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Or is this impossible?

You do know that google has built actual, self-driving vehicles that have logged over 100,000 miles, over 1000 of that completely without human intervention (and the rest with only occasion human help), right?


I would say that if this can be done, what you are trying to do is certainly possible. Indeed, here is this:


This guy managed to do this while taking a free online course from Stanford (which I also participated in - it was an excellent course taught be Andrew Ng, who is an excellent instructor):


If that isn't enough, you could always take this course (better hurry - starts on Monday!):


...yeah, I'd say it's possible...

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Are those cars using sensors and position information?
Nick Gammon on multitasking Arduinos:
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The nnrc car is using video.  The OP wanted to do it without any input, except maybe wheel position?
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