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After i change All of softwareserial to hardware serial, its work.

thank you, it's SOLVED :)
I think most current softSerial implementations turn off interrupts for pretty long stretches when receiving data. (interrupt on start bit, receive the whole character in the ISR, return when the stopbit starts.)

You might be better off using one of the older non-interrupt-driven softwareSerial libraries, if your timer ISR is short and your serial speed isn't too high.
I spoke too soon. It still does it when daisy chained shift registers are disconnected from first shift register. I give up. No idea why the ideas faintly flash in groups, randomly.  I'm hoping someone will see some error in my circuit causing interference or something... out of gas.
Deutsch / Re: Anfängerfrage
Last post by snoobi - Today at 03:31 am
Danke für die Antworten, ich musste erstmal einiges nachlesen.

@postmaster-ino: Sorry wegen der fehlenden Netiquette. Ich habe noch keine 5 Posts in meinem Leben abgesetzt, da fehlt mir die Übung. Mir würde aber auch nichts viel besseres einfallen als Thema, weil ja eben mein Problem war, dass ich nicht wusste wonach ich so genau fragen soll.

Combi hat Recht, das wäre wohl das was ich suche, jedenfalls wenn ich " eval() "richtig verstehe. Sind Interpretersprache und Skriptsprache dasselbe?

Ich verstehe den Vorschlag mit "Ein Array mit Methodenzeiger (Zeiger auf Methoden)" nicht so richtig. Könnte mir da jemand ein einfaches Beispiel zeigen? Oder auch eine Quelle, die für Anfänger gut verständlich ist, quasi für "blöde"... =)
Das mit den Zeigern durchschaue ich noch nicht so ganz, vielleicht verstehe ich es nach der 101. Erklärung.

Ich nehme an der Hinweis "niemals eine Usereingabe direkt ausführen" geht in Richtung Injection wie beim SQL? Für mich wäre das aber prinzipiell erstmal egal bzgl. Sicherheit, so weit bin ich noch lange nicht.
Programming Questions / Re: LED is dim while in PID lo...
Last post by BKK - Today at 03:31 am
I did try the program with the servos always enabled, they buzz and are quite annoying. I like it much better when they turn off after the ball is stable.

I will look at the sub-loop combination, that portion was "working" so I am hesitant to mess with it until I get to the optimization stage. If it is causing the LED dim issue though, it will be broached.

I tried to post the entire program but I run into the max character constraint, it is attached as a text file

I am guessing that the two shields are trying to access the same pins.
Project Guidance / Re: MicroSD drawing too much c...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 03:30 am

Please read the first post in any forum entitled how to use this forum.,148850.0.html then look down to item #7 about how to post your code.
It will be formatted in a scrolling window that makes it easier to read.

Some platforms and members, do not like going off forum to get code or images.

Thanks.. Tom... :)
Bar Sport / Re: MEGA2560 being phased out?
Last post by Qdeathstar - Today at 03:24 am
I mean, you don't have to...
I found  to be very helpful.

You must buy a 3.3V AC adapter. The ESP8266 is power hungry and the Arduino Uno cannot supply the current that the ESP8266 needs.

Project Guidance / Re: humidifiers and led on rel...
Last post by TomGeorge - Today at 03:22 am
Welcome to the forum.

Please read the first post in any forum entitled how to use this forum.,148850.0.html then look down to item #7 about how to post your code.
It will be formatted in a scrolling window that makes it easier to read.

i am currently building humidity tanks with led lighting.
I am new to arduino and while ive done some research i cant seem to figure it out.
I am trying to wire up 4 dht22 humidity sensors to the mega2560 to control an 8 channel relay board
4 of the relay channels will control 4 seperate ultrasonic humidity sensors to keep a certain humidity sensor.
and the led lighting will be on the other 4 relay channels controlled by a clock module to keep the lighting on at certain times of day.
I feel decently comfortable i can get the code working if i can figure out how to wire it up. can any one help me out?
Sorry had to open it up to get your points.
Have you written any code.
You need to do this in stages and there are many tutorials on how to connect the DHT22.
Attempt and get working just using one DHT22 first and work up.

And many more if you google      arduino    dht22 tutorial

Tom... :)
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