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your @ssh0leiness

hehe, it fits the picture, was given to me by a sparkfun shrill, and its mostly true as well  ]:D

Though I admit I went on that radio shack advertisement misreading your location, I thought it was N(ew) Mexico at a glance ... I dont even know if radio shack is a thing in real Mexico (only been a few times and could not care any less about radio shack while there lol)


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Sorry Osgeld, just kiddin' , perdón, I apologize but I always like to joke with friends   :)

Have you really been to MonteRRey (not CA but South of the border, down Mexico way). Monterrey as in "Old Blue Eyes" Frankie, "It happened in Monterrey, a long time ago".

And yes, there's a local Radio Shack. And you know what, ... it stinks. Instead I would recommend many other nicer places to enjoy yourself and of course offer you our hospitality.

See Osgeld, most of the guys did not like the solder rings I found, while searching for another part, but then again, who cares, as a by product of this thread and CrossRoads' suggestions, we are rediscovering WIRE WRAPPING as an excellent, and maybe a bit forgotten, tool.

BTW: If anybody noticed a great advantage on of the solder rings, is that they completely free one of your hands when soldering.

¡Salud, Osgeld, I invite you to a cold beer or a single malt whenever you come down here!   XD

PS: I'm also a mathematician so, does Osgeld really  == @assh0le?. Somehow I don't think so !!!   :)
PPS: Oh shoot, just kiddin' again.  ¡Gracias y bienvenido! ]:D
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OK, YourDuino.com is looking for low-cost WireWrap tools, wire etc.  I have a lot of WW sockets and I need to ship them TO China..   I will have them in our "ProtoTyping" section..

Anyone who has never seen this: 

A couple of photos:

I have wirewrapped, um, yes - thousands of wires.  Most of them > 20 years ago.

A free wirewrap tool and some wire and a few sockets to the first person who tells us what this means:

"Dog Three is VCC  and Dog Eight is Ground" 
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I have WSU-30M apparantly.  Looks just like the one in the picture above.
The M means modified. Have to read the Oki tools description, somehow it lets the wires wrap a little differently to start.
The long end wraps, the the short end unwraps.

Pin D3 is connected to Vcc, Pin D8 is connected to ground.
D being the 4th strip, 3rd & 8th holes.
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I'd like boards that have the same layout as the solderless breadboards, so we can transfer right over.

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