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Does anyone know the best way I could write a sketch code for restricting the distance for an X-Band motion dector? I figured out that I would need to measure the pulse width inorder to write the code. After I figured out the pulse's width, what do I do with the result that I have discover? What main concern or key words should I be aware of when writing this code? I attched some information about my motion dectector incase someone would like more infomation. I would like for my detector to only turn on when it detects motion 1 foot (30.480000000029015 cm or 12 inches ) from my project. My detector could dectect up to 30 ft.  Any tips or guidence would greatly appreciated. Thanks!


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It's a continuous Doppler unit; you can't measure range.

FWIW, 1 foot is a little over 1 light-nanosecond. You'd be better off using sonar.
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Thanks for your reply. You didn't anwser my topic but I will make a note of the polls.

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