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iv'e been looking around for servos to buy, and i cant get the facts straight!

first of all, if anybody wants to reccomend a good site for buying servos, that would be helpful.

and also, i got this information from a site where the servos looked okay, it said:

Transit Time (4.8V):               0.23 sec./60°  
 Torque (6.0V):           56 oz.in.  
 Transit Time (6.0V):           0.18 sec./60°  

now does this information tell me that the servo ONLY SPINS 60 DEGREES?
or do they spin 180 degrees?

heres the site im gettin this from http://www.bphobbies.com/view.asp?id=A0780198&pid=A0790270

also, can anybody reccomend a site with reasonably priced servos, and components? i need to buy both, and i dont want to buy from several places....

thanks in advance for any help!


Servo is the one that twiddles the wheel a limited range. Airplane flaps and fake  Cuckoo Clock are some of the uses.

Stepper is the one that can spin and spin and spin and spin.

And of course the bestest is FREE, find sources for steppers in junk electronics and hack them out. Old HP LJ II or maybe III are good sources.
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Sadly, I don't know anyplace that sells both components and servos at reasonable prices.  The places with good prices and selection on servos tend to lack simpler components, and the places with good prices and wide selection on components don't seem to carry servos (which are sort of a "consumer" item, after all.)  If you're willing to limit your choices and pay a bit of a premium, you might have luck with one of the shops catering to robotics hobbyists, like http://www.Solarbotics.com

(I think the "60 degress of travel" is probably max travel in either direction from the center point, but I'm not that sure....)


that 60 degree travel from center pin to EACH side sounds like it makes sends...

i was able to find somewhat of the perfect site...

elecp.com has servos and components, but most ic's are WAY over priced!

i wanted to get an h bridge to control a motor, and the price was outragous, but i did get some fairly cheap shift registers... even though i NEED an h bridge........

thnks for the help, i think i got all the info i needed.


The electronic goldmine is a cool place:


They primarily sell surpluss stuff, most things at reasonable prices.

They have lots of motors, but unfortunately no servos right now.
But since they get new stuff all the time one should check it regularly.
Sometimes they have really good bargains on different IC's.


Have a look at http://www.unitedhobbies.com for servos. They have one that I found that has 180 degrees rotation:

I think you can modify most servos for 360 degree rotation, google for it, I am sure you will find some information about it.


oh, only buy things they have in stock, the company has a not so good track record for delivery of items not in stock...


wow, those are good sites, i like that first one, becuase i look at some stuff and it sais " rgb led tri color, 5.00$, and im like WTF??, and then its like "pack of 300", and im like YAY!!!

if you get what i say...
they have good prices for semi surplus...
you know, order alot of parts, but not thosands at a time, and i like that... semi surplus...

the second one has great servos, for very good prices, and i am considering ordering some from there!

thanks for the great links guys, and happy new years


Jan 01, 2008, 12:54 pm Last Edit: Jan 01, 2008, 12:54 pm by Fredrik_Andersson Reason: 1
now does this information tell me that the servo ONLY SPINS 60 DEGREES?
or do they spin 180 degrees?

That's just the speed. It means it takes a certain time to travel 60 degrees. Most servos has a range of 180 degrees.

I'm very happy of the GWS servos. They are cheap and has high amount of torque.


i just ordered some hitec motors that seem to have sufficient torque, and they look simple to hook up, and i got them from elexp.com, they have pretty good servo prices, check em out!


i just ordered some hitec motors that seem to have sufficient torque, and they look simple to hook up, and i got them from elexp.com, they have pretty good servo prices, check em out!

Which ones did you go with? I'm looking for some too, and am in the same boat... no idea what to get,
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Big93, for the benefit of others that are tempted to follow your lead, the place you linked seems overpriced for servos. As an example,  the Hitec HS-81 is a popular small servo that is inexpensive but has reasonable performance costs $16.49 from here http://www3.towerhobbies.com/cgi-bin/wti0001p?&I=LXN676 with $3.99 shipping.

Sorry I wasn't able to reply earlier.


Jan 04, 2008, 05:45 am Last Edit: Jan 04, 2008, 05:49 am by big93 Reason: 1
i ordered what i believe is a standard servo motor, and theyre only 10 bucks a pop, which will get you the 20 bucks minimum spending requerment if you buy 2 atleast, and i got em from elexp.com, but further down ill post the link and the model i bought:

and i bought two HS-311 and i'm sapposed to recieve them today, so ill let you know how good they are

but maybe you want to ask mem where to get servos, it seems he knows more then me, and it's always a good idea to ask people with expierence  

and to mem:
what site did i reccommend that had expensive prices?

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