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Français / Question relais 12v avec Ardui...
Last post by leo3620 - Today at 08:41 pm
Bonjour je souhaiterais a partir d'une carte Arduino uno piloter des relais qui vont alimenter des pompes en 12V mais je ne sais pas trop comment faire, non pas le programme sa je me débrouillerais mais plutôt le câblage. Merci si vous pouviez m'éclairer
General Electronics / Re: Varying internal reference...
Last post by Wawa - Today at 08:41 pm
Not sure where you got this info from that a low impedance external Aref is needed.

This is from the Aref page on this site (not from the Atmel datasheet).

"you can connect the external reference voltage to the AREF pin through a 5K resistor"

Someone pointed out in another post that a true bandgap reference can't be made with Cmos.

From the link in post#0
"Don't let the voltage to the analog input exceed the analog reference"

Not a problem to do so, as long as you stay under VCC+0.5volt.

So I understood correctly ? If we want to know how much khz we need ( like for one knock from quietKnock 30 to loudKnock 100 ) , we just need test our piezo element in serial monitor ? And so we know what frequency we need for this project ?
Deutsch / Re: Frage zu Strommessung
Last post by uk1408 - Today at 08:40 pm

ich weiß jetzt nicht wo die diversen Faktoren (0.0264 und 13.15) herkommen.
Aber wenn du eine Durchschnitt über x Messungen machen willst müsste es meiner Meinung nach so aussehen:

Code: [Select]

void loop() {
  float average = 0;
  for (int i = 0; i < 1000; i++) {
    average = average + (.0264 * analogRead(A0) - 13.51) ;    // erst mal 1000 Messuneg

    average = average / 1000;                                                // erst hier den Mittelwert bilden

    if (average == 0.01)average = 0.00;
    if (average == -0.01)average = 0.00;

Project Guidance / Re: USB control h-bridge motor...
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 08:40 pm
Any idea what a diagram like that would look like?
You are the guy with all the data.

if you want advice make a simple pencil drawing showing how you propose to connect things and post a photo of the drawing.

And post links to the datasheets for the external devices.

Generally you need to connect the GND for the power supplies to the Arduino GND. But specific items may have an internal connection - hence the need for the details.

Software / Re: LCD_I2C
Last post by AntonioMB - Today at 08:40 pm
La librería es LiquidCrystal Adafruit. Ver 1.0.5
Le bar / Re: Tout début
Last post by pierrotm777 - Today at 08:39 pm
Réuni les setup en un seul et les loop en un seul. Ajoutés ce qui ce trouve avant le setup du deuxième programme avant celui du premier. Compiles, ça doit aller tout seul.
Website and Forum / Re: Negative Karma
Last post by Vulcan666 - Today at 08:39 pm
Okay, thanks for letting me know!
The (int) is converting a long to an int.

'L' is in the definition for C/C++.

Attaching an 'L' to the 1024 value makes things clearer but is unnecessary because it is going to be processed that way automatically anyway.

If I understand the rules of C/C++ correctly, analogValue is going to be converted to a long, the multiplication with 5000L is going to be handled as long times long, the result is going to be a long, and then the 1024 is converted to a long so that the division is a long divided by a long.  The result is a long.  Converting this result to an int by using (int) makes the programmer's intent more clear but is unnecessary because a conversion to an int is going to take place when the result is assigned to voltage.

I hope that I got this right but I am sure that people will correct me if I got it wrong.

Generale / Cerchiamo uno sviluppatore HW/...
Last post by faustob64 - Today at 08:38 pm

stiamo sviluppando - con l'aiuto di un finanziamento della Regione Lazio - un prodotto per la misurazione, destinato a professionisti. Siamo in fase di sviluppo del prototipo - basato su Arduino e iOS. Stiamo cercando un esperto di Arduino HW/SW con il seguente profilo:

- dimostrata esperienza nella creazione di prototipi HW di qualità' con controllers Arduino, motori a passo, fotocamere digitali, sensori ecc
- capacita' di creare SW di interfaccia - seriale, bluetooth ecc
- disponibile a lavorare 5-10 ore a settimana al progetto (non continuamente, ma in fasi)
- disponibilità per i prossimi 12 mesi (minimo)
- residente a Roma o dintorni (sede di riferimento Roma centro)
- forte preferenza per uno studente di Ingegneria o Informatica
- il rapporto di lavoro sara' come consulente esterno
- la retribuzione sarà a contratto per ogni fase, da accordare
- il materiale sarà (ovviamente) fornito da noi

Le persone interessate possono contattarmi direttamente via email

- un breve profilo personale, esperienze, stato degli studi
- qualche esempio di progetto realizzato


--- non si mette la propria eMail, i contatti avvengono via MP - gpb01
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