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I saw this tiny Freeduino 'Really Barebones' (http://moderndevice.com/RBBB.shtml)

Is this a board that I can use after programing my chip? The thing I am looking for it a cheap and simple board that will allow me to use my chip and the input/outputs. I want to build a project and sololy use that board for it. I don't want to have to use my freeduino because I want to have it for future projects as well (in order to program my chips and beta testing).


This is a good little board. I didn't see if it included a voltage regulator but it would not be hard to add if needed.


I have one that's going into "production" in my son's room very soon, I hope. Mine does have a voltage regulator, as seen on the product's main page:


It looks like you can cut off the unnecessary parts of the pcb if you like.


I'm not moderndevice.com, just a customer responding to a question about something I bought.


I have yet to hear from them. I never got a confirmation email, nor they answered my consern.

However, they did take out money from my PayPal account...


I put in an order with them about a week ago, should arrive in a few days. I never got an email, so don't fret.


I've ordered more than half a dozen of those things from Paul. They all had small transistor-ish regulators. Send him an email if you are worried, sometime he's busy. I don't think this is his full time job...  :)


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