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I am new to Arduino.
I was just wondering if the parallel programmer hack posted on the official Arduino website works or not.
I ask this because I've seen most AVR ISP parallel programmers constructed with a buffer chip in the middle and more resistors.
Like this one:

and the software for this Arduino parallel programmer seems to be for PIC devices which is strange.
So I just want to be clear on this as I am trying to construct a parallel programmer myself.
Some help would be greatly appreciated.

I've definitely used it successfully in the past.  The giveio software was originally intended for use with PIC, but all it does is provide access to the parallel port, so it's also usable for AVRs.  Some people have apparently had to use Arduino 0007 to burn the bootloader with a parallel programmer, though:

The simple parallel programmer described on the arduino site works for a lot of people, but it did not work at all for me.  I suspect some basic hardware incompatibility with my computer's parallel port.

I built one like you describe with a 74hc244 and it worked great the first time.

I eventually spent US$34 on an Atmel avrispmkII (when AVRdude became able to use the USB interfaced mkII on Mac OS X).


Ye I want to get a AVR ISP MKII as well, but I also want to save money.

Is AVR ISP MKII completely dependable?


--- Quote ---I want to get a AVR ISP MKII as well, but I also want to save money.
--- End quote ---

I can certainly understand that!

--- Quote ---Is AVR ISP MKII completely dependable?
--- End quote ---

It has been for me, although my use has been limited to ATmega8 and 168 devices so far. With a little help from avrdude and libusb it even works well on a Mac, which is fairly rare for this type of device.

If you want to save some money, I think LadyAda has a USB programmer kit for about half the price of the avrispmkII, but I have no experience with that one (already had my mkII when it became available).

The 74hc244 parallel port programmer worked fine for me, but my mac has no parallel port, so I could only use it at work - pretty inconvenient.  If you have a parallel port and a 74hc244 (the HC doesn't seem to be critical, I think I used an ALS or HCT), you may want to try that route.



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