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Displays / Re: 16x2 LCD with I2C not disp...
Last post by bperrybap - Today at 07:18 pm
IN reference to the HD44780 library, I believe i had that installed as well and it did not work. But again I am not sure if I ever deleted anything from the library.
If it didn't work, then I'd be very interested in why.
Once you install the hd44780 library package, run the included I2CexpDiag sketch to test that the library and lcd device are working as expected.

--- bill
Programming Questions / Re: Loop
Last post by cattledog - Today at 07:17 pm
I'm confused by the multiple messages. Forget about the parsing for a moment.

Can you read the incoming message with code that produces

This just in... +CMT: "+447xxxxxxxx","","18/09/21,20:54:59+04" SITE WHATS HAPPENING

If this is what you get, what are you trying to extract?

Can you show the complete set of messages and the desired extractions. This is lost to me in the thread which is now getting lengthy.

Reading a complete message, and parsing it after it is received is well covered ground and you can get the assistance you need, once the basics are described.

Project Guidance / Re: Control 9 servos with boar...
Last post by aive - Today at 07:16 pm
An Uno can control up to 12 servos without needing any external boards.

But the servos must have their own power supply.


Yes, I don't know if particular motors requires more   than say 20-40mA current, anyway I want avoid power servos with 5V output of Arduino, but I'm not sure, how to power it with 12V or 9V when motor uses  4.8-5V ? Reason to use some board, is compactness of connecting the wires from motors, to include it in assembly casing
If you won't answer my questions I don't see how I can help. I can't see your project so I can only rely on what you tell me.

And a diagram (a photo of a simple pencil drawing) showing all the connections will be much easier to understand than a verbal description. See this  Simple Image Guide


Français / Re: Combinaison de boutons pou...
Last post by FoNeTiK47 - Today at 07:16 pm
Alors, d'abord merci à tous pour vos aides.  :smiley-lol:
J'essaye d'en tenir compte pour corriger mon code mais, avec mon niveau, c'est vraiment compliqué de tout comprendre...
Du coup, pour être sûr de bien aller dans la bonne direction, je vais vous détailler les modifs que je compte faire. Vous pourrez me dire si j'ai bon comme ça.

JML : pour l'antirebond, je ne sais pas le faire, j'ai simplement copié le code original. Le truc du pauvre avec la fonction delay me plaît bien ! C'est bon si je fais comme ça ?
Code: [Select]
if((sensorSwitch1==HIGH) && (sensorSwitch2==LOW) && (sensorSwitch3==LOW) && (sensorSwitch4==LOW) && (sensorSwitch5==LOW))
        Serial.println("Passage switch 1");

Pour l'histoire du tableau qui commence à 0, vous parlez bien de ça :
Code: [Select]
for ( int i=0; i< sizeCode;i++) qui veut dire que la variable commence à 0 alors que je la fais commencer à 1 ici :
Code: [Select]
int emplacementActuelTableau=1;, c'est ça ? Si je mets le "int i=1" ça marche ?
Quant au fait de tester si emplacementActuelTableau  dépasse, je ne sais pas comment on fait ça...
Français / Re: Téléverser un sketch Ardui...
Last post by myster1ous - Today at 07:14 pm
La configuration "sortie usine" pour l'horloge est la suivante :
oscillateur 8 Mhz interne
diviseur d'horloge par 8 activé

Ce qui fait que le micro tourne à 1 MHz.

Atmel a fait son choix pour que brut de fonderie le micro tourne à la plus basse fréquence : --> c'est plus facile pour SES tests.
Oui, oui, je sais bien c'est d'ailleurs ce que je disais dans mon 1er post :
[...]pour un ATmega328P vierge (avec l'oscillateur interne 8Mhz + prédivision par 8 donc tourne @ 1Mhz).
Displays / Re: How to turn off an I2C LCD...
Last post by bperrybap - Today at 07:13 pm
Nanos are far more practical for real projects, can be used with a "solderless breadboard" or as a "daughterboard" to your own PCB.  A Nano will also hide behind the LCD.

If you no longer need repeated code downloads or PC connectivity, Pro Minis and a USB adapter for the odd occasion you do need to reprogram.

Once you start looking around for alternate solutions and what is potentially possible, lots of stuff can pop up.
These days I use very little AVR based stuff. I use ESP8266 modules and Raspberry Pi zero W boards.
Both are $5 or less and have gobs of 32 bit horse power and resources like RAM an flash/storage.
And can offer lots of interesting capabilities like IoT type capabilities including Web servers for configuration and displays.
The ESP8266 s/w includes an Arduino addon that also allows doing uploads/updates and serial monitor wirelessly over Wifi.
The Pi is full linux with Wifi and Bluetooth so lots of stuff possible there.

I've built several clocks using an ESP8266 module that syncs with NTP servers and has a web server in it for configuration.
The ESP can even figure out where you are located based on the Internet IP address to auto detect your timezone and DST rules.

A lot of it these days comes down to a preference to what you are comfortable using.

--- bill
Software / fermare e far ripartire secTim...
Last post by comtel - Today at 07:13 pm
salve,ho realizzato un circuito con arduino ,un disply 20 x 4 ,keypad 4 x 4 ,scheda 8 relè.
ho impostato il tasto uno come stop, il tasto 2 come start.
quando premo il tasto 2 il contatore parte ad un certo punto premo stop, non riesco più a farlo ripartire se non resettando.
mi scuso perchè ho già scritto un post ma non lo vedo pubblicato per cui mi ripeto
Displays / Re: Can't get the Displaytech ...
Last post by Tvarobot - Today at 07:13 pm
Try this datasheet this got my one working

the supplier posted another datasheet and that got me thinking that i cannot get this done until i saw on the front of the panel the letters 202B googled it and found this datasheet
Editor / A problem when importing 3rd-p...
Last post by WZTong - Today at 07:13 pm
I want to write my skech on "" and my project need a library called SCoop, but it can't be found by the search, so I downloaded a .zip file on the github and was successful importing it into my custom lib, but I still can't Verify my sketch for "No such a file" reason. I want to know how to solve this problem.
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