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Programming Questions / Re: Sim racing handbrake
Last post by adwsystems - Today at 10:37 pm
I realize you don't have the Arduino to test. You have a nice short program. But what do you think it will do when you get your Arduino? So in the time before it arrives, please describe here what you think each of the lines of code does. Yes, I see some problems but that doesn't matter. You need to see the problems.

Also, why do you declare the value of x as a byte rather than unsigned integer? You divide the analogRead (0-1023) by 4 which will then fit into the byte (0-255) . That is good, but you have reduced you resolution by a factor of 4.

Bump - is there any additional info I can provide to more clearly explain my problem here? I know it's a bit of an info-dump, but I had assumed this would be a well-known circuit I was working on here and there would be some general troubleshooting wisdom to use as a starting point.
Project Guidance / Re: RFID/NFC Readers which one...
Last post by DevilWAH - Today at 10:37 pm
been looking more in to this and I see there are some modules using RC522 and some PN532, tags that are NXP NTAG213 NFC

Is there any resource on the internet that lists all the RFIC / NFC standards and comparability?
But, you have not posted your codes!

TTL version of the asynchronous data/signal can travel upto 50' (feet) without much appreciable distortion. 10 meter is about 32 feet; so, distance should not be a practical problem. Please, post your codes with code tags (</>).
Good Morning  :) 

I'm experiencing the same issue too!

Is there a way for us to submit this mysterious issue as a potential bug to the devs?
I would send the instructions in phases, so it's do the deed, eyeball and evaluate, until I knew every single step worked right one at a time, then in order.

a step through mode for the first use, then a production mode when you know you have it nailed

if you don't step through the process, how will you know where you went wrong?

youtube search term cnc fail, cnc crash, for what happens when you don't
Try and write a small program that only writes some text to the display and nothing else.
Did you do this?

Leave your circuit as it is for now, and write a program (or use an example or tutorial) that only writes some text, and does not do anything else. This program will have nothing in loop().
If you then still only see the text while you press the button, that would be ... ... interesting.

Also, read [...] about wiring up potentiometers to the contrast pin of these LCDs.
Did you do this? Are you actually using a 100kΩ potentiometer?

Instead of connecting pin 3 of your display to the wiper of your potentiometer, try connecting it to ground with 220 or 1000 or 2000 Ohm resistance. See if any of those give you a nice readable display.
Le bar / Re: Triste pour notre dame...
Last post by hbachetti - Today at 10:30 pm
C'est un faux ... Soulcié n'a jamais dessiné ça.
Programming Questions / Re: 2 timers arduino uno
Last post by vaj4088 - Today at 10:27 pm
Code: [Select]

    else if (run = 0) digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
    else if ((Min == 0) && (Sec == 0) && run) {
      run = 0;
      TCCR1B = 0x00; //stop timer
    if (pay=1) {

This is a common mistake.  It may occur in other places, and there may be other issues.
One equal sign assigns a value to a variable (and also provides a result), but
Two equal signs are used for a comparison.

When an 'if' statement has only one result statement, it is not required to put the single statement in curly brackets '{…}' but it is better to use the curly brackets anyway, partly because it looks better and partly because it avoids errors when additional statements are added.

The Agent version I am using is 1.1.86-5c199c1
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