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What is the end result which you're trying to achieve which you think will need wireless sketch uploads? I doubt that is feasible, but perhaps there is another way to achieve your end result.
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ok. so I want to build wireless re-programmable sensor nodes, and I really would like to use the 24L01 for the multiple pipes.

could I use the 24LO1+ to communicate with two ATmega328 simultaniously?

ATmega #1 just sits there most of the time, while ATmega #2 does all the logic of the sensor module.
Except when I send a specific command, which activates ATmega #1.
I then use the ATmega #1 to reprogramme ATmega #2 ?

Ahhh... I am way out of my water here. Does this make any sense?

Any other suggestions on how to create ~5 sensor nodes, which can communicate with each other as well as with a central hub and which I can remotely upload sketches to?

Sounds feasible.  You'd connect the rf24l01+ to the master atmega and connect that to the slave atmega via the hardware serial ports, and also connect a GPIO from the master to the slave atmega's reset pin. Then the master can reset the slave and program a new sketch into it, receiving the sketch via the rf24l01+.

You'd need to create a serial protocol so that the slave can send and receive messages via the rf24l01+ from the master atmega.


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Restating my problem:

I am building a device which I have no way to physically interface with, once activated. It is very probable that I will be improving/modifying the software side of things, as time goes on. I want a way to change the code running on the Arduino.

Current setup I am considering:

a nRF24L01+ with a dedicated Arduino Pro Mini(a) for communication (this breakoutboard: http://iteadstudio.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=7&products_id=53) and an additional Arduino Pro Mini(b) for logic.

Arduino a runs software which enables it to forward messages between Arduino b and RF module. Arduino b handles the rest of the logic.
The sketch on Arduino a would be permanent, and I could reprogram Arduino b via Arduino a.


Well. Actually. I don't even know where to start. I plan on ordering the parts next week and start tinkering, but I would really apreceate some more feedback

a) Is this feasible?
b) Is there any other/better way of doing this?
c) How would you go about it - are there any similar projects you know of?
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basically I am planning on doing what dhunt suggested. I just would really like some more opinions ....

Any comments or thoughts are highly apreceated




Arduino b handles the rest of the logic.

The rest of the logic of reprogramming itself? When you reset Arduino b to get to the point where you can load the new code, how do you propose to get that code from the radio?


no, sry. that was imprecisely formulated.

Arduino A, forwards data between Arduino B and RF module. Arduino A also is fully in charge of reprogramming Arduino B.

Arduino B takes care of the logic such as, when to log information, when to send it, when to give feedback and all the other issues in regards with my actual application.


Is this feasible? As in, is this a problem someone with mediocre programming skills, but, lots of patience and enthusiasm can realistically solve within a couple of weeks?


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