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Topic: Where to get 4-digit 7-segment LED with decimal points and colon 0.56" digits? (Read 2080 times) previous topic - next topic


I have a design that needs  4-digit 7-segment LED with decimal points and colon 0.56" digits. I looked on ebay and there seems to be only 2 sellers that sell these (yeah, some are aliases of the same sellers). One has the wrong connection diagram. I got a sample from them and the decimal points don't work. The other seller doesn't even offer connection diagram and just claims all the dots work. Should I trust them? I also looked at digikey and sparkfun but they don't have large enough digits. If you have used such display (both decimals and colons have to work), can you suggest a source of this display? Thanks.

My only one suggestion received from GoForSmoke:


This is common cathode and there's only one color so I wonder if there are other ones and common anode ones out there I just don't know. Thanks.


Just a bit small. I will have to use them if I can't find the larger ones.

Jack Christensen

Pretty hard to find the colons, I've spent more than a little time looking myself. Tayda sells some that are visually almost identical to those that Sparkfun sells, but the connection is just a bit different, and they're common cathode. But like the Sparkfun displays, they are 0.4". Both are good quality displays, very crisp and they don't need a lot of current.

I'd really like to find a part with six digits or more so I could have 88:88:88, etc., but they just don't seem to be out there. A two-digit part with a colon would also work by stacking them.

Let us know if you turn anything up.


Will do. If I find anything useful, I'll post where I get them.



Check out kingbright LEDs.
Whole series of common anode, common cathode, different colors.
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