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  I corrected the problem.
  It seems to work in Google Chrome and internet Explorer.

  Let me know if it doesn't work in other browsers.



Doesn't seem to work using firefox 12.0 for macos (lion.)
DOES work with Safari 5.1.5


That sure is a lot of vias you used. Did you use an autorouter? Also see a lot of right angles in your tracks. Not a god idea for noise, but thats just my opinion. Looks good otherwise though


  Yes, I used the autorouter.  I'm not sure how to do manual traces so I guess we are kind of stuck.  I also looked at the firefox browser and I'm not sure what's happening there either.


You will need an atmega328 or atmega168 with bootloader flashed, and a CP2102 which is a $3.00 (ebay) usb to serial converter,

I would suggest that you get a real avr programmer and be done with that usb2serial stuff. And you can always reuse your programmer on future project, and no need to buy an avr with bootloader flashed - with your own programmer, you can flash whatever you want.

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