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I need to send data from android to arduino mega using the HC-05 bluetooth module and I am using the Genotronex.println to send data from arduino to android .. now my question is
is posible to send a full string from android to the arduino mega 2560 ??  because a need to send string to the arduino to configure that with my app made in android using bluetooth  :) .

How can I read a full string via serial bluetooth ??


You read the string character at a time, until you get some sort of marker that indicates the end of the string (newline, space, etc.).

In terms of sending more than 1 character from the phone, it depends on your bluetooth app in the phone.  Some can be configured to send more than one character, some can't.  The app Bluetooth Controller, for example can be configured to send different text for the nine buttons that are configured on the screen: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=apps.BT&hl=en

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