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The Arduino Starter Kit / Re: advice for begginer
Last post by remdroo - Today at 12:11 pm
I havent though about a multimeter will add to list. Iwas after add on as his birthday is in December. So I wanted to get him a few extra things for Christmas he is quite technical and is already dismantled tons of things to see how they work (just like I was at his age).
Generale / Re: foto highspeed con arduino
Last post by cyberhs - Today at 12:10 pm
Il modulo in tuo possesso ha solo l'uscita digitale che viene attivata quando si accende il LED sulla schedina.

Non essendo un uscita analogica, lo sketch è più semplice in quanto il trimmer sulla schedina determina il livello di soglia.

Code: [Select]

#define led 13
#define SENSOR_PIN 2

void setup() {
  pinMode(led, OUTPUT);
  attachInterrupt(0, ISR, RISING);    // external interrupt 0 su pin 2 (in alternativa 1 su pin 3)

void loop() {
  digitalWrite(led, LOW);

void ISR() {
  digitalWrite(led, HIGH);     // flash
Deutsch / Re: Windows: neue FTDI Treiber...
Last post by uwefed - Today at 12:10 pm


Wenn man sich nicht ganz sicher ist, einen orginalen FTDI FT232 auf seinem Arduino oder Clone zu haben - Hände weg vom letzten Windows Update, denn das macht vorhandene Hardware unbrauchbar!

Auf dem Orginal-Arduino müßte auch ein Orginal FTDi Chip sein.
Die FT232-Fälschung wird nicht zerstört sondern wie im Beitrag über NANO-Clon wird die Vendor ID mit 0000 ersetzt und so erkennt das Betriebsystem nicht automatisch den FT232 und kann somit auch kein Treiber aufgerufen werden.

Grüße Uwe
the sensor stopped maybe working as on serial monitor 1023 is the only number i get.
That suggests a ground has dropped off.
How is it wired up, with a pull up resistor or a pull down one?
I am starter and I have question about the read() function of Servo library. Does the read function support read directly from the output signal of a RC receiver? For example, if I want to know what is the current output angle by the RC receiver, could I directly connect the signal output pin of RC receiver to the input pin of Arduino?  Does the read function will measure the PWM pulse width from input pin or just  return the current angle stored in the Servo object?

Bar Sport / Re: ! ~ Happy Diwali ~ !
Last post by GoForSmoke - Today at 12:07 pm
Arvind Gupta on Youtube has a howto make your own Diwali festival lanterns.

Because if you hold down the button it will constantly be HIGH and toggleOn will constantly switch between 1 and 0. Don't update toggleOn unless buttonState is LOW again (signifying the button has been released, and can be pressed again.)

Deutsch / Re: Neues Forum und Datenschut...
Last post by Jomelo - Today at 12:07 pm
Ein weitere Sache zum Datenschutz:
In Deutschland muss ich damit einverstanden sein, dass meine IP gespeichert wird. Bzw in den AGBs muss darauf hingewiesen werden und ich muss explizit zustimmen. Steht das in den AGBs mit drin ?  

Hello fellow Arduino makers,

I am part of a tech startup that has created a new technology that will make interacting with devices as standardized and interoperable as world wide web technology did for information pages.

You can read all about this fantastic new technology on our blog: ADRC Blog

and you can back it if you like on Kickstarter: Kickstarter page

The Kickstarter project is for our technology packaged as a shield for Arduino makers.

I know you will find it very interesting so please have a look.
Project Guidance / Re: interface Button with ardu...
Last post by bentech4u - Today at 12:06 pm
yes i planned to put DC adapter for this

the renaming thing i didn't exactly. do you have any reference link to make this.?
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