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 on: Today at 01:59:14 am 
Started by Kakashio - Last post by carmeloco
Si lo alimentas por la entrada VIN, no hay problema.

 on: Today at 01:58:12 am 
Started by cascade - Last post by carmeloco
Yo uso este:

Junto con esto:

Más que nada, por comodidad, ya que cargo muchos sketch directamente con el programador, y usando un arduino como programador, tenia que cargarle el sketchde Arduino as ISP y cablearlo todo. De esta forma, lo conecto rápido al ICSP, programo y listo.

Hay que decir, que este programador, tal y como viene de serie, no va bien, hay que cargarle el firmware de Thomas Fischl. Yo lo hice siguiendo las instrucciones de aqui:

 on: Today at 01:58:00 am 
Started by stevedarman - Last post by stevedarman
Just to get an idea whats going on i multiplied the rps by 3.5
and gave me roughly the correct rpm
I have a plug in tacho as well as optical to confirm engine rpm
If it is bounce how can i rectify this?

 on: Today at 01:57:32 am 
Started by superlol - Last post by lesto

Il resto è pigrizia.  smiley-twist

Dunque, dai 120 a 200€ di treno a/r, altri 50€ per la notte... Ehm.. Passo  smiley-roll-sweat

@leo: esistono dei siti dove "compri" i passaggi in macchina... Ora non mi viene il nome, se qualcuno li posta ci do un occhio anche io, si sa mai

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Started by miryokuteki - Last post by rogerClark
Its a bit cheeky, but plenty of places sell them e.g. on AliExpress, so you could contact one of the suppliers asking about a data sheet

 on: Today at 01:54:54 am 
Started by Helmuth - Last post by sth77
Wäre es in dem Fall nicht günstiger, die zwei MSGEQ7 mit 3,3V zu betreiben, also ganz ohne Shield? Ein einfacher Lochrasteraufbau sollte machbar sein, dann kann man auch den Teensy in entsprechende Buchsenleisten stecken.

 on: Today at 01:54:17 am 
Started by ser_u - Last post by nix_mehr_frei

besorge dir den USBasp und ein 10 auf 6 pol. Hosenträgerkabel, dann kannst du die Nanos direkt über ISP programmieren. Du kannst einerseits einen neuen Bootloader aufspielen und gucken, ob es damit geht, oder du verzichtest auf den seriellen Umweg, sparst die 2 Pins, die die serielle Schnittstelle braucht und etwas Platz im FLASH und gehst beim Programmieren generell über ISP. Mache ich bei fertigen Projekten, die einen eigenen ATMEGA328 auf Lochraster bekommen, generell so  smiley-wink

Gruß Gerald

 on: Today at 01:53:03 am 
Started by Leone_Euglena - Last post by Aaron_1
I don't know if you can do such thing as these suggestions but ill throw them out there..
1) connect a SD card to your Arduino, store/run the sketches from the SD via a small sketch on the Arduino..
2) do a 50/50 and split the sensors across the Yun/Uno use one of them expensive shields to send/receive data between arduinos.

Even though I'm just starting out with this stuff (noob) just off what I'm doing (making rc car) im using an 433mhz transmitter/receiver to send between Uno/Nano and that looks like messy code and it is the most basic code, so I would go with the SD card option and have a small sketch on the Uno to run your main sketch off of the SD card. Bonus of having an SD card connected is that you can create big logs for debugging purposes.

Thats my logic,

 on: Today at 01:52:37 am 
Started by stevedarman - Last post by Nick Gammon
Engine is running at 1400 rpm and arduino is reading around 400rps
I have worked out it needs to be multiplied by almost3.5 to make it accurate

Do you mean "divided by"?

400 rps is 24000 RPM.

So you are expecting 23 rps? Sounds like a few bounces to me.

1400 / 60 = 23.3

So you are getting 400 rps, and you should be getting 23.3.

400 / 23.3 = 17.1

Where do you get 3.5 from?

 on: Today at 01:50:37 am 
Started by JBenedettini - Last post by Robin2
The OP in this [url]Thread[/url] has a similar question and I have made some suggestions there that may also be of interest to you.


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