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Hardware / Re: ARDUINO UNO, RTC, SD, SIM8...
Last post by surbyte - Today at 01:48 am
En ningún sitio mencionaste que el SIM800 esta sin shield. Por lo visto has armado toda la interfaz alrededor incluyendo la fuente de alimetación. Si es el caso porque no explicas como lo alimentas? Podria ser causante de los roblemas
I fear that the template construct makes a copy of the class for each used size.
Not necessarily.  I have seen the template arguments turn into instance members, with one copy of code.  I don't recall if I looked at NeoBufferedPrint, but I think the compiler *probably* will do that.  That class adds the "flush when full" concept to a fixed-size buffer.

I need to add a base class, really, that does what you have offered.  Then NeoBufferedPrint can "derive" from that class.

You might want to look at pyro_65's PrintEx library.  Much more complete.
Storage / Re: GPS Logger on SD card
Last post by Nick_Pyner - Today at 01:47 am
The GPS shield/module probably requires a library to use with it, and and an example of its use will probably be included therein, Similarly, there is an SD card xample inluded in the Arduino IDE.
Interfacing w/ Software on the Computer / Re: Visuino
Last post by ieee488 - Today at 01:46 am
If the OP really does not have any involvement with Visuino then his question seems perfectly reasonable.

And how are we suppose to know when the very first question asked is about a piece of software noone around here uses or knows about?

And since he gave you pushback for your response, one wonders how much he really cares about other opinions except his own about this software? And since that is the case, why bother asking?  Just he should go use it and ignore us.


Español / Re: Lampara Led efecto Amanece...
Last post by edgarll182 - Today at 01:41 am
Si lo se, esta mas que claro lo que digo al menos me llevo esa satisfaccion de que pude realizar mi proyecto por mi cuenta pero en fin, por esa razon trato de dejar mis notas y proyecto aunque esta a prueba espero le pueda servir a alguien mas para algun comienzo o idea de por donde empezar.

Programming Questions / Re: 2 SW_Serial problem
Last post by -dev - Today at 01:40 am
Quote from: ieee488
I would just receive 1 byte send 1 byte.
That probably won't work.  The second byte would be missed while he is forwarding the first byte.

Use Serial for one of the devices (pins 0 & 1).  You have to be very selective about debug prints, because everything you print will go to one of the devices.  Also, you have to disconnect pin 0 to upload new sketches over the USB port.

Then use AltSoftSerial for the other device (pins 8 & 9).  AltSoftSerial and Serial will not interfere with each other.

SoftwareSerial is very iinefficient, because it disables interrupts for long periods of time.  It cannot send and receive at the same time, so printing on SoftwareSerial prevents receiving anything.  SoftwareSerial interferes with *everything*.
What Android app?
I guess that would be the real question.
Yes.  Google for loop. You may have to add C to filter out BASIC and other languages.
Thanks. I have seen some of them, and even some copies (china I guess... brand MUYI). So far though, I haven't found one I could mount is a simple drilled hole (meaning ROUND). Even if I end up using plastic enclosures, square or oval shaped holes are a pain. And if I go with metal enclosures, no way I'll be able to cut anything but drilled (round) holes.

But I'm on their website now, and will look some more. Thanks again!
There are nibblers to cut any shaped hole in thin metal, aluminum or steel used in electronic enclosures. There are square hole punches of many sizes. You can punch several square holes in series to make a rectangle. Use a file to clean up the edges. Done all the time!


It's quite late at the moment so I might realize the answer in morning, but anyways...

I'm trying to write a code to turn a digital pin on and off 58 times (delay), turn the digital pin on and off 58 times (delay), turn another digital pin on and off one time, and then continue from the start.

In other words, a simple 60-2 plus CAM signal generator.

Between any On/Off there should be a given (delay).

Is there a way to loop this 58 times without having to write it 58 times?...

Code: [Select]
digitalWrite(CRK_PIN, HIGH);
digitalWrite(CRK_PIN, LOW);
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