that, it requires pre- and post-processing if used for anything else besides displaying.

Implementing a protocol like you suggest would definately help verify the integrity of the data. You'd have to have multiple-byte header- and footer-codes to minimize the chance of collisions though. How many would be sufficient depends on the problem. However... I think at this point we're back at square 1. What if one of the control-bytes gets lost for whatever reason?

Another option would be to let the first 4 bytes hold the number of elements, such that the receiver can just wait for that number to show up (and implement some time-out).

In the end, you're still in need of a way of converting the data to raw bytes so the cast I suggested is still valid I think.
Arduino Yún / Re: Any one working on Asteris...
Last post by heggood - Today at 01:14 am
Interesting thought,  it should be possible using ethernet stations,  but what hardware would you you use to provide access to trunks/pots lines?
Deutsch / Hilfe bei Arduino Uno LED Matr...
Last post by exizt - Today at 01:13 am
Hallo liebe Arduinisten,

ich wende mich an euch, weil ich leider im Elektrotechnischen bereich nicht so sehr bewandert bin, aber dennoch gerne ein kleines Projekt umsetzen würde.

Und zwar ist mein Problem erstmal, dass ich mit meinem Arduino Uno eine 11x19 LED-Matrix ansteuern möchte.

Es sind 11 LED Streifen mit je 19 WS2812b LEDs und an jeder einen WS2811 Controller.
Die LED-Streifen sind die hier

Jeder Streifen soll an einem digitalen PIN liegen.

Kann mir jemand sagen was ich dazu alles benötige, auch um die Stromversorgung hinzubekommen? Oder hätte jemand ein Tutorial um so etwas selbst zu erlernen? Ich weiß leider auch nicht wie das hier anzugehen habe und schon allein, wie ich eine externe Stromquelle mit einbinde und was für eine externe Stromquelle ich dafür benutzen soll.
Bin in dem Themengebiet, wie mir scheint, einfach eher untalentiert, würde aber trotzdem gerne weiter in die Materie eindringen...

Ich weiß leider nicht was Ihr dazu noch wissen müsst, deshalb bitte human bleiben diesbezüglich ;)

Liebe Grüße und schon mal Danke im voraus!
// add a global variable
long xxxx[0]; //Added to eliminate ID.exe crashes
General Electronics / Re: decoupling capacitors
Last post by bilald - Today at 01:07 am
Add 0.1uF cap from HC595 pin 16 to Gnd.
Relay board looks like it has parts to drive the relay coils - why do you need the ULN2803 at all?
5V relay coils often need  higher current - you don't show them being powered.
Which pin of the HC595 ... vcc pin i suppose?
ULN2803 is used to give enough current to relays since the output of HC959 is low

i'am powering everything from my switched-mode 5V-5A Power supply
General Electronics / Re: Variable Frequency AC
Last post by Zapro - Today at 01:07 am
Although you only need single-phase AC, use a standard run-off-the-mill VFD (Variable Frequency Drive)

// Per.
//thanks the idea appears to work
//I add the following global variable
long xxxx[0]; // added to eliminate ID.exe crashes
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