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I am using a custom board which is very similar to Arduino Due (uC ATSAM3x8E) and I want to program it using the arduino IDE (for many reasons I stopped using the Atmega IDE - too many bugs). So I have to implement the CAN communication between two boards. I succeeded with the Teensy 3.2 and another board using a CAN transceiver and the flexcan library. For Arduino Due, this library is not working. It is throwing this errors:
error: 'CORE_PIN3_CONFIG' was not declared in this scope
error: 'PORT_PCR_MUX' was not declared in this scope

And so on. I am pretty sure this is due to the fact that Flexcan is not meant to be used with arduino boards. Am I right? If I select the teensy 3.2 I can build without any errors. My question is, if there is out there a CAN library I can use with my Arduino Due which works in a similar way as the flexcan does?

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The DUE_CAN Library from collin80 is the right one:


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