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I messed up and scored surface of the circuit board on this camera.  I do not do SMD for reasons too many to list.  I can't see any obvious markings.  I was just going to run it broke, or assume .1uf and try and solder a gigantic dip capacitor in it's place.

Can anyone else tell me what the two in the upper left are? 


No technical PMs.
The last thing you did is where you should start looking.


Why not just solder up
Where you've scored it ?


It looks like the capacitor is fractured, the one at the top.


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 Wouldn't C8 be more descriptive than "the one on top"?


Surface mount ceramic capacitors rarely have markings. The best you can do is to measure them, but if they are broken or physically damaged then you are stuffed unless you can get at the schematics.


It's not worth me find diagram.  I just thought I could learn something more about SMD components since I am so stubborn to commit my designs only to DIP. 

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