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i was thinking, since i have a 5x7 matrix that has 2 sets of 7 pins, could i use 2 shift registers, one for each set, and i could set the pin to high, when i don't want it to be grounded, and that could stop me from having to "refresh" the display

i just wanted to know if setting high on both sides of the led can ruin it, or damage the register, or the arduino.

i know that led's are a type of diodes, not letting electricity flowing a certain direction, but letting them flow the other way.
it sounds like it could work, in theory, but i want to know in reality.
thanks in advance for any help


please.... im bored, with a full schematic on how to solder everything up, i just need somebody to tell me "yes, you can do that and nothing will blow up or break" if they know thats true for sure...



Without the schematic, I'm not sure exactly what are you trying to do. I can tell you for SURE if you put +5V on both side of the LED, you are NOT hurting anything. There will be no current flow because there is no potential different to bias the LED.


thank the lord i got an answer....

well, i haven't drawn out a schematic, but i was just saying that i am using 2 shift registers pins to make a matrix work. but it's a matrix that requires the pin be connected to ground, and not be connected at all sometimes, so i wanted to use the shift register to make it connected to 5v on both sides, so it will not turn on, instead of having one side not connected if you know what i mean.

so i guess that gives me the go ahead, thanks!
ill probably post this in exhibition after i finish it, and document it

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