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for those who like a random chat ;)

Researchers at The Australian National University have developed the fastest random number generator in the world by listening to the 'sounds of silence'.

The researchers - Professor Ping Koy Lam, Dr Thomas Symul and Dr Syed Assad from the ANU ARC Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology - have tuned their very sensitive light detectors to listen to vacuum - a region of space that is empty.

- http://news.anu.edu.au/?p=14431 -

the random generator online - http://photonics.anu.edu.au/qoptics/Research/qrng.php -

(the link to the server was quite slow for a fast RNG :)
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I bit more sophisticated that the methods we usually suggest here :)

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Insane! I never in a million years would have thought uncertainty principle could have such use. This is rad! You can do a true Monte-Carlo with this stream of numbers! <chant repeat=TRUE>Physics rules</chant>.
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Hey, now that's a good idea that makes sense.


Us Aussies are used to working with nothing.

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