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Français / Besoin d'aide
Last post by 2ant - Today at 06:37 pm
Bonjour, je possède un buzzer passif que j'avais eu dans un kit :

Je souhaiterais en acheter d'autres (une dizaine) le plus près au niveaux des spec que celui que j'ai.

Celui que je possède doit être pour 5v max (je suppose) vu le volume que ça sort dans mon montage test.

Je regarde en ce moment sur Conrad mais je suis un peu perdu avec leurs catégories.

Ce que je recherche est un buzzer dont je peut faire changer le son et pas juste un bruit continu en présence d'une tension.

Est ce que quelqu'un sait ou je pourrais en trouver le moins cher possible (même si c'est en chine)

Merci d'avance
Project Guidance / Re: Arduino GSM Shield
Last post by johnwasser - Today at 06:36 pm
The GSM Shield can be use to establish a network connection.

You will probably need to get your own SIM card.  See the limitations of the SIM included with the shield:
Displays / Re: LCD and Serial monitor pro...
Last post by k_motor - Today at 06:36 pm
Well, I tried to recreate your problem using your example sketch, an arduino UNO, and an LCD, but I couldn't!  The pins I used were:
Code: [Select]
// LiquidCrystal lcd(rs, enable, d4, d5, d6, d7);
LiquidCrystal lcd(9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4);
  Using those pins, there are no problems with the code you posted, at least on my setup.  My arduino definitely reboots on serial connect but the sketch seems to reinitialize the LCD okay.

CarlW made a good point about a delay in your setup loop.  Definitely worth a try.

I have had garbage output on LCDs in the past when partial instructions get written to the LCD or if I've tried to mess with the LCD timings in the library to write instructions too fast.

Just some other ideas that might or might not help...
Do you have different LCD you could test?  Maybe your LCD controller is slower than what the library expects...
Recheck the wiring?  Faulty connections cause me to tear my hair out more than anything else.

Keep us posted.
Chapter 7, Bovet and Cesati's "Understanding the Linux Kernel"
Generale / Re: Problemi funzionamento LCD
Last post by ItalianBiker - Today at 06:32 pm
Il problema non vuole risolversi.

Mi sa che il nostro prossimo passo sarà comprare un nuovo LCD e provare con quello, per vedere se magari il problema risiede nell'LCD stesso...
Hello all, I have a school project which involves 6 small 5v solenoids ( and a speaker. I am hoping to create a device to aid children in learning Braille where 6 solenoids are positioned in 2 lines, they will sequence through the alphabet and speak the letter, for example the Braille for "A" will be activated, around 3 seconds will pass and then the sound file of "A" will speak, a further 3 seconds will pass until the next letter will become into sequence.
I have an Arduino Uno and have connected 1 small 5v solenoid to it and it works using the simple "blink" program however I do not know how to program 6 solenoids and a sound file, any help would be much appreciated thank you.
Français / Re: [Conseil]Shields GSM
Last post by B@tto - Today at 06:31 pm

Les sites que j'ai cité sécurisent les données et je vois difficilement comment une personnes mal intentionnée pourrait nuire au système. Même si tu es le proprio du site, comment remonter jusqu'au bateau ? Et un voleur bien équipé utilisera un brouilleur pour empêcher tout déclenchement d'alarme ... Et la y'a rien à y faire (en GSM en tout cas).

Je pense qu'il s'agit ici plus de récupérer des données environnementales (temp, humidité,niveau d'essence ...) et de déclencher des alarmes en cas de pépin (de l'eau qui rentre dans le bateau par exemple, ou une présence). Dans ce cas envoi par SMS + data. Et tiers ou pas ça fonctionnera pareil ;)
I have an Arduino Micro, and an RN-52 Bluetooth Audio module that I want to control from the Arduino.

The RN-52 is a 3.3V device, and can be controlled over a UART Interface when pin GPIO9 is pulled low.

It also has an 'event' signal on GPIO2. GPIO2 floats high (3.3V) and goes low for 100 ms when an event happens. At this point I'm supposed to enter terminal mode by pulling GPIO9 low, waiting for 'CMD', entering 'Q\r', and parsing the result. I think I know how I can do that with the Micro.

With that background, what would be the best way of working with GPIO2? Should I connect it to a digital pin and use an ISR? Or is the polling of the main loop fast enough that just doing a digital read would work?

Also, since the RN-52 is 3.3V and the Micro is 5V, can I use digital inputs at all, or should I be reading an analog line? I think digital state change means 3.0V -> 0, but I just want to be sure.

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.
Displays / Re: Understanding LCD problems
Last post by ItalianBiker - Today at 06:30 pm
I wish our problem was easier. I still believe it's not a resistor issue since we tried even big numbers, which actually changed the contrast, but didn't make anything appear on the screen but the blocks.

I guess our next steps will be to buy a 10kohm potentiometer, just to try, and a new LCD. Maybe the problem is the LCD itself.
Deutsch / Re: LED Blitz machbar? 1.000 L...
Last post by Muecke - Today at 06:30 pm

bin mal so frei direkt hier reinzuquasseln, ich habe deinen plan mal mit eagle nachgepinselt.
dabei ist mir aufgefallen das deine bestelliste nicht so ganz dem plan entspricht, möglicherweise nur tippfehler, da fehlen bauteile bzw. welche sind doppelt drin.
was habe ich denn vergessen/ doppelt?
z.B. C1 etc. sind Doppelt mit der selben Bezeichnung da ich die ausprobieren möchte mit unterschiedlichen werten.

doch vergessen wäre sch.... noch könnte ich der Bestellung was anhängen lassen, da die Bestellung noch nicht geprüft wurde bei Recihelt.


hoffe in meiner zeichnung keine böcke weiter eingebaut zu haben, was mir aber noch nicht so einleuchtet.

wo werden dann die anderen 991 LEDs angeschlossen? direkt in so einer dreier-kette-mit-widerstand an den m1?

die 3x3 LED`s sind für den ersten test,
Später werden dann 10x100 LED`s aufgebaut.
dazu kommt dann auch eine andere Energiequelle dran.

ps. Cool, ein richtiger Schaltplan. ich kann mit Eagle irgend wie nicht richtig umgehen :-(
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