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With the Uno you can reprogram the atmega8u2 or atmega16u2 (rev 3 Uno) to be a USB HID keyboard.  Check the links here in the playground: http://arduino.cc/playground/Main/InterfacingWithHardware#USB.

Guys, I bought the arduino UNO rev 3 just to do something more of a simple pc-keyboard. So i would like to know how I can install this on my arduino: http://hunt.net.nz/users/darran/weblog/b3029/Arduino_UNO_Keyboard_HID_version_03.html
Can someone give me some instructions please?
Thank you very much!

Take a look at the earlier entries on my blog, like http://hunt.net.nz/users/darran/weblog/faf5e/Arduino_UNO_Keyboard_HID_part_2.html.

You load the keyboard firmware by putting the UNO into DFU mode and using dfu-programmer (OSX, Linux) or flip (windows).

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