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There I was, sorting through my box of old motors and steppers, and noticed two nice ones with a bit of gearing. And the wife called to remind me to pack for the Easter holiday - way out in the country side. Hmmm... two stepper, a servoe ill take a few pieces of wood, some aluminim pipes... yes I think I could build a basic EggBot. Fortunatly there was time to drive to the local FabLab and cut the box on the lasercutter (I am very bad at cutting square and getting things at right angles). Throw in a hotglue gun, a hand drill and off we went.

I had about 4-6 hours in a corner, peace and quiet, and managed to "throw together". Roll the video !
Roll the video !


Nice project. I really like it :)


Code attached "due to popular request" (well, one. ;) )

The "manual" version just moves one motor at a time. It was more for tweaking the mechanics. Search in Arduino here for the nnnC library - I wrote that.

The "1" version draws what the video shows and is hardcoded. The intention is to include a library of patterns which are selected with some simple input mechanism (so the USB/Laptop is not needed)

Neither program is complete or written to be educational (too few comments, structure/variables).


As I am building a similar project but more based on a CNC type machine I needed some testing software. Therefore I downloaded this. Thanks.



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