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Software / Re: Conflicto con comunicacion...
Last post by max_saeta - Today at 04:52 am
Que Arduino tienes?, porque lo acabo de probar en un Arduino UNO, y funciona perfecto.
Estas enviando "Enviando texto" por el monitor Serial u otro soft conectado al Arduino?
The input from the keypad will almost certainly consist of individual digits received as chars.  It would be helpful to see your working keypad and LCD program to confirm this.

If so, you can convert the input into a single digit number by subtracting '0'.  This is because of how numbers are represented in ASCII.  If you don't know about ASCII then read up on it.

My numbers that are being displayed in serial monitor and LCD, are single digit numbers.  I do not understand why I need to convert the input into a single digit number if it is already like that?  
There must be some code within the library for my LCD that has already done this conversion????

General Electronics / Re: Trying to find SMD photo-r...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 04:48 am
Yes, these are photosensors.
I don't know what you want to do with them.
Both LDRs and semiconductor sensors can measure light.
LDRs are pure resistors, and are not polarised. You can use them as normal resistors. And they are cheap.
Photo diodes are polarised, but can in most cases replace an LDR.
Study the specs. Things like the peak wavelength (colour) might be important.
Depending on the light intensity, semiconductor sensors might need amplification.
LDRs are slow. Semiconductors are relatively fast. e.g. remote control receivers have semiconductor sensors.

thanks a lot for your reply. yes i read the whole article about the basics of stepper motors. i tried for days to get it to rotate but without analogwrite the motor will not rotate at all.

if you have a code that is already written i would be very thankful
General Electronics / Re: Using encoder output
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 04:30 am

when i use the encoder with the printer switched off the other equipment works fine through the Arduino but when the printer is on and running then i get interference and my other stepper motor chatters.
What is your application and why?
What is powering the encoder when the printer is turned OFF?
What is the other equipment?
Can you please post a copy of your sketch, using code tags.
Can you please post a copy of your circuit, in CAD or a picture of a hand drawn circuit in jpg, png or pdf?
Can you please post a picture of your project.

You have the project in-front of you, we don't.
You know how it is wired, we don't.
You know how you are powering the stepper motor and arduino, we don't.

Thanks... Tom.....  :)
Software / Necesito que el programa esper...
Last post by MeletChirino - Today at 04:30 am
Buenas tardes colegas de arduino, tengo un problema con un trabajo, es un reloj que imprime la hora en el monitor serial que debe ser interrumpido para cambiar la hora. El imprime la hora muy bien en el monitor serial y la interrupcion funciona perfectamente. Mi problema es que cuando se ejecuta la interrupcion el deberia esperar a que escriba un numero en el monitor serial, pero en vez de eso se pasa por alto la lectura y vuelve al contador. Alguien me puede ayudar con eso, solo necesito que el programa "espere" la respuesta del monitor serial antes de seguir ejecutando el programa.
Agradezco cualquier cosa y si pueden explicar la funcionalidad de su ayuda se los agradezco.
Aqui esta el codigo:

Code: [Select]

unsigned int day_ctr, hr_ctr, min_ctr, sec_ctr, ms_ctr;
char K;
void setup()
day_ctr = 0; hr_ctr = 0; min_ctr = 59; sec_ctr = 57;
void loop()
if (sec_ctr==60)
sec_ctr = 0;
if (min_ctr==60)
min_ctr = 0;
if (hr_ctr==13)
if (hr_ctr>=10)
} else {
if (min_ctr>=10)
} else {
if (sec_ctr>=10)
} else {
Serial.println(" ");
void change()
Serial.println("Leer hora");
hr_ctr =;

Software / Re: Conflicto con comunicacion...
Last post by ualonso - Today at 04:29 am
surbyte: es una precaución que puse por consejo de un amigo y una página web que visité debido a que el Serial.available() puede tener un pequeño retardo y podría perder el orden de los caracteres que me llegan.
max_saeta: he probado tu código y no me ha funcionado, sucede lo mismo. El problema es que con cualquier programa que pruebe (el tuyo o el mío) aparenta encender el LED pero parpadea dos o tres veces y no se queda encendido por los 5 segundos que hemos puesto.
and instead of complaining about caps lock damn after 77 posts between 2 people, you you want to put your two cents in and then when you do you dont even offer help shame on you
Programming Questions / Re: Tactile Buttons
Last post by AHewat - Today at 04:25 am
Only global and static variables retain their values.
So, I should be creating a variable ("Liters") that would be defined before Void Setup() in order to make it global, correct? 

Or, could I change the code to have the push button modify the value of an existing global variable (maybe something with "FLOWSENSOR" I'm wondering)...?

Thanks for your help and suggestion, I'm still learning a lot here.   
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