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Hi, Andy here, first post..

I got an Arduino last year and have had hopes of recreating it using processing and an Arduino.. Its basically three LEDs which flash along with the music, not a VU meter, but a kind of EQ analyser. Hi, Mid, Low frequency..

I made a processing sketch which sampled an mp3 and included adjustable filters.

If one fancies a gander, the write-up is --> http://andycbriggs.wordpress.com/2012/04/12/forward-fast-mo-fo-fourier-transform-disco-leds/

And compulsory sensory pleasing youtube video...

Thanks for reading! Andy x  :)


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Thanks for the comments..  XD

Have another project in mind, soon as I get the unimportant stuff that is my job and uni assignments out the way  :smiley-roll:

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