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I really enjoy your simulator, when I can , can I donate towards it ???? I think this is a worthy cause and I usually don't donate to too much to projects unless they are good... but this one is. The only thing I would like to see is  more projects for it. I am part of the Robot Club at KwartzLab in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada (some of you reading this might know me).... if anyone wants more info about the Robot Club or KwartzLab email me back. Thanks... Russ Campbell
Russ Campbell

An Edison Machine In Every Home (from Thomas Edison)


I've come across a possible bug.
In the code below, in block //4 the replace seems not to function.

   Sample Program to show some string functionsn
//#include "string.h";

void setup() {
   String my_str = "This is my string.";
   // (1) print the string
   // (2) change the string to upper-case
   // (3) overwrite the string
   my_str = "My new string.";
   // (4) replace a word in the string
   my_str.replace("string", "Arduino sketch");
   // (5) get the length of the string
   Serial.print("String length is: ");

void loop()


My code is working perfectly on Arduino uno v3. Simulator is giving error on  #include <String.h>

Error is :
PARSE ERROR: A < > Bracketed #include file name must contain the full drive path

How to solve this issue?

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