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any news on this - desperate to get my hands on it!


Sorry It's taken so long, it's been really painstaking getting things working properly!

Here's a link to download a DMG of the Ronin GUI for Mac OS X, it's tested and runs fine on Tiger and Leopard:


You just download it, open it and copy the program to your applications folder.
If anyone wants to test it on Snow Leopard or Lion it would be great to get some feedback on that too.

@Electroplated we really appreciate you being an early adopter of the Ronin 802. We want to send you one of our new products to say thanks for your patience and feedback. We will contact you by email soon. If you have anymore questions just give us a shout, you can contact me directly on jim@sonodrome.co.uk




Nice one Jim!

I'll be giving this a go in a hour or 2 on Lion so I'll report back to let you know how I get on :)


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Unfortunately this doesn't seem to be Lion (10.7.3) compatible - have also tried it on Leopard (10.5.8) running on a G4 powerbook and nothing happens after launching the app, no errors or signs of the app running...? (Didn't have arduino/ronin connected to the mac at the time)

This is the message when launching the app on Lion:


@Electroplated, right I see what's happening.

The RoninGUI will run on Tiger and Leopard on an Intel Mac only, it is not compiled to support the older PPC architecture Macs. I will not be able to provide a release for these systems as I do not own them and I have no way of compiling or testing the GUI with them.

It would be possible to try and compile the RoninGUI from it's source files, to make an executable for Tiger or Leopard on a PPC mac. All of the RoninGUI source files are available from http://sourceforge.net/p/ronin802.

Another option would be to use the Linux version, you can install GNU Linux to your Mac alongside the existing operating system. Certain distributions of GNU Linux, such as Ubuntu and Mint, are really easy to install and set up.

I had a hunch that the GUI wouldn't work with OS X Lion, I don't have a copy of this operating system, so it has not been compiled or tested on it. 

I'm going to the Apple store this weekend to see about purchasing OS X Lion so I can compile and test the GUI on it. I'll keep you posted on this, will let you know as soon as I have it running.


Still looking at getting a version working for Lion.
Unfortunately my local Apple store does not stock Snow Leopard, and I need that first before I can upgrade to Lion.
Had to mail order a copy, it's still on its way in the post, they say it can take up to 5 days to deliver.

So I'll keep you posted on the progress, once I have Snow Leopard I should be able to upgrade to Lion using the App store.

Then I will compile the Ronin GUI for Lion and stick it on our Sourceforge page.




Hi Jim

Any update on a Lion compatible version yet - can't see anything on the sourceforge page?



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