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Topic: How to upload firmware on virgin ATMEGA16U2 to be UART for ATMEGA2560? (Read 206 times) previous topic - next topic


TL;DR, virgin ATMEGA16U2 to UART for bootloaded ATMEGA2560

From what I've been finding on the internet, alot of tutorials assume that I want to upgrade the firmware on a ATMEGA16U2 chip that already exists on an Arduino board.

However, because I want to try building everything from ground up, the ATMEGA16U2 chip I purchased does not come preloaded with the firmware, and I have to flash it with the relevant firmware.

Is there a way to do this without desoldering an existing ATMEGA16U2 from a board and replacing it with my virgin ATMEGA16U2?


The real boards have a 6pin connector layout for connecting a device programmer.  You should too.  And you'll need a programmer ( a working arduino running arduinoisp will work.)

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