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I recently received a 5" and a 7" CPLD displays from CTE along with their shield for the MEGA.
Unfortunately I cannot get the backlight to work.  On the 5" display C21 is faulty but should not affect the performance.

I have tried displays from BuyDisplays and SainSmart also and so far all have problems.
BuyDisplays (SSD1963) - unable to make the SD Card work on either the display or the shield.
SainSmart (SSD1963) - Colours are incorrect on loaded images
CTE (CPLD) - no backlight so cannot determine if everything else works.   The GHL examples seem to run but nothing visual happens.

I have been googling for answers for sometime now without any luck.  SainSmart have tired to be helpful but things are getting lost in translation.

If anyone has any idea how to make the backlight work I would be most grateful.


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If your display from CTE is genuinely faulty, they will replace it, otherwise, as long as you have set the jumpers on the shield correctly.............. it will just work.

For a 7" display you need to blob solder on jumper 12 for the extra 5V.



ps. I assume you are wst***ke@bigpond.net.au, you should have contacted me directly as I do not visit the Arduino forums much any more.
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