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I just run my image and I have a complete new system in 10 mins. I cannot do that with Windows.  Just a great way to try new programs and do development.

Sure you can.  You just need the right tools to do that.  I have my Win7 system imaged onto a file server.  If something goes haywire, I just pull the image down and my system's back up within 10-15 minutes.  The biggest issue is keeping the image up to date.


Depends  , what people like and want can do it!
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I use both Ubuntu and Win7 on my laptop, which one depends if the laptop is supplied by battery or no  :%
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I use Windows. I don't like MAC machines. Why the high price tag for little shiny polished aluminum casing? I don't yet have Linux since I don't have a desktop. Too many moves and I sold all my post desktops. No space now to have a desktop. Otherwise I will have xp and some Linux dual boot. When you only have one machine, you don't want to install two systems to potentially mess up your only computer. But when you have more than two, you have trouble with sync.


The Arduino project being multi platform requires no justification for one's choice of OS. Kind of like freedom of religion. Live with it.  ;)

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