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I discovered a 100% reproducible firmware crash on the two RN-XV WiFly's that I have, and I contacted Roving Networks for help but they were unable to reproduce the problem and suggested doing an RMA. I purchased a third RN-XV from SparkFun and tried the test and got exactly the same crash, so I'm wondering if anyone else has the same problem. I'm able to reproduce the problem with 2.27, 2.31, and 2.32 firmware versions.

The problem is easy to reproduce.  You just need to to make four TCP connections.  Make the first connection fail either by not having your TCP server running, or setting the host address to a non-existant address. Then make a successful connection, close it, make another, close it, make one more and that's when the firmware crash happens.

Here's the serial log from a crash.  I used google.com:80 for the successful connections and for the failed connection but any addresses will do:
Code: [Select]

<2.32> set ip host
<2.32> set ip remote 80
<2.32> open
<2.32> Connect FAILED

<2.32> lookup google.com
<2.32> set ip host
<2.32> open
<2.32> *OPEN*
*CLOS*<2.32> open
<2.32> *OPEN*
Unrecoverable failure (7) Misaligned address at PC=0002fb68
The system will be reset

(Note: I added $$$ to the log to show where I had to re-enter command mode after a successful connection).

This is with a typical WPA wifi connection and DHCP enabled.

Is anyone else seeing this problem, or able to reproduce it?


(reposted from the Sparkfun product page for the RN-XV http://www.sparkfun.com/products/10822)

Hi Darran,

I get exactly the same behaviour on 2.32. I put in a bug report to Roving Networks, and they sent me a new version to test (2.33) but the error still occurred. Last message I got from them said that they can't reproduce the problem, but they do believe me when I say it exists.

I will be looking at the Gainspan module for future projects.



Hi Darran & Dean

Using the same steps I can reproduce this issue.  I'm using 2.31 presently though.

Cheers ! geoff
"There is no problem so bad you can't make it worse"
- retired astronaut Chris Hadfield


I was able to reproduce the error as well:
Code: [Select]
<2Unrecoverable failure (7) Misaligned address at PC=0002fb68
The system will be reset


Tested this with firmware version 2.42 and this bug seems to be fixed.

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