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I am having a problem with the edit roverLocalization algorithm for the mobile rover arudino eng kit project. I attached a picture of the error message and my arena setup as viewed by matlab.

the arena is 45x60 cm measured pretty accurately, and is well lit. Instead of the usb webcam provdied I used my iphone to live stream for better quality.

the error message is in step 5 of the alg. so I'm pretty close just don't really understand the error/how to fix it.

i have recalibrated the alg many times using the roverCalibration script and made sure to follow the steps accurately so I know its not a result of human error.

i also edited the source code for the targetPos function to accommodate a larger area as I was getting error messages for that before but was able to fix it.
s = strel('square',14); %was originally 20. i did not change line 18 as specified by the arudino eng tutorial kit troubleshooting tips


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