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Hello all,

I'm new to the Arduino community. I'm embarking on a project to create a cool robot with my kids and picked the Arduino as my brain for the moment. I wanted a nice command line processing library to get me started with communicating with my Arduino. I didn't see one already in the user contributed code sections (or perhaps I am blind) but in any case I started writing one myself. It currently works (only a bit of testing) and I plan to update it as needed. There are no examples yet, I'll try to get some developed over the weekend based on my test code. If anyone would like to use or just check it out you can find the source on GitHub at https://github.com/markalanj/CommandLine



I've now updated the library with an example and added a few more features. You can get the latest version from Github at https://github.com/markalanj/CommandLine/tree/1.0 I've also created a release zip file which can be downloaded from http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8923652/CommandLine-1.0.zip



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