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Project Guidance / Re: JPEG image help
Last post by Harry_g - Today at 06:48 pm
I know. But I am sending the images over to the computer via USB and doing some image processing there. Is this still too slow? I only need to take one pic every 3 seconds.
I want to do the same thing using an Arduino Uno and my android phone. Someone help me
Project Guidance / Re: detect current direction i...
Last post by LarryD - Today at 06:46 pm
Suggest you use the common LM339.
Should be available in most countries.

Google for circuits.
Look at different data sheet for circuits.
Maybe a zero crossing detection cct. would work.
Do we need to call PETA on you? ;)
Français / Re: Capteur ABS moto & arduino...
Last post by powergravity - Today at 06:44 pm

Merci de vos conseils. Je viens de descendre au garage pour tester.
Par rapport au schéma ci-joint (pardonnez moi pour la convention de signe) :
UAB=12.1 V
UAC=12.8 V
UBC=0.6 V
IB=0.7 mA

Il semble maintenant évident qu'il soit alimenté en 12 V.

La résistance entre les deux fils du capteur est infinie.

Bonne soirée,
Programming Questions / Re: Compile error
Last post by PaulS - Today at 06:44 pm
Where is your code?
Project Guidance / Re: Stepping up PWM power
Last post by ChrisTenone - Today at 06:43 pm
That's probably exactly what I need. The picture is a little small to make out what all is going on there.

If you click the link on Bill's post, you'll go to an Instructables project where the circuit is described and shown in greater detail and magnification. Just wire it up.

Thanks. I was unsure if this would work with the LED strips. I remember trying something like this two years ago. It was with a different project and it seemed the circuit didn't work unless I added a pulldown resistor and then it seemed to overheat something. Someone, back then, said that the problem might have been that the motor would keep the circuit charged. I was using small LEDs as the test circuit and they wouldn't go off when the arduino went off.
I'm sure it was something I did wrong but the result was I burned up an UNO. I thought maybe I had a defective UNO so I hooked up a second one and promptly burned up that one also.

I'm thinking it's time to give it another shot based on the number of hits to Gammon's web page.
Yeah, read Wawa's post. Be careful with the current. Look twice at any resistor or wire going to ground. That is why you burned up two Arduinos. (The first one was a learning experience - valuable and worth it. But the second one ... tsk.)
Did it work BEFORE it got really long?

And what have you added that stopped it working?

You did test it step by step as you developed it, didn't you?

Français / Re: Quid d'Amazon
Last post by CelticLord - Today at 06:43 pm
J'ai tout acheté sur amazon et je n'ai aucun probleme, notamment les produits de kumanroad sont tres bien
Project Guidance / Re: detect current direction i...
Last post by SumitAich - Today at 06:43 pm
This is a "thought experiment", right? A puzzle, a test? You have no intention of attaching electrodes to the tails of your pets, real or imaginary?

You would need to place the bowl on a large rubber mat, so that the voltage at the tongue reaches the tail and does not leak away to earth through their paws.
the floor is carpeted. my pets are locked inside the room and free to move
Français / Re: Problème programmation cap...
Last post by antoine974 - Today at 06:42 pm
3. Posez vous la question de ce qui qualifie une vrai passage en terme de transition d'état qui doit faire incrémenter la valeur: c'est lorsque vous détectez une transition 0 - 1 - 0 c'est cela?
Oui c'est bien cela, une transition 0-1 suivie d'une transition 1-0 donnerait une incrémentation d'une variable. Donc, à partir de la variable val = 0, comment puis-je mémoriser ce changement d'état 0-1-0?

Code: [Select]

If (Val == valeur)
valeur = 1;
If (Val == valeur)
valeur = 0;

L'idée est bonne ou pas? Comment je peux faire la boucle totale? Comment forcer le programme à aller dans la deuxième partie de ce programme?

Autrement pourrais-je faire deux incrémentations différentes, une pour le passage 0-1, l'autre pour le passage 1-0, comme tenté sur le code?

C'est un peu normal, en fait ton code va lire l'état de A0 à chaque boucle de loop et incrémenter une variable.
Donc tant que l'aimant est devant, la variable augmente. Le code tel que ecrit ici, teste la présence de l'aimant, pas vraiment le "passage".

Idéalement, utiliser une interruption matérielle serai plus adapté.

Tu pourrais écrire plus simplement:
Code: [Select]
Le programme tel qu'il est écrit me permet-il de réaliser une incrémentation lors du passage?
Compris pour le a++!!

Merci d'avance pour votre aide à vous deux!
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