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Topic: Is it possible to control Arduino Uno using one Xbee? (Read 700 times) previous topic - next topic


I plan on buying an Xbee so that i can control my Arduino using a wireless network,is this possible because when i googled i see people using two Xbee's to communicate with the Arduino and for me I dont hope to buy all those two XBee's.I am sorry if this sounds like a stupid question,I dont know so I am asking.


The XBee is a transceiver - a transmitter and a receiver in one unit. It needs to have something to talk to. One XBee by itself is pretty much useless.
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if you want, you can purchase a Roving Networks RN-XV xbee shield plug in replacement that allows you to connect it to your wifi network and control it either from an ios device or your computer wirelessly... :) might be something for you to check out :)  there are several threads on using it in various scenarios :)   

Hope this helpds :) 

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