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Hi all,

I am currently working with a 3 wire serial communication interface (SCLOCK, DIN, DOUT). I am having issues setting up the bidirectional SCLOCK. I am not sure how to achieve this in Arduino.

Any suggestions or literature on this topic would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance...

Nick Gammon

More information? Are you looking at async serial, SPI, I2C, or some other protocol?



Thanks for your prompt response.

It looks to me as if it doesn't adhere to any well known serial interface (that I can think of)... I have been successful with reading the configuration register (verified on oscilloscope) through bit banging on the pin ports but that does not require the use of a bidirectional clock.

This is the module I am working with...

Any insight would be very appreciated.


Can I switch the PinMode outside of the setup?

Could this be done by adjusting the DDR of the PORT in the middle of a function?

Nick Gammon

You can change pinMode as many times as you want, where you want.

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