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came accros this one (again)

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What is that, like zombies vs. robots?


Well... I'm still a beginner at Arduino stuff but I really like this topic. BTW lets not forget that we're talking about an AI that an Arduino could run. We are always going to be faced with the fear of our own creation overcomming us. And we have to realize and accept the fact that we may not be ment to fully understand this or master it... But as human beings, that wont stop us from trying. So... when your playing a 2D video game that constently moves the player forward with obstacles in the way... what must the player do to avoid termanation?


Also kind of late to the conversation - this one ended 2  years ago!
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I noticed that most posts were clueless about whats the purpose of a program that is able to program itself...and the answer is simple, it wants to evolve if such a program exists, then it will have learning capabilities and a simple conciousness just like we do...and that's where philosophy comes in...philosophy plays an important role in ai programming

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