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That's very promising. At a peak of 8,000 rpm you'd end up with almost 700 Hz signal. That's very doable.

When checking with the scope, do check for duty cycle as well: how long are the high/low parts of the signal. Hopefully about 50%. If it can supply a few mA (connect a 2k2 or even 1k resistor as load to the signal, see what happens on the scope) you can use an optocoupler to isolate it from the Arduino. Safer like that. after connecting to the optocoupler, verify the signal coming out with the scope.

When you have a good 0-5V block wave it's getting easy. There are lots of frequency counter examples out there.
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While the details are getting sorted out.....where does everyone buy these parts from?  Ill probably need help building a shopping list.  It sounds like I need a voltage divider, octocoupler, some resistors and a few other things.  I look and see a billion varieties.  I saw like a virtual breadboard somehwere...is there something I can use to build this virtually and have my layout checked?


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