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In the previous Yun version one could disable the bridge by the following changes in /etc/rc.local and in /etc/inittab:

in inittab this line: #ttyATH0::askfirst:/bin/ash --login  (quote it in order to disable the Bridge)

in rc.local:  echo 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/printk  (un-quote that line) in order to prevent unexpected messages

The inittab and rc.local files on the Rev2 look a bit different.

Does someone know how to change those files or maybe other files in order to disable the Bridge and to prevent unwanted messages


I'd also like to disable the Bridge and other messages.

Where you able to find out the answer to this?


Nobody answered.
I did not do a lot of tests yet, but as far as I can see now is that it is sufficient to leave out the following line in /etc/inittab:

#::askconsole:/usr/libexec/login.sh    (prepend with # in order to disable)

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