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Hello everybody,

is it possible to use the CAN BUS Shield SLD01105P (http://store.arduino.cc/product/SLD01105P) with ARDUINO DUE?

Pins seem to fit and SPI interface is properly connectable.

So I tried to send CAN messagges by using the library  "mcp_can.h", which is perfectly working with ARDUINO UNO, but communication fails:
 the istruction : "CAN.begin(CAN_500KBPS)" doesn't respond positively.

Do you have some tip?  Is there some specific library for using CAN BUS Shield SLD01105P  with ARDUINO DUE?

Thanks in advance


I was able to get my Arduino DUE to work with that CAN-BUS Shield using the latest Seeed-Studio/CAN_BUS_Shield software from github.

Make sure that you are using a v1.1 or higher CAN-BUS Shield as that is when they moved the SPI pins to be compatible with the MEGA and LEONARDO type boards.  Also, remember to pass a 9 when you declare the CAN variable as the default CS changed from 10 to 9 starting with v1.1. 

MCP_CAN CAN(9);  // CS9

If you happen to be using a v1.0 board, you can still use that board, but you have to bend and jump some pins.  Take a look at the seeed WIKI page on how to do that.  I didn't have to do that because I am using a v1.2 board.


We have a CAN bus shield specifically for the Due at http://store.evtv.me/proddetail.php?prod=ArduinoDueCANBUS&cat=28

Collin Kidder has done an excellent CAN library for Due at https://github.com/collin80/due_can

We even have a Due variant that has CAN on the Due with no shield required. http://store.evtv.me/proddetail.php?prod=EVTVDue2

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