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Had to look up the acrimony but it is one of the types of modulation I spoke off at first:-

So if both TX and RX use this form of modulation of the carrier then that is one of the compatibility boxes ticked.


Excellent, thank you.

The chipset in both my wireless door and my wireless plugs is OOK, so this is looking more probable.

I think for the few quid that the RX/TX modules are on ebay, I'll take a chance and have a mess around.

I did also find a chap who is selling a device that does just what I'm intending to make, for 35 Euros. I emailed him, and he makes them using an Arduino with RX/TX modules (that he linked me to on ebay - almost unbelievably, the very same ebay item I was already looking at), and using VirtualWiring, so I'll have a stab at making my own with this kit. If I fail, then for the sake of 30 odd quid I may buy one of his (although that really feels like cheating!)


how did this go? i just recently have started messing with my 433mhz things. were you able to get his source code? id be interested in that

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