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Displays / Re: i2c backpack LCD
Last post by crchisholm - Today at 04:16 am
I think that is the way I am set up now, but will have to review it tomorrow.  Maybe I am missing something.  I think I have no LiquidCrystal libraries in the main library folder and only the fmalpartida one in the  supplemental one.

I will also check out guesser.
Hardware / Re: FireWire (IEEE 1394) Shiel...
Last post by MSL - Today at 04:16 am
surbyte, a que te refieres con que ya murío?
lo que se es que IEEE1394 aún es ampliamente utilizado...
Te refieres a que el "FireWire Shield" es imposible solo por que lo has leído en un post en inglés?

You already have it defined as a variable. I showed, in reply #6, how to assign the variable a value.
For help, I suggest you limit your code to just converting the joystick input to PWM output for the motors. Once that is worked out, incorporate that back into the massive main code.

Thank you both for your help I figured it out!
Programming Questions / Re: VB or C#?
Last post by Delta_G - Today at 04:13 am
I'm not a fan of VB, so if I have to choose between the two I guess I'd pick C#.

But really I'm going to say that it depends on the particular application.  It has a lot more to do with what you want the PC end to do than it does with the fact that it is involving Arduino.  Surely python and java have their place.  Just about anything that can handle a serial interface is going to be applicable somewhere.

The donate page for IDE downloads launches a download of the windows version of the IDE both after donating and when clicking "just download". It seems to not be preserving the fact that I got to the donate page from a "Linux 64 bit" download link.
Programming Questions / Re: VB or C#?
Last post by RayLivingston - Today at 04:10 am
c# is c++ done right.  It's very clean, and very functional.  VB is an abomination.  It is the Edsel of programming languages.  The syntax is an unholy mess, courtesy of 20+ years of constant mutation.

Ray L.
Reply, and Attach the files.
Im going to interject something here. I gave up on using EtherCard.h, I had a lot of similar issues with it.

Instead I started using UIPEthernet (UIPEthernet.h)

It seemed to fix all my issues, used a little less space, and is function compatible with the stock Ethernet.h

Just my $0.02
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