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Hi! I'm having trouble with my LCD. So, my program runs perfectly on my friend's laptop. But when I tried running it on mine, the LCD just blink once then nothing happened. I have the same version of Arduino IDE as my friend's.

Attached below is my code.


From the ino I see that you are using an i2c / backpack LCD display

As it works with your friend's laptop the hardware is OK. It might be that on your laptop a different library is installalled leading to non-funtioning of the LCD dsiplay.

I recommend Bill Perry's hd44780 library.
Succes !


But I have copied all my friend's library and still not working


Can you show pictures of your LCD - one picture of the front, one picture of the back ?


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IF your codes are truly identical and it works on your friend's laptop
AND you have properly wired the gear together so that it doesn't fall apart in transit.
THEN about all that is left is the power supply, and it might be time to start talking about that....

Is anything changing there? Well quite possibly, and an LCD is just the thing to show it up.

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