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Hi there,

I just installed the ServoTimer1 lib, and when I start "Arduino - 0010 Alpha" from the "run.bat" file (the exe won't work on my comp ?!?) it gives me the following message:

  ServoTimer1.cpp: In static member function 'static void ServoTimer1::seizeTimer1()':
  ServoTimer1.cpp:43: error: 'TICIE1' was not declared in this scope

Does anyone know what I should do?
I have tried placing the lib in almost all the the other subfolders I could find in the Arduino folder, but then it didn't see the lib in the GUI...

Thanks in advance


This is a software issue - should be in that section of the forum, not the hardware section.

The problem is that the code uses the register names for the AtMega8, I'm guessing you are using an AtMega168.

Problem solved for you here:


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