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Hi all, I am EE student that is new to microcontrollers.  I begin work  on  a project with the Arduino Mega2560, and in need of some help answering some questions. Answering these question will help me to understand the microcontroller. 

What is ADC pin on mega2560? 
Is  the ADC pin =  Analog Input Pins?
maximum and minimum values that the Arduino's ADC pins can withstand and read?
Does  current flow through the ADC pin at all or do they just read voltages?
If current flow through the ADC pin what is the range min and max  range of current?

Thank you.


There are 16 ADC pins on the Mega2560.
ADC = analog input pin
>=0 to <=5V
Just reads voltage.
High input impedance, max current flow ~ 0.5mA.
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