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ok. in your post you write Serial Monitor, but you mean Serial interface. Serial Monitor is a window in IDE.

your code for reading the data looses the characters. read about Serial input basics

Project Guidance / Re: nick gammon
Last post by Robin2 - Today at 11:09 am
If you edit your Original Post you can change the title to describe what you want help with - perhaps "How to create PCB test fixture"

Hardware / Re: Proyecto Nueva Casa
Last post by matella - Today at 11:06 am
Muchas gracias por responder, después de hacer varias pruebas y de las dificultades voy a utilizar la placa de relés que tenía al principio. En cuanto tenga algo más realizado os pondré alguna foto para ver que consejos me podéis dar en base a vuestra experiencia.
Microcontrollers / Re: Problem with Programming A...
Last post by westfw - Today at 11:03 am
I meant this was the selection throughout!
Not if it actually said:

Code: [Select]
Expected signature for ATMEGA328P is 1E 95 0F Double check chip, or use -F to override this check.

I tried another stepper as well but the same problem..
Changing the motor should not make any difference.

Try a different stepper driver - my guess is that the one you have been trying has a fault.

Programming Questions / Light chaser with 74hc595 and ...
Last post by w31x - Today at 11:03 am
I would like to make a light chaser with the 74hc595 and let it run in a kind of wave. The first led is faded and getting brighter and brighter.
The whole thing should be realized with a shift register, because I want to drive many leds so.
I have found this program (including video) for Arduinocontroller like the Uno here ->

It is about synchronizing the interrupts of the timer with the frequency of the ESP. However, I am not so deep in the programming that I could realize this alone for the ESP8266, so I hope here in the forum are a few people who can help me with this program.
Deutsch / Re: Arduino Uno/WS2812/Raspber...
Last post by HotSystems - Today at 11:02 am
Sry dann habe ich mich geirrt.
Macht ja nichts, wir lernen alle dazu. ;)
I imagine it would be possible to get a servo that would be capable of operating the steered wheels. Very powerful servos are available, if needed.

A servo will be the easiest option mechanically, electrically and program-wise.

An alternative. And probably  cheaper.

Hardware / Re: Alimentar arduino por cone...
Last post by matella - Today at 11:01 am
Muchas gracias por vuestras respuesta compañeros, al final he hecho lo que me ha recomendado surbyte.
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