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Hi Guys,

I need help to figure out using ARDUINO  on a commercial product. I am not sure what steps do I need to do, to be able to use ARDUINO MICRO USB in a commercial product. I would like to do/ Know the flowing

1- How can I change the device descriptor ?
   Currently When I plug in the USB in,  it shows on the device manager as an  ARDUINO MICRO , I
    would like to change the  name, so when It plugs in it shows the (Commercial Name )

2- How can I change the following:
     a) Vendor ID
     b) PRODUCT ID
     c) Device release
     d) Manufacturing String ...etc ?

Solutions I've  tried :-
1- I've tried to create a batch file that edits the register Key to change the friendly name to the Commercial name, but It didn't work since the key was protected and needed ownership permission. Yes I could change the setting and take ownership but I need something done programmatically  not  manually because it is thousands of unite we will be shipping. 

2- I tried to use the bootloader , but i am not sure how ?

ANY help will be great !



Do you have a valid VID and PID for your product? If so I think you can edit USBcore.h and boards.txt. Search the forums here for VID and PID.


NO I don't, How can I get a valid VID and PID for my product ?
Do i need to purchase them from USB.org or is there another way ?


For a valid VID/PID, yes, you have to go to USB and purchase one.

Bummer, right!


If you were buying the 32u4 chips from an authorised source, and buying in quantities large enough, Microchip might give you a sublicense PID under their VID.

There is still a form for that on the Microchip site, but I think you'd have to be a (larger) customer.


How can I but USBcore.h and boards.txt back to ARDUIo



I changed the USBcore.h and the boards.txt and I would like to know How can I burn the USBcore.h and boards.txt back to ARDUINO "

The goal, is to change the Descriptor of the USB board

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