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Deutsch / Re: Rennsimulator Button Box H...
Last post by Scherheinz - Today at 01:43 am
Da geb ich dir recht, aber ansonsten gibt es das meiste Zubehör immernoch für den Uno. Der Adapter lächelt mich aber auch gerade an  :)
Project Guidance / Re: Locomotive Controller Conu...
Last post by csxt6573 - Today at 01:41 am
G_M and Jimbo - thanks.  My C skills are a bit rusty, but I am sure I can hammer it out.

Robin2:  The command I want to send is basically that of a push-button keypress.  The DCC system's controllers have potentiometers and buttons that allow you to increase or decrease the speed of your train, and this is what i want the levers to replicate.  If the software keeps sending the keypress over and over (like in a simple if loop), I feel like that will cause the train to "run away" simply by being in Run 1...and that would be bad :)  Probably not so much of an issue with the state change implementation.

Thanks again for your time!
Software / Re: Problema arduino pro mini
Last post by surbyte - Today at 01:38 am
Yo creo (puedo equivocarme) que no tienes el bootloader instalado en tu Arduino. Por alguna razón no esta.
Cuando lo desconectas y luego no funciona el sketch que has grabado es por ausencia del bootloader. Creo haber leído un problema similar en este foro que se resolvio de ese modo.
Ahora si me preguntas como grabar el bootloader, muy simple pero necesitas otro arduino o un programador ICSP.
Aca un tutorial.
Programming Questions / Re: Reading cattle EID tags
Last post by PaulS - Today at 01:38 am
Code: [Select]
char tagValueArray[] = {""};
char tagNamesArray[] = {""};

If you don't specify a size, the compiler counts the initializers. Since you provided only an empty string terminated by a NULL, the array will be able to hold one character or a NULL. Not terribly useful, do you think?

Provide a size, and don't bother with the initializers. The SD class is going to provide the value.

The sketch compiles but I get nothing from :
Because the arrays are way too small.

Code: [Select]
    n = readField(&file, str, sizeof(str), ",\n");
This is supposed to be populating the tagValueArray or the tagNameArray.
Hi , i need to find the maximum value in array of 140 elements , and the index associated with this max value to use it in the code again .

please help me,  and thank you so much  :D
So, this is what I like to achieve now:
-If no MidiNote is on, nothing happens
-While MidiNote 61 is on, 4 red pixels are rotating
-While MidiNote 62 is on, 4 green pixels are rotating
So, what have you tried? Changing the condition in the while statement seems trivial.
Project Guidance / Is it possible to drive an 8x8...
Last post by ttkoshi - Today at 01:33 am
Hi everyone-

So I've looked online and found many conflicting answers, so I'm asking here. Please know that I tried to find a singular answer, but I trust the replies I get here more than random things on the internet. My question is this, I have an 8x8x8 LED cube, and an Arduino Mega. Is it possible to drive the LEDs using just a single MEGA, without any other hardware components (e.g., no LED driver chips or whatever)? I'm basically restricted to what I can get at my local electronics store (a Fry's), and so I can't use any fancy boards or specialized hardware. Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you everyone!

think of several solutions, but it generally involves some kind of structure to hold the loop.

Yes its largely a mechanical arrangement.
Plastic that can withstand the temperature with a hair dryer.
Spacing with a kiln.

Given the temperature , would an incandescent light bulb do the job ?
Can you :

Select ATTINY85 at any speed
set programmer to ArduinoISP
Click tools -> Burn Bootloader

Click in the bottom status window, click ctrl+a then ctrl+c

paste the contents to a new message here.
Deutsch / Re: Rennsimulator Button Box H...
Last post by Whandall - Today at 01:32 am
Ich finde das Uno Standard Format schwer ohne Shield anzuschließen, mit sind die ziemlich dick.

Die Nanos kann man einfach auf eine Platine löten, oder auf so einen günstigen Schraubadapter stecken.

Nano Terminal Adapter 0,72 €
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