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Im, sorry how to print raw result?
i only know how to use serial.print.


i only know how to use serial.print.

So, use that to print the values returned by the rangefinders, before you make any decisions based on those values.
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instead of "out of range" post the reading .... ie what's the value..

Code: [Select]

 if (distance >= 3 && distance <= 50)
   Serial.println(" cm");
   digitalWrite(LED, HIGH);
  if (bdistance >= 3 && bdistance <= 50)

   digitalWrite(LED2, HIGH);
 else {
    Serial.println("Out of range");
    Serial.println(" cm");

    digitalWrite(LED, LOW);
    digitalWrite(LED2, LOW);


i use "else if" right now and i use the delay. it seems to work fine..
thank you for all your help guys..  :D


Could you list your current code that works?
I just purchased one of these sensors on ebay and need some help figuring out the code for it. I thought this module would be the same as the Ping))). I was wrong, but hope to get it to work just as well.

Thank you.

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