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I am located in Guaymas, Sonora, Mexico and am playing with Arduinos for a few projects. I do some niche engineering/programming for US clients (SonoraTechnical.com), but also operate a small language school (Espanglish.org) that focuses on professional language skills development in manufacturing facilities.

I am considering holding some MakerSpace classes in my little school to teach electronics and programming basics using Arduino. (Need to build up an inventory of kits and install some inexpensive PCs, but that's just money.. LOL). I think it would be allot of fun. Furthermore, there is no better way to learn something, than to teach it to others.

Anyone in San Carlos, Guaymas, Obregon or Hermosillo that has interest in Arduino? I frequent Tucson quite a bit too, any users there?

Quiero una vida simple en Mexico...nada mas.


Hi, I currently live in Hermosillo but I'm from Guaymas. I love Arduino, I have been working with it for almost 2 years already. I have my projects in progress and I would love to get in contact with you.

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I'm in Tucson, Arizona.  Feel free to contact me next time you are in Tucson.  I would like to collaborate and exchange ideas.


Hello, I am located in Hermosillo too. Feel free to contact me. fpalafox@climason.com


Gentlemen from Hermosillo. I missed your updates.

Presently, I live in Alamos, Sonora. However, I do travel to Guaymas, Hermosillo and Tucson on occasion.

One of my former instructors at the Espanglish Institute in Guaymas Sonora (Espanglish.org) has branched off and opened his own Workshop...called "The Guaymas Workshop".  He has absorbed all of the Music and Electronics (Arduino) courses, as well as Elementary English.... (The Espanglish Institute
has become focused on profesional development in the maquilas.)

Daniel can be reached at:
Dan@espanglish.org (still uses the Espanglish resources as we maintain a non-binding profesional afiliación).

I have a few projects I continue to work on...primarily concerned with wáter quality monitoring... focusing on the DUE (because of the raw pin counts, memory footprint and speed), but am hung up with the libraries like everyone else.
Quiero una vida simple en Mexico...nada mas.


Time and Unforeseen occurrence befall all of us. My wife and I have found it necessary to move back to the United States to care for our aging parents. It's been a great 8 1/2 year gig here in Mexico! So, in October, we will be relocating to Green Valley, Arizona.... Midway between Tucson Arizona USA, and Nogales Sonora Mexico.
Green Valley has a really neat Recreational Department that runs a wood shop, metal shop, a lapidary, etc....  So, who knows.... maybe in lieu of getting high school age kids in Mexico turned on to Arduino..... I'll be turning retired old dudes in Arizona on to Arduino!
Quiero una vida simple en Mexico...nada mas.


  My name is Jack Herron, and I live in Tucson.  Well, in the Tucson area.  I actually live in Vail, about 14 miles from Tucson.
At the moment I would have to be described as pre-newbie.  I appear to have the software installed, but cannot find how to get to the sketch page.
  Since I am floundering in deep water here I would surely appreciate ANY  help you can give me.
  I can be reached at jackherron@cox.net, but would prefer a phone contact as I have a tremor which makes typing very difficult.  Home phone 520 269-7279, cell 520 429-6249.

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